UPND to hold thanksgiving rally in Mtendere tomorrow

Mtendere rally in support of Presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema
File: the January Mtendere rally in support of Presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema

The UPND will be holding a thanks giving rally tomorrow at Mahatma Ghandi Grounds in Mtendere’s Lusaka Compound from 10:00 hours.

The rally will be addressed by the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and Alliance Partners plus other party officials.

The UPND polled the second largest number of votes in the 20 January Presidential elections losing by a whisker to the Mr.Lungu of the ruling Patriotic Front party.

Mr Lungu polled 807,925 votes beating Mr. Hakainde Hichilema of UPND who polled 780,168 votes. Mr Lungu’s votes represented 48.33 percent while Mr Hakainde’s votes represented 46.67 percent.

Below is the notice to hold the rally and the approval by the Police

UPND Rally letter2


    • SDA Elder President HH to attend to cries of Zambians on the sabbath. The man HH is indeed a man of the people.

  1. Thanks giving for what. You lost. Just say you want to test whether you are still popular while campaigning.
    But it is advisable to be sincere. EL got 48% in 7 provinces and HH got 46% in 3 provinces. While voter turn out was 30% average nation wise, UPND got 90% in Southern province alone.
    This is what UPND should not run away from. In 2016 voter turn out will be different which will not favor HH.

    • @JL, your Edgar suffered alot during campaign. On every rally he got soaked in rains, and how many rallies did he miss because he was either late, drunk or went to Harare? Anyway, let Edgar be the one thanking the RB and the Zambians.

    • Check the official published results ecz. HH got his share of votes from all provinces and that’s how he got 46 percent. The same applies EL. Not the seven province nonsense

    • @2.1 Nostradamus
      Just to remind you, Edgar is at Plot 1, where is your president who did not want to get wet? It pays to campaign properly!!! Shame on you…

    • Then he is popular..if u re a mathematician u shud kno that with 30% voter turnout country wide and sum 1 gets 46% in three provinces and the other one gets 47% in 7 provinces then the question is; who is popular..It is definitely HH, the one who gets 46% in three provinces compared to Lungu who got 47% in 7 provinces..I don’t kno if this makes sense to you..noting that most pf cadres suffer from cerebral hygiene( if at all u kno wat that means)

  2. Elder HH what about keeping the Sabbath holy? Mind you tomorrow
    is Sabbath day for SDA.

    Well, if it will be just thanking the people, elder HH you are allowed
    to break the sabbatical law but if GBM will bring in politics,then that
    will be very wrong elder HH.

    I wish you blessings.

    • Ha! Elder breaking the sabbath, country men are we sure this man is SDA I am my self but has serious doubts on this man’s religious belief.. Go thanks chomans for the 90‰ vote not those in munali… It won’t work!

  3. That’s the way to go UPND. This is a welcome move. Go country wide and thank the people who voted for you. More people have actually realized that you are a party in waiting to form the next government. Lungu has quickly lost the confidence of most of the Zambians.

    HH you still have my vote. I will not rest to campaign for you.


  4. “…May we all bow down and observe a moment of silence in honour of our murdered brother Glayzer Matapa the former Chairman for youths in Munali Constituency, where we are today…” After 1 Minute..

    Zambia!!! Forward!! Zambia!! Forward!! One Zambia, One nation! One Nation, One People!!!

    Thank you to all of you who have come here today….

    This is very good for UPND. You should thank the people who voted for you and also the people who did not vote for you for there is a potential that they can change their minds next time.

    Keep on soldiering, God is on our side and victory is very soon certain.

    God bless HH and this great nation.


  5. Thats not so bad .though thanksgiving is not the right term to use am sure coz it will full of character assassination on the Sabbath.mark my words

    • These are Pole pole’s type of church elders… You will be shocked if you try the nonsense you were let to do at your cadres funeral procession…

  6. Good move sir as you dodge the SDA sabbath and eldership. The elder who does not go to church, ba SDA are fanny .

    • The beauty of the lord is he then says in Mathew 7:1 ” Judge not that ye be not judged”.

  7. HH is a peace loving person, who knew he would accept the queried election results? Tomorrow he leads his party members to a thanks giving rally, how wise of him. Everyday is sabbath, every day is the Lords day, dear HH, we thank and praise God every day!!

  8. Brother HH is simply breaking the Sabbath. He is not even fit to be called an Elder. Our church does not promote politics though this is slowly coming into the church. God help us in these last days…………..

    • In Munali constituency EL got 27,296 votes while HH got 14,366. Those 14,366 surely need thanking don’t they?

      What a wonderful world it is where you only say thank you when you get what you need.

  9. This is well intended and humble gesture. There will be more elections to come. To those of us who know what’s good for our country this is more of a celebration and victory lap. UPND and HH did not loose the last election. God allowed what happened for a reason. Zamhians would have been blaming HH for all the mess the country is in now with not enough time to rectify anything. As God has said his time is not our time. There is a reason it rained so heavy on election day thus subduing the rural vote and making it a close election which in turn made it easier for PF to rig the election. It was painful on that day to see how in broad day light the election was stolen but in hind sight we are glad it happened so the PF failure can be completely exposed and HH gets A full term to fix the mess

    • Imwe na Imwe. No one stole the vote from HH or are you still living in denial? Accept and move on, or maybe you need psychological counselling. Maybe HH will be president in 2016 or maybe not who knows

  10. Oh just to put it on record just as I condemned PF and MMD for expelling MPs that crossed the isle and supported candidates from other parties, I like wise disagree and condemn UPND for doing the same thing. This is in no uncertain terms. The cost of by elections is unnecessary and our country can not afford it. Hope all our leaders can start to potray some political maturity and think about the country first.

  11. Thanking people for what?for his 4 defeats since 2006?Lusaka and Copperbelt have never voted for HH in large numbers.PF came out first and they will still 100% be first in 2016,so thanking them for what?shocking!!!these same Lusaka residents walked naked in celebrations after Edgar Lungu won and sung “HH AMWA DOOM”!!! ” HH APITILA STATE HOUSE”!!!SO THANKING THEM FOR WHAT?UPND’S POLITICS ARE SHOCKING!!!

  12. The report says ‘HH losT by a whisker to the Mr.Lungu,’ wow! That’s the largest whisker of all time!!

    There was an anti Sata lashing. PF should recoup their majority vote again if they get serious leading to 2016. So far so good. Political enemies are either subdued or removed from PF.

  13. Really PF sycophants are parasites & evil,so they can not feel the nation wide despondency over their last episode of flea circus & failed regime! Please illiterate PF sycophants,can you fix the economy first before your continuum of lies,tribalism,corruption,loans/debts,unemployment & now your Rupiah_Bandaism! Waiting to seé which normal youths will commemorate youth day amidst pervasive social economic mayhems!

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