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Edgar Lungu cuts short his Women’s Day appearance after feeling unwell

Headlines Edgar Lungu cuts short his Women’s Day appearance after feeling unwell

Presidcent Edgar Lungu at the Heroes Stadium today
Presidcent Edgar Lungu at the Heroes Stadium today

President Edgar Lungu this morning cut short his International Women’s Day celebrations at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka after he fell ill.

President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda informed the gathering that President Lungu had to seek emergency medical assistance.

Mr Chanda also confirmed to TV2 news in a telephone interview that earlier tests done on the President Edgar Lungu indicate traces of Malaria and high levels of fatigue.

Mr. Chanda said that the President has taken the Doctors advice to take a rest.

And President Lungu also confirmed that he is unwell and had to be attended to by doctors for possible malaria.

Mr. Lungu urged Zambians not to worry and has assured the nation that he will be well.
President Lungu later bid farewell to the dignitaries and left the Stadium.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people from all walks of life gathered at the Heroes Stadium in a march past to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day under the theme “Gender my Agenda: Make it happen”.

Women in Zambia have today joined the rest of the world in celebrating the International Women’s day.

In Lusaka, women and men from government departments, the private sector and political parties among others taking part in the celebrations at the Heroes stadium.

Gender and child development Minister Professor, Nkandu Luo, flagged off the match pass from Emmasdale police station to the Heroes stadium.

The theme for the event is ‘Gender is my Agenda, make it happen’.

Meanwhile, Health Deputy Minister Chitalu Chilufya says no woman in Nakonde District should die while giving birth.

Dr. Chilufya says Government is happy to have a new District Hospital in Nakonde to respond to challenges facing women and the general public.

He says Government will now increase the number of delivery beds expectant mothers to deliver in a safe environment.

Dr. Chilufya was speaking in Nakonde on Sunday when he officiated at this year’s International Women’s Day.

Dr. Chilufya says President Edgar Lungu has chosen action instead of being rhetoric by appointing Zambia’s first female Vice President Inonge Wina.

He says programs are being encouraged to promote more enrolment of girls in schools to have educated women in future.

And Nakonde District International Women’s Day Organising Committee Chairperson Mwaka Namukonde has urged police to curb gender based violence which is as high as 80 percent.

Ms. Namukonda has also urged Government to re-introduce night schools to promote adult education for mostly women as they shun day schooling.

And Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Chishimba Kambwili has assured women in the country that the PF government was ready to take the lead in promoting gender equality as outlined in the 2014 National Gender Policy.

Mr. Kambwili who is also Government spokes person said government has demonstrated this by ensuring that women should also hold high positions in decision making.

The minister said President Edgar Lungu has taken gender as his agenda by appointing a woman to the position of Vice President in order to make things happen.

He was speaking when he graced this year’s International Women’s Day in Mbala held at Mbala Secondary School.

Mr. Kambwili also announced that as a way of showing commitment, government will soon start implementing a rural empowerment programme to address issues of poverty amongst women especially in rural areas.

The minister further urged men to accept the responsibility and take action now to make gender equality happen than leave it to women to carry the burden of fighting for it.


    • ni ka hang over please people understand,,, we were busy on friday and saturday nights,,, ask my friend new deputy finance minister Mvunga

    • Just one month on the job and he starts going on sick leave? We cant even see what he has been doing apart from intimidating the opposition and firing people. Weak Lungu, we told you you are not fit for that office, besides being clueless and visionles.

    • Me think he went to mfuwe on holiday, play pool and celebrate before he even read the hand over notes from scott.

    • He has never rested? what the hell are you talking about? the guy spent a week in Mfuwe, what rest do you want him to get? one year leave?.

      I don’t trust PF and i’m not going to buy this malaria story. Malaria in Lusaka is very low.

      Deja vu, denials, it was the same with Sata

    • @Ndobo, am feeling the same today, I feel like malaria and fatigue, but I know it is just hang-over. I wondered to say how can a president at get malaria at state house? He hasn’t even been working and doctors say he need “rest”. Resting again, he just been to Mfuwe a month ago? It is pure hang-over, just tell us what kind of alcohol he was drinking so we advise the quick remedy.

    • He is only human and prone to ailments like you and I. Atleast he is said to be unwell unlike in the Sata era.
      Somehow I’m not convinced it is malaria behind this but most likely it’s a hangover.
      If it was indeed malaria, he would not have managed a bath, dressing and trip to Heroes without the “knockout” feeling that would lead to collapsing.

    • Another sick president! We have known this all along. What was that vacation for, taken within one month of being elected president? And how long has that been since?

    • What was mfuwe all about? All in all, not fit to the president.

      Same pf lies coming our way.

      We have seen this foolish movie before.

      Lies lies lies!

    • Your comments are demon motivated. Sickness can come to anyone at anytime even those who are not working. I think some of you bloggers you need to have your brains scanned, you are not normal. Even if you hate our president atleast for once try to think like normal human beings. One wonders where this kind of lunatic thinking is coming from, it is anti zambian. In our days when we were growing up one thing that we were taught was to respect elders and those in authority. Echo mulepenena mwalabepesha nendoshi nangu ibange.

    • There goes the “ailing” te if into Lungu”.

      I remember a West African featuring Serapo who was infected with AIDS. Each time people asked Serapo why he coughed up so much, but he would deny it & accused malaria.

      We can recollect that Serapo scenario to King Cobra. They first start by denying, but now for the visionless one, denialists’re being made to display a sabotage of a mechanized Donchi Kubeba illusions. The entire president having malaria in form of hangovers is a failed attempt to create lies.
      The economy is plummeted, by elections everywhere & the PF regime has no money after squandering everything without meaningful progress.
      Medical Board should be instituted NOW, Lungu is incapable of leadership.
      The Skeleton Key


  1. What are the odds that Lungu got malaria? there is almost no malaria in Lusaka.

    I don’t believe he has malaria

    • You chaps are just plain dull uyu umuntu was in mfuwe have you been to mfuwe iwe pompwe? Pantu mosiquito ilibe kuti ni president!
      Ati hang over was he drinking na nyoko?

  2. ni ka hang over please people understand,,, we were busy on friday and saturday nights,,, ask my friend new deputy finance minister Mvunga

  3. Just one month on the job and he starts going on sick leave? We cant even see what he has been doing apart from intimidating the opposition and firing people. Weak Lungu, we told you you are not fit for that office, besides being clueless and visionles.

    • Leave my president alone, he’s not even your mom to suck from. You Zambians you just want to suck and suck and suck, you can’t even stand on your own weak feet because you are good at expecting, no wonder you steal!

  4. Wish you a quick recovery. That is it should be, just be open when you are not feeling too well. It does not mean that when you are head of state, you can’t fall sick. He is as human as all of us.

    All the best Mr. President! We love and adore you!

  5. This what happens when you betray people and cheat your way to power. You cannot be blessed and GOD almighty loves Zambia. Lungu you know what you did with elections both in PF and presidential was wrong, repent and resign. Peace will be with you but as long as you hang to the presidency with goal of enriching yourself and corrupt people like RB you will be punished. The Zambian people have suffered and need a better life. Anyways, get well so that in 2016 when you lose. You can be face the actions in courts with Regards to DDP and ordering police to intimidate HH.

    • Alot of nonsense @ wise commentator,, ask your HH about elections he knows he was Beaten clean…. Now watch 2016 kaili nakachuma naba Kwata ba PF…wina azalila futi..

    • Chinyama. I challenge your edgar for a re-run with more international obervsers and indepedent ECZ personnel and no use of state resources or abuse of defence ministry. Why did he hang to the defence post even upto date. HH would will win with a landslide under a fair playing field.

    • @wise comments.. Me & you know that a rerun is not possible, I personally would not want to waste my time talking about things that are non starters.. Just wait for 2016 then bring your observers and your master mind jv & his associate padik Patel & who ever else you want in your team, see how the gap will widen this time…

    • Chinyama. Your comments lack intellect. You don’t get it, do you? I am not asking for an actual re-run but what I am trying to say isd the playing field was not fair. Why did ZAF stop HH’s chops from flighting to the sites to verify the results? Why did EL hold on to the post of defence even after declaing his intention to run for president? Why were farmers paid two days before the elections? Projects launched days before the election? If none of these things happened would EL still win? I presume you are one of the PF cardes that voted for EL but is facing economic hardship due to EL’s visionless and clueless leadership style. What Zambia needs is an economic manager.

  6. Nshima and eggs are my prescription of presido. This is just hung over from last night drinking with Christopher Mvunga and low blood sugar

    • Now the first lady will be rushed from where ever she is , because the president was partying in her absence…emergency flights will have to be booked and hotel accommodation for her and entourage cancelled costing the tax payer thousands of dollars.

  7. Ma politics ya Njala, that is the problem with many of us Zambians. This guy was and is not fit to rule, but you voted for him just because alot of you want to fill your empty bellies for a short-time.
    After campaigns you will now face the reality of Lungu and how will drive the nation into poverty.

    Having Sata’s vision is no vision at all!!!

    HH is the man and he is coming!!!

    • HH will be President when i am 160 years old.
      And May the men of God pray for our Presido, HE ECL. Free Masons are on the Loose, the Cartel is also so Desperate and can do anything. UPND Wizards are Flying over State House with everything to harm ECL. Mr President it is not business as usual. Dont Trust any Drink or any Food. Something is not right in Zambia.

  8. No surprises here…This is the selfsame reason we need a constitution and a clause that mandates all candidates to undergo tests via an independent medical board like they do in the USA…so we can weed out the deadwood.

    Look at that photo surely how can an AK 47 closely tired (without elastic strap) to your body be fired at someone accurately at an attacker without injuring people in the crowd even when locked at semi automatic. These guys need to upgrade the armory and procure proper close protection hardware.

    • Jay Jay: Kekeke! English can be a problem – isn’t it!! Clearly, you are pretty short of the English vocabulary?

      You have just discovered or learnt one English word which you are repeating over and over – and that word is “selfsame reason “.

      You have used this same word too many times and even today you used it in your comment on the SAA v Mr Banda article…and you are repeating “selfsame reason” here as too!
      Anyway, well done – your English is getting better!! But next time try and use a different word cos you have now exhausted “selfsame reason”

    • @Chilyata
      You are clearly “newish” to this website you probably came on board during Sata’s regime (from my observation) and I will take your comment as mere banter…if you understand and follow Zambian politics and business, its replete with repetitions hence the reason for me using this word.
      I know you are a proponent of the PF and the subject at hand is not one you would want to discuss at the moment.


      used for emphasizing that something is exactly the same as another thing]

    • Jay Jay be informed that we Zambians don’t regret to have elected lungu and not any other chap of your choice. Again be informed that this same lungu is the one we Zambians want for 2016..
      The Zambian government has ordered armoury already ship will doc soon, we need home affairs to be well armed for characters like you and you notorious free Manson.. He is conspiqensly missed at the meetings these days! is it molin?

    • You sure it’s malaria and fatigue? Don’t trust these guys. Reminds me of how it all started with Sata

  9. Good news for me, been given a job at embassy in UK. Glad dat my drinking at Munci’s with EL has paid off and my friends Lucky and Muvunga who have seen my bottom powe helped. But i have no vision or clue wat is required to b Frst Secretary. Dnt worry guys My president is fine just drunk too much last night and thanks to him Zambia Breweries and making over K100,000 per week selling beer to State House. EL 2016

  10. I feel sad for the President. He is too young and too early in the presidency to collapse of malaria. Something is not right and doctors ought to recommend intensive examinations. Those that gave him a clean bill of health at Maina Soko ought to be questioned. The president always has a personal doctor with him and any early signs of ailment easily detected. A president does not collapse on stage; even bumping oneself against a stair case or step is a security investigation. What has happened is not good news on the global arena as we just lost another president in office. What will the world be thinking of our health status as a nation if the upmost people collapse and die in office. Wishing you well, Sir. It’s also a huge lesson to greedy and tribalistic elements to vote wisely.

    • No one is collapsing here,the president just went for a checkup, no big deal just to many free Manson around… God will protect him.. He is the Zambian people’s choice iwe nothing tribal! Anything other than your free Manson is tribal, you are in for a rude shock in 2016 again..


  12. some of these jobs need strong people. It s sweet to be the president but task is heavy.so next time choose people who are feet

    • Mr Penis Mwale: It should be people who are “fit” not “feet” as you put it. Night school ilipo for people like you and me.

  13. Edgar Lungu is a President under curse. Under PF Members who are unhappy with his ruling has cursed him because of abandoning the legacy of Micheal Sata and embracing that of Corrupt Rupiah Banda.

    The body of Micheal Sata is now turning in the grave 10 times per day because of political sins Lungu is committing.

    Now today evidence of the spirit of Micheal Sata being annoyed with Lungu has started by embarrassing him in what would have his first public address since assuming office.

    Our biggest prayer as genuine PF Members is that the spirit of iur departed leader continue tormenting the Kachasu Man until his casket touches soils of Embasy Park. May The Spirit of thr Chibuku Man rest in Beer.

    May u not recover you traitor. You have betrayed Micheal Sata. may You Rest In…

  14. At least they din’t lie that the president had important matters to attend. This is what we need as Zambians. Tell us the truth then we can cry to the lord to heal him, cos we don’t want another state funeral. I just hope its nothing serious. Now Pf are learning to do things like HH told them in his campaign rallies. The people need to know.

  15. I wish the president quick recovery. at least he is honest. let us avoid wishing our presidents bad things.

  16. This is how it starts. Its Sata all over again, only difference is now in the lying tactics.
    This illness is going to be a show stopper as it will distract attention, and resources, from important issues on the subject at hand, e.g. our women still giving birth on the floor in 2015. No, the main focus is going to be one Edgar Lungu in plot one. This is how a Country gets retarded growthwise.
    Past experience has taught us Zambians at great cost, not once but twice, that it is NOT productive to the entire Country to knowingly let a person with proven poor health assume the position of Head of State.

    • @cactus,What other names off choice do you have other than your free mansion!? President Lungu is the people’s choice and he is up to the task under God Devine protection…. Mukaziyenda ko na ku church… You pagans..

    • @Chinyama,
      If you yourself were a regular church-goer you would have known that it is God Divine not ‘Devine’. Only pagans can’t spell Divine.

    • @cactus, depending on speed there is likely to be a typographical error, which should not derail us from the main subject here, I am actually disappointed you don’t address the issue at hand & go to chat a one latter spelling error..sorry President lungu is here to stay despite other secret effort from your free mansion…

  17. This is just an ice berge, the Kachasu Man is paying heavily for betraying the legacy of Sata.

    May he recover after burrial at Embassy Park. I have no mercy for the man who has embraced Rupia Banda and dumped people who faught for PF.

    PF has now been overtaken by Rupiah Banda.

    Let him die, we shall sing fake gospel songs and wait for 3 weeks National morning period before the hell is put to rest at Embassy Park.

    You think we are happy with your decision to leave us genuine PF Members and chose those for Rupiah Banda.

    Rupiah Banda has overtaken PF, he is the one runing the affairs of the country while the Kachasu Man is slowly dying.

    Let him die today tomoro may be too late, the earth moving cranes are ready to do their job and only Zimbabwe and Angola will have the…

  18. MASEBO warned you but you did not listen. What type of a President attends a function when he is unwell, that malaria and fatigue did not just start suddenly. Stop misusing the word FATIGUE, who told you that doctors can diagnose fatigue? Fatigue is not an illness or disease, it is symptom that something is right somewhere.

  19. The problem is denial that the man doesn’t have a chronic ailment. Telling the truth would make him get treatment without anyone being judgemental. It might be true that he has fatigue because kidney failure makes one very weak and he is forcing himself to be stronger. This is not the first time he has collapsed in public and it won’t be the last time.
    Are there no mosquito nets in Zambia? Mosquito repellents are also readly available in all shops. To say that he has malaria, what malaria? Let the truth be told. Soon and very soon things will get messy and he won’t have to lie no more. No amount of money or presidency can buy his life. Lungu cannot sacrifice his life at being called the president. The pressure in the office of the president is just too much for him. Come clean…

  20. Missing Ka beer..the body is not getting enough alcohol..ni Ka withdrawal syndrome..he will get over it.get well soon.

  21. At least Sata managed 3 years in office but this Lungu may not last 3 months, by the way he has not even started any meaningful work apart from swearing-in ceremonies. Forget the malaria and fatigue lies, the man has life-threatening diseases and soon he will be flown to various destinations for treatment. His body language and mannerisms reveal a disoriented (mental health) character.

  22. May the Lord God bless Zambia and protect president Edgar Lungu from all evil forces in Jesus’s name. Whatever the reason and cause of what happened we send back all the arrows of death back to the sender. Father let your mercy triumph over judgment. Do not allow the enemies of our nation Zambia, both internal and external rejoice over us. Remember the covenant you have with this nation and preserve the man in the office of the president for your Name’s sake. We cover Zambia with the blood of Jesus and let the angels surround this nation in the might name of Jesus Christ.

  23. Its normal to fall seek. Stop wishing him to remain ill. He will be fine after rest and treatment. opposition chaps, there is no president who will never fall ill.

    What is wrong is to hide. And childish criticism when one opens up.

  24. Am one of those who supports EL but am very disappointed about his failing ill while presiding over the international women day celebration. It is either EL is simplifying Presidency or his personal doctors are to blame. Unless EL is uncontrollable, he ought not have presided on this occasion. I agree he is not immune to sudden attacks on health. But this was not sudden attack but an ignore of feelings of ill health. It is known EL is diabetic therefore to be told that doctors detected traces of malaria in him is strange and laughable. There is no malaria in Lusaka and much more at State house. EL must come to grips that he is at State house and President otherwise Zambians will not give him further probation. What has happened today is minus on presidential candidature points in 2016.

  25. @prophetic voice, much as I agree in the power of prayer, yet I also know that the bible says that you shall know the truth and truth will set you free. Lungu knows the truth that he is sick but he is not accepting and telling the truth. How then can he be healed if he is refusing that he is sick? The prayer for the nation is good but death will continue to hover over Lungu’s head as long as he does not repent and ask for forgiveness and tell the truth.

  26. Personally am very disappointed as what has happened is a public relations stunt which must be tolerated. This thing by end of tomorrow will be viral online. There are many things that EL ought to improve on his public relation matters;
    1. Dressing. He must dress as a president and not as an yo yo or Sosi. Let him not put on the hat anyhow or anywhere otherwise it shows an element of stubbornness.
    2. He must be audible when he speaks. So his speech is annoyingly difficult to grasp what he is saying
    3. When speaking, he is either too fast or slow to be in tandem with him. Amos Chanda must be brave enough to advise him about this flaw in him
    4. He must threaten our trust in him with statements that he does not care even if he loses in 2016. This is not fair to those who have invested in…

    • @jl please concentrate on selling & advising your free mansionate, desist from looking concerned on matters that are clearly not of your interest.IF you should know that same style of speech, dressing, loyalty & humour is what made Zambians vote for President Lungu and will do so again in 2016 . enjoy your weekend..

  27. @london eye… You must be a bitter free mansion.. May be there it’s permissible to wish people early death, be informed that what ever state of health president Lungu is in, he is our choice for President even in 2016,your free mansion friend is not the Zambian people’s choice,the earlier that sinks in your head the better for us all.
    Wishing my President well.

    • Am not wishing EL death. Am his staunch supporter But am not amused with Public Stunt. This stunt only demeans the presidency and organization at state house.
      This if not handled properly or EL not told the truth that he needs to improve. He will be out of power in 2016. Maybe Masebo who I hate very much was right when demanded for a medical check up.

  28. They will dance the whole night. Thats what happens traib preccedes brains.

    For own information lungu is not dying.

    We cant have a people that wait for death to strike in order for them to claim it was their time.

  29. Personally am disappointed as what happened is a public relations stunt which must NOT be tolerated. This thing by end of tomorrow will be viral online. There are many things EL must improve on his public relation matters;
    1. Dressing. He must dress as a president and not as an yo yo or Sosi. Let him not put on the hat anyhow or anywhere otherwise it shows an element of stubbornness.
    2. He must be audible when he speaks. So his speech is annoyingly difficult to grasp what he is saying
    3. When speaking, he is either too fast or slow to be in tandem with him. Amos Chanda must be brave enough to advise him about this flaw in him
    4. He must NOT threaten our trust in him with statements that he does not care even if he loses in 2016. This is not fair to those who have invested in his…

    • @jl..we don’t need your advise, we like our President just the way he is that’s why even 2016 we will make sure he continues as President.. Instead advise your president to stop seeing molin often…

  30. Most bloggers are childish,I wonder how they live. The current president of HH is EL. Even if you do not like to hear it,you lost big time. People,anyone can get sick including some guy who is bonking mo reen. Is true that even next year they want to embarrass themselves by letting 4 time loser stand? Not again as if they are no other people. Feel pity and tell the truth,he will lose even to kabimba. See how gbm is,finished!

    • That’s so true.these guys think that by decampaigning him for falling sick they’ll have a chance of emerging victorious.they don’t realise the hatred will not help them get to plot1.one of the reasons why hh has an uphill battle to plot1 are upnd supporters.it’s immoral to celebrate over your friends illness .anyway God is watching.

  31. Fyatampa, pretty soon we will hear he has been evacuated to South Africa. It’s easy to imagine what South Africans think of Zambians. The president or his numerous minions can’t have a toothache or a bout of malaria without getting medical attention in a foreign country, abandoning health facilities they have the mandate to promote. If Jacob Zuma and his henchmen trotted to Zambia to be treated at one of Zambia’s death trap hospitals like Kitwe or Ndola central, what would Zambians think of South Africans? Sorry, it would never happen, South Africans are a proud people while Zambian leaders are shameless and hypocritical.

  32. There is nowhere were it is written that simply because you are President of a country you can’t fall ill. He is just mortal and a man like all of us.
    If you have followed the events of H.E. from the the days Mr Sata was ill up until his elections, personally I think that Mr Lungu is far more fit than most of us yapping and am not surprised that he is fatigued.

    He has been on his toes physically and mentally and it’s not surprising that he needs a good rest. Let’s learn to be sober because I am very sure the President is well. The Good thing again is life is God’s only secret! Some of us wishing Mr. Lungu ill may pack our bags far much earlier than him.

    Quick recovery our President for God loves Zambia more than we can ever imagine.

  33. AM sure UPND supporters are celebrating because they always want to inherit the dead. u are doomed the man will recover.

  34. mwayambako defending sick man this is how you killed king cobra no one hates this man he is our president we like it or not but give better advise to enable him manage his health . that office is very busy . he was voted in to complete sata s legacy as he promised. so let him do so.

  35. It was reported several times in the media that EL was a sick man and could not campaign continously and even Masebo said it but EL denied.Its very unfair to stand for elections for presidency when one knows their healthy status is poor.It was same issue in 2011 it was reported the late late president was sick but went ahead to stand.Its very disappointing the economy is bad and we have a leader getting fatigue after being in office for 2months.God help our nation Pls God give Zambians wisdom to choose right leaders.

  36. Not another funeral please! EL should not only take a rest from work but also from drinking. I thought the president had a holiday shortly after being declared a winner. So what fatigue are referring to here? The most important thing is to inform the nation that Chagwa is sick like someone had indicated during the election. Se fatigue should not even be mentioned!

  37. Diabetes is a disability. A diabetic is protected from discrimination. There is NO Law that says a President cannot be a diabetic nor have a disability.

    It follows that His Excellency must be allowed to rest as required. His office must ensure his schedule has adequate rest periods. His Excellency has been Jet Setting in the first weeks of taking up office, that is enough to make anyone ill.

    Even the working holiday was a bad idea. He ought to have taken a few weeks to recover from campaigning. Is it not true HH landed in Hospital after the elections?

    His Excellency MUST rest. Zambians must stand tall in the world for electing a disabled President.

  38. Am in Lusaka and leave in area where there is no long grass but alas am down with malaria. Get well too Mr. President, am praying for you too. Forget about those who dont get sick ,its a fallacy.

  39. Two weeks ago i humbly requested the nation to pray for his excellence president lungs. As a prophet of God i was instructed to pray against the spirit of Lamentation which has occupied state house since 2003, in my vision i saw alot of things including this illness of president. Mr ganja farm, you did not believe my prophecy. see now. thanks

    • Generally us Zambians live unhealthy lifes we eat a lot of fried foods and we rarely exercise.
      Look at Obama he plays golf,basketball & probably jogs.
      Probably the only sporty President we ever had was super Ken.
      Lets adopt healthy life styles & move away from paranoia about spirits.

  40. LT you have mischievously published a wrong photograph of the President. Please get your facts and do the necessary corrections plus unreservedly apologize for the purposeful mistake. #BeProfessional.

  41. Whether it was HH,Edith,Nervous or whoever collasping on that dice as Presudent it would be equally sad.Forget the politics & wish our President a speedy recovery.

  42. Proverbs 1 V 22 How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate
    Proverbs 16 V 25 There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

    Honestly should one celebrate when a friend is sick imagine if it was you sick and people are celebrating. That’s murder indirectly because you are wishing the person dead Mathews 5 v 28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her
    already in his heart.
    Lets us be human beings with a heart for others

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