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Cost of living won’t fall despite mealie meal, fuel price drop

Economy Cost of living won't fall despite mealie meal, fuel price drop


The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) has observed that the reduction in mealie meal and fuel prices may not help lower the cost of living for an average family of six people in Zambia.

JCTR Media and Information Officer Mwiinga Shimilimo said Zambians
should not be over excited about the reduction of mealie meal and fuel
prices as prices of some important commodities have remained the same.

Ms. Shimilimo disclosed this development in a telephone interview with
ZANIS in Lusaka today.

She observed that the price of copper has continued to fall on the
international markets, a situation which she said will have a negative
impact on the price of foods in country.

Ms. Shimilimo has since urged government to find a lasting solution to
keeping the value of the Kwacha strong.

She said there was need for concerted efforts from government and
other stakeholders if the food basket was to be decreased from 75
percent in February’s report released by JCTR to approximately 50
percent in March this year.

Ms. Shimilimo stated that JCTR will soon have a social forum where
government and various stakeholders will be invited to discuss the way
forward on lowering the prices of the basic needs for families in


  1. How can the prizes reduce when everything is done in borrowed funds?
    The country is bankrupt with Chikwanda as minister and visionless leader

  2. Well said JTCR. Unfortunately the majority of our people behave like sheep. Sheep is a metaphor for gullible people. A sheep can be characterized by its lack of individuality and independent thought or decision making ability. A sheep will simply follow another sheep in front of it, which happens to follow the one ahead of it, and so on, without any real thought or consideration for the destination or whether proceeding is even a good idea or desirable; even when being led through steep and treacherous mountain paths overgrown with dense thorny vegetation, with wolves picking off stragglers, the mindless sheep simply presses onward doing as his mate in front is doing, assuming his mate is applying his mind as to the merits of continuing on their ominous path;

    • only, that is the exact same thing that wool head in front is also assuming all the way to the front where the lead sheep who wasn’t actually leading anyone anywhere just got lost, and is floundering around hoping to find his way back to the meadow he had no intention of leaving in the first place, but is glad his mates are with him, cos it’s dangerous out where they are, and he feels safer in numbers (plus hopefully someone knows wtf they are and can lead the herd back…oh dear). Such is the nature and mindset of the Zambian people, hence every presidential pronouncement or promise is gospel truth.

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