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Government will serve all regardless of tribe, Kambwili

General News Government will serve all regardless of tribe, Kambwili

President Lungu talks Information minister Chishimba Kambwili shortly before departure at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport for Angola on February 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu talks Information minister Chishimba Kambwili shortly before departure at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport for Angola on February 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

CHIEF Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili says Government has a duty to serve the interest of all Zambians regardless of tribe or status in life.

Mr Kambwili said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that Government is an embodiment of the collective will and wellbeing of the nation in which all the citizens have an equal say and stake.

“It is therefore unfortunate for anyone to promote tribally or regionally inclined statements as that has potential to create disunity and disharmony in the country,” he said.

Mr Kambwili, who is minister of Information and Broadcasting was commenting on a story which appeared in yesterday’s Daily Nation quoting the Nkoya Royal Council in Kaoma, who were accusing President Edgar Lungu of favouring one particular tribe in Western Province in the appointments of people to various positions.

The Nkoya Royal Council, through its chairperson David Tamboka, was quoted as having also urged government to reserve some positions for Nkoyas as well so that they also have representation in the Governance system.

“Government finds these remarks as unfair and unfortunate. The statement is against the spirit of inclusiveness and unity which the PF government has set out to build,” Mr Chishimba said.

Mr Kambwili said Government holds the traditional leadership in high esteem and it is its expectation that the Nkoya Royal Council, like others in the country, will remain as reservoirs of peace and unity in the country.

He also congratulated newly elected Lusaka mayor George Nyendwa.


    • Why do they still allow this guy to be their spokesperson? Does he mean we can’t read between lines? What is all this talk about “tribe”? Which tribe is being targeted by this PF government? Are we back to the politics of tribe? Was Mutembo Nchito being targeted because of tribe? How many more such cases are we going to see?

      What does Kambwili mean when he says: “Government will serve all regardless of tribe?” Was the antithesis of that a presupposition? This guy is raising too many questions in people’s heads. Let them not allow him to continue issuing statement to explain government policy. He is a careless talker. It is too dangerous for him to continue doing so.

    • Just the statement by Kambwili that “Government will serve all regardless of tribe” says it all.
      Which tribe is favored in Barotseland?

      The Skeleton Key

  1. The Nkoyas have real beef with any progress or success by Lozis. They would rather nobody from WP succeeds or better anybody but a Lozi. Unfortunately you cannot pull good people down even in the face of a Bemba dominated govt. Nkoyas should know that their fate is inextricably linked to that of Lozis, for better or for worse.

  2. Civic Education is the answer. Many traditional leaders do not have access to adequate information for them to make informed decisions. If it can be demonstrated that in fact each tribe at one time or another has filled, is filling or willfill senior government positions, then the regionalist talk will tone down. A consultative meeting with the Traditional Affairs leadership can also help.

    • This issue of tribalism is deep rooted and requires careful analysis.I have been studying this issue since my early life at UNZA and my work experience in Kasama.I was born and brought up in eastern province from a Zimbabwean Tonga man from southern province and a Mambwe woman from Mbala.This combination allowed me to have neutral view on both the two largest groups of bantu speaking in Zambia,The Bembas and the Tongas.These two couple with the Nyanjas and Lozis have been on the center stage of this issue.My findings are that we need to change the current system of Government to address tribalism.The main cause of tribalism is lack of equal distribution of wealth and jobs to all Zambians,resulting from a highly centralized government system,which is heavly controlled by Bembas .

  3. No body argues Government duty to serve all Zambians.

    Point of contention is Government absolute disregard to that Constitutional obligation.

  4. I feel their cry should be heard through mutual understanding coz when we blame them using our modern knowledge about this tribal sagrigation it will not be Good enough on their part.My appeal is to those royal whatever they are called is that u need to work with the government of the day so as to have an equal share with the rest of Zambia because the moment u start isolating yourself with that special fame known only by yourself then u are gone.this is one Zambia one nation it cannot be led by a minority tribe nor group but a combination of all 73 tribes.

  5. If it was as simple as that, then apartheid which was also claiming to serve the interests of everyone would have been allowed to continue. Its important to have empathy towards other people’s feelings and view points.

  6. Mushota,
    Are you real?… if you never knew “you are the rhetoric type” Just for you to know: “Kambwili’s rhetoric is a duty…rutine work, expected of him” unlike you just to criticise.

    But I like your rhetoric “thanks”


  8. This is laughable coming from this guy. When did he stop being a tribalist? Looks like Lungu is managing to tame his tribalistic cousins. It is true every dark cloud has a silver lining.

  9. and to some extend their cousins the Nyanjas.There is need therefore to have a more de-centralized Government as is the case of all highly developed countries in the world.If it possible lets go FEUDURAL.This system is going to localize development programs and give automy to groups of people in that locality to control wealth distribution and jobs.The central Government its duty will be made easier by the strong Local Government system which is closer to people.This will acceralety development in Zambia.This is why I feel HH is only a bridge to another level of politics.I will form a political party to champion this cause.

  10. The Nkoya Royal Council is right ro urge President Lungu to not only look at one tribe in Western Province for appointments. That is the bottom line.

    Let us share the positions so that we all feel part of the governance system of Western Province and Zambia in general.

    What the Nkoya Royal Council is calling for is fairness and equality in the awarding of appointments.

    The President has the power to appoint, we want to feel represented in government.

    That is why we continue to call for Kafue Province so that when the Presidency makes appointments by the revised provinces, we will all be represented fairly unlike the current situation.

    We demand fairness and equality, Zambia is our country too and we demand representation in government.

  11. I agree with you Sido. Zambia just needs a bit of brains in the govt. We can be alright. Just one sensible minister of health , then Nobody will need to be flown to SA. Change is necessary otherwise we continue in this poverty.

  12. Lungu abapesha ababemba. This is a Ngoni warrior, can’t you see the use of pangas. It’s in his blood.

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