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Three hopefuls apply to contest the Senga seat on PF ticket

General News Three hopefuls apply to contest the Senga seat on PF ticket

A senior Patriotic Front (PF) member in Northern Province says three candidates have so far applied to contest the Senga Hill parliamentary by-election in Mbala district on the ruling party’s ticket.

PF Chairperson for Elections Musonda Mpankata disclosed the development to ZANIS in Mbala shortly after a meeting with party officials at Mambwe Mission yesterday.

Mr Mpankata named the three as former MMD Senga Hill Member of Parliament Kapembwa Simbao whose election was nullified, PF losing candidate Giles Yambayamba and a Lusaka based clergyman.

He declared that the ruling party is ready for the April 15 parliamentary by-election.

Mr Mpankata said the ruling party will follow the due process of adoption a successful parliamentary candidate and that the central committee would respect the wishes of the lower organs of the party.

The PF election chairperson has since expressed happiness with the overwhelming support that the ruling party is receiving in Senga Hill constituency and Mbala district in general.

Meanwhile, Mr Mpankata has called for the re-organizing of PF structures ahead of next year’s general elections.

The Senga Hill seat fell vacant after the Supreme Court nullified the election of MMD’s Kapembwa Simbao following a successful petition by losing PF candidate Giles Yambayamba.

The parliamentary by-election will be held together with the Chawama and Masaiti constituencies’ by-elections slated for 15th April, 2015.


  1. I don’t get it. Giles (PF) petitioned Simbao’s (MMD) election and succeeded. Now both Giles and Simbao have applied to stand on the PF ticket. Does this make sense?

    • Exactly!! Anyways I should not worry because I will just elevate my BP for nothing. Why does he want to stand on PF ticket when he is MMD? Zambia the real Africa for sure.

  2. This is what has happened in Masaiti. The PF has adopted the MMD losing candidate in the 2011 elections. So Simbabo is just following a presidency which has already been established.

    • The Central committee should respect the constituency’s decision otherwise it will be disastrous. For Kapembwa simbao I would advise him to rest so we can have fresh ideas in Parliament. There must be no under hand methods of seeking adoption I think PF is not for sale. We saw how the presidential election went at the convention, ECL did not have the financial muscle as compared to some of the contenders. So it is upto the people of Senga hill constituency to choose a candidate on the basis of what value they have added to the party structures.

  3. if UPND can work with mutati a member of a different political party Kapembwa is free and PF shud adopt him close the chances of losing becoz they will have two groups of voters. PF and MMD.

  4. Let Yambayamba contest plse. Simbao not or else PF members will be demotivated. Our PF leaders listen to us from the ground . Masaiti if its true should be changed to have Stady or one who has stood all the insults frm oppositionstand.

    Our Leaders do the right thing. Listen the Voice of the People is the Voice of God.

  5. Dont cheat yourselves,hon.Kapembwa Simbao campaigned for ECL in Senga Hill and PF came out first there,so since some MMD MPs like Simbao,Namugala,Dora Siliya,Mulusa,etc are now working with Mighty PF,then Simbao must be adopted on PF so that he can finish his term once he wins!!!PF IS 90% LIKELY OF WINNING ALL 3 BY ELECTIONS ON 14/04/2015 IF THESE KNOWN PEOPLE LIKE SIMBAO,KATAMBO ARE ADOPTED!!!!POLITICS IS ABOUT NUMBERS,HENCE ACCOMMODATING ALL NEW PEOPLE IN PF!!!GO PF GO!!

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