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Gary Nkombo apologises for uttering an obscene word in parliament

Headlines Gary Nkombo apologises for uttering an obscene word in parliament

Gary Nkombo
Mazabuka central MP Gary Nkombo

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) Mazabuka member of parliament Garry Nkombo has unreservedly apologised for his obscene remarks he made in Parliament last year.

Mr Nkombo told parliament that his behavior was embarrassing and unparliamentary and that as a chief whip for the UPND his behaviour was not good and befitting his status.
“I wish to apologise to you Mr Speaker, this August house and the nation at large for the words I uttered last year,” he said.

This morning Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini castigated Mazabuka central member of parliament Garry Nkombo for using obscene language against Mpulungu member of parliament Freedom Sikazwe.

Dr Matibini said the word used by Nkombo against his counterpart was unparliamentary and that the parliament radio broadcasts to many people across the country as such no derogatory language will be entertained.

The Mazabuka lawmaker is believed to have used unparliamentary language when debating on the flour of the house during the last session of parliament.
He called Mpulungu member of parliament Freedom Sikazwe ‘chikala’ an obscene word which when translated in English refers to the male genitalia.

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    • Not over yet, ati ready to rule with such characters infact disciplinary action should start from his own party unless they agree with his stupidity in speech!

    • Gary u should have just maintained tht u said Chilaka. meaning thirsty for leadership. politics is about changing words

    • Gary Nkombo is an arrogant twit. You can tell that from his walk and speech. The word he used is widely used by kaponyas who see no wrong in using the word to address others. He is a chave!

  1. Garry Nkombo, you should insult these moroons again. Especially Kambwili.


    • @Suntwe wa Suntwe the full story about Madam bokosi yali kana ukupelako ba xpeaker! Nothing happened thereafter (no admonishment etc) and Im sure the man is relieved that he wont see that ass inside the chamber for some time!

    • When is he resigning? He said he would if they lose and they lost. Watch them, full of lies. He lied about the language initially.

  2. Desperation can cause you to stop thinking. this nkhombo should be suspended from. Parly so as to set a sound warning to the lawlessness slowly invading the August house.. Speaker sir accept apology yet spank the load mouth fellow with a three month suspension with out pay.. He is even teaching his president to open his mouth with out thinking also, now he is in trouble for careless mouth opening..

    • Am sure this is the language he uses when he is speaking with his madam as he hammers his friends wife who owns a lodge

  3. Am a happy citizen to hear the Hon. Apologize.

    This is a mark of good leadership. Leadership requires humility and being forth right. My honest opinion is that the MP is very passionate and possess qualities beyond compare. In his party UPND, Garry has impeccable credentials to even lead the party to a national victory but for the dictatorial tendencies of his boss, he continues to be marginalized. Am sure beyond any reason of doubt that Garry is a better leader than HH.

    HH is pompous, uncouth, at best impotent in terms of leadership. UPND keeps holding on to him at their own peril. With HH, they will never taste victory.

    This is my honest opinion

  4. These are the leaders you wish to put in government to govern this lovely nation? These are the people that can go and insult at UN general assembly. Garry is too immature he thinks the way he whiten his eyes we don’t see him we do, by the way is he married? I wonder how he govern his family. Sources have it that he insults during council meetings for mazabuka and people fear to attend the meeting upon hearing that the Quack will be in attendance. Garry grow up we want to entrust the powers of this great nation into your hands, now that UPND is full of immature Quacks starting from the Ngombe ilede leader to chaps like Garry, it will take ages for them to rule. Zambia is watching


      “CHI COLOUR”

  5. Ba Nkombo is a loose canon. He insulted Kambwili also.

    His “sorry” is of no significance.

    Nkombo give us a break.

  6. He better apologize because he is future president for UPND . Try him and you see how he fairs. Could be much better bait.

  7. Mr Nkombo isn’t the most honourable thing you could have done is to step down?

    Why am I cheating myself that this man is anything but remotely honourable?

  8. Great leadership exempted by Mr. Nkombo. It requires untold levels of humility for a man to apologise publicly. I’ve read negative comments above and you wonder why we lack good leaders in today’s politics!? I’m neither Upnd nor PF sympathiser or enthusiast but I have to applaud progressive behaviour whenever I see it.

    Mr. Nkombo should consider working with Government. We’re all Zambians and every true politician should be sacrificing self for the wider citizenry. It’s not a battle of us against them. .

  9. Nkombo is a good MP with meaningful debates.

    i hope Veep will contend with his eloquence

    Chumbu Mulolwa

  10. I did not know that parliament has its own flour where Mr Nkombo insulted. Please LT proofread your work before publishing it. Did you mean floor or flour?

    On the issue at hand, Mr Nkombo has shown maturity by apologizing. Those calling for his resignation, why haven’t you done the same for the entire membership of PF in parliament (especially the cabinet members) who lied to the house that Sata was not ill for months on end even when he was on his death bed? Isn’t it an offence under parliamentary rules to deliberately mislead the house? Food for thought…

  11. Everyone is working with govt of the day. The fact that they have different opinion doesn,t mean they are at war with govt. We only have one party forming govt in any given term. A functioning democracy will have divergent opinions.

  12. plz pipo of zambia jst leave nkombo cos this is very good as upnd manifesto is concerned even their leader hh and cadres neva condemed this insults this is sweet in their ears unless if its was pf it could have been an insult

  13. Nkhombo has a loose mouth, remember he called Zambians *****s when EL was leading in the 20.1.2015 elections. No leadership material in upnd starting from their hh.

  14. Why is it that anybody who wants to insult another person uses Bemba and not any other language? Is Bemba synonymous with bad behaviour?

  15. Garry was just in order to call Freedom ‘chikala’. According to the owners of the language, ni ‘malumbo’. In any case, these guys use this word on each other every day! So how does it become an insult just because Garry has used it to the point of some people wanting the lawmaker to step down? He should not have apologised but stood his ground.

    • No! you may use the word in a bar and any other foyers not in the highest law making institution and while discusing national issues, he has to receive some form if punishment…

  16. How about if Garry called Freedom Sikazwe ati Chikamba instead of Chikala. Was that going to be considered obscene too?

  17. This guy is emulating his boss’s arrogance. We have to watch this kind of undisciplined characters, because they eventually become a nuisance. Kolopa.com… VIVA ECL!!!

  18. PF governance encompasses the following attributes.
    Politically Feigning. Profound Fraudsters. Pagan Fellowship. Perverted Folks. Purely Fake. Permanent Folly. Petty Fanaticism. Polygamous Freaks. Perilous Fiddles. Phantom Fate. Publicly Fiendish. Pretentious Fellows. Psychotic Fidgety. Party Flimsiness. Pilot Front. Paranoia Fangs. Prejudiced Followers. Premature Farce. Primeval Formula. Promiscuous Family. Preposterous Facade. Pathological Fleas. Pernicious Flame. Perplexed Frontage. Petticoat Fabric. Perceivable Fascists. Prominent Fluff. Pompous Faction. Pessimistic Fora. Perplexed Foes. Peevish Fog. Peremptory Flick. Perfidious Foodies. Perforated Float. Predatory Fangs. Propagandistic Features. Perpetual Fallacy. Persecuting Fraternity. Profligate Founders. Prodigal Fathers…

  19. Primitive Faculty. Pain Facilitators. Partial Fitness. Passé Format. Proper Führer. Parasitic Flukes. Petulant Front. Perceivable Falsity. Phasing Force. Pronounced Fright. Promoting Fights. Pointed Fist. Preserved Filth. Pungent Foul. Plagiarized Feedback. Potholed Footpath. Porous Future. Procrastinating Forerunners. Poisonous Food. Peculiar Famine. Patriotic Facetiousness. Plunder Feud. Plunging Fence. Progressing Flop. Particular Flunk. Precise Fall. Predictable Failure. Plummeting Fender. Policy Fragmentations. Prohibiting Freedom and Posthumous Funeral. These Poor Funders (PF) should not continue Producing Fiascos (PF) for Zambians.
    Kelvin Musonda Mwansa

  20. Come to think of it, chikala if researched further is not really an insult. In a bemba set up, some one is just praising your man hood. Eg, ulimukali mwana no bwamba”. Kikikikiki. Ba garry, u were right in a wrong place. Next time, do that outside parly….. it’s good you came out n apologised before the house.

    Grievances sometimes makes pipo come out the way you did and next time just punch someone with out using words #lol.

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