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Court fines Lusaka business man for dangerous driving

General News Court fines Lusaka business man for dangerous driving

The Lusaka Fast Track court on Traffic offences has convicted and suspended the driver’s license of a Lusaka businessman for dangerous driving contrary to section 155 of the road traffic Act number 11 of 2002.

Magistrate Fydis Hamaundu fined Jama Said Abdizalan K3, 000.000 and suspended his driving license for two years.This was in statement by Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Information Officer Fredrick Mubanga.

Particulars of the offence are that on 4th March 2015, Mr. Abdizalan drove a motor vehicle – Toyota Noah registration number ALM396 on Lubambe road on the opposite lane in a manner allegedly dangerous to other road users.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mubanga said about 125 drivers are expected to appear before the Lusaka Fast Track court this week for various offences.He said RTSA and the Judiciary signed a Memorandum of Understand (MoU) to roll out the Fast Track courts on traffic offences which is aimed at ending road carnage through prosecution of traffic offenders.

He further said the agency is high on alert to screen all motorists and ensure that no motorist flouts road traffic regulations with impunity.


  1. Road safety does not start and end with driving alone. It includes good driving surfaces (no open pits on roads), signage, clear and well marked lanes, good and well inflated tires, road worthy vehicles..among other things

    RATSA doesn’t take these other factors seriously apart from speeding and drunk driving.
    These open pits on Zambian roads have killed and continue to kill innocent people and RATSA does nothing to warn motorist or indeed correct these safety hazards

    RATSA must be pro-active and not reactive all the time

  2. Yes, civilisation is starting to come to Zambia although it is too late for the many who have lost their lives on our notorious roads. Permit you also have good points. It is scary driving on Zambian roads especially in Lusaka and on our so called highways full of pot holes. But hats off to Hamaundu. Every country where accidents are low, there’s heavy penalty for drivers who over speedy and break other road traffic rules. We need speed limit signs and people who are caught vandalising them should face a prison sentence.

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