President Edgar Lungu leaves hospital

President Lungu reads a Times of Zambia newspaper whilst receiving treatment at Maina Soko hospital.On his right is Daniel Siwo his private secretary.Picture by Henry Salim/statehouse
President Lungu reads a Times of Zambia newspaper whilst receiving treatment at Maina Soko hospital.On his right is Daniel Siwo his private secretary.Picture by Henry Salim/statehouse

REPUBLICAN president Edgar Chagwa Lungu who fell ill on Sunday, March 8, 2015 whilst officiating at the International Women’s Day has left hospital to complete the resting regime prescribed by doctors.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda in statement released on Monday evening said the President has been treated for the low blood sugar level that emanated from the suspected recurrence of the narrowing of the food pipe (a condition medically known as Achalasia), for which he was previously treated 30 years ago at the University Teaching Hospital. The President was also treated for fatigue and traces of malaria parasites that were initially suspected.

“As a result of the suspected recurrence of his Achalasia condition which could have led to the low sugar level the President experienced, doctors have recommended that President Lungu undertake specialised treatment abroad,” the statement read.

Mr Chanda said the Presidency is evaluating the advice and will today (Tuesday) decide when the President undergoes the recommended treatment.

The seven doctors attending to the President reached a consensus that they were satisfied that the President was in enough good condition to return home. They emphasized that the President takes sufficient rest to help clear his high levels of fatigue.

The statement was authorized by Dr. Dorothy Kasonde and Dr. Dave Kishore on behalf of the other doctors attending to President Lungu.


    • This is a president that some people love and some dont like. the bottom line is that he is also a person,a husband,father and grandfather. Every REAL Zambian with a typical Zambian heart will be happy that he gets to go back to his family. God bless Zambia and its people both at home and abroad.

    • In these bye-elections, Zambian should insist on a new voter’s roll so that the turn out could be a little bit higher. In terms of candidate, it is again a two horse race between Chishimba Kambwili and HH. Let the campaigns start.


    • Dr.Dorothy Kasonde and her team of senior Doctors should be fired…and here is why. The gave EL a clean bill of health a month ago and what is coming out is the man has a chronic condition(s). The did a snap test and detected traces of malaria and high levels of fatigues….and now they are saying Achalasia caused low sugar in EL, all this is gibberish!….either the presidential Press team is misleading the nation or we have a bunch of incompetent doctors

    • If you want free medication in Zambia just join politics…the docile Zambians can easily be lied to and you can have medical trips abroad whilst there sisters and daughters are giving birth on the floor in UTH due to lack of facilities.

      Enjoy your holiday Edgar Lazy!!

    • In 2 months he is been absent from statehouse for 6 weeks.
      In any jobs he would be sacked for not being fit for purpose.

      Have room for a Rainbow in your hearts people.


    • Where is Changala to advocate for a medical board for Lungu. Its embarrassing enough to have a president fainting public like that.

      We need a medical board to probe Lungu and find out if he is indeed fit to rule.

      Masebo must have been right after all that Lungu is a very a sick man who deserves to be rested from the strenuous job of being a president.

    • The Job purpose number one of a Zambian president is to fly all over the world seeking medical attention for his ailments before finally knocking at embassy park to complete the work. Nowonder State House is now known as State Hospice.

    • Nostradamus, combing hair is painful and when your healthy is failing, hair is the last thing one should worry about. The good news is that he lookjs cheerful and smiling.
      He needs to avoid all things that will make this situation worse worse such as taking acohol. Please, all those surrounding our Edgar, help him to recover fully, we all want him healthy. Even his opponents genuinely want him to live. Pleas eddie avoid all stress.

  1. Edgar’s dietician must be fired. Why did they Edgar take off the nshima diet? Nsima opens up esophagus, we all know that. But they are cheating him, awe Ba Lungu, presidents eat noodles and spaghetti, stop eating cassava bla bla bla…. A person you know that ni chakolwa… he needs akabwali in morning, with roasted groundnuts.

  2. Good try remember now we are DC (damage control). We can not afford anymore mis statements. First of all we need a press statement to be addressed by the head of the medical team. After a brief statement open the flow to some questions from the media. Second we need to be able to see the president during his transfer back to statehouse nation needs to see him walk in and out of his official car. Use the front doors to statehouse and have the nation watch him go up the stairs. Remember full disclosure and let his medical team show their competence by addressing the press briefing and direct questions. Glad to note the president is doing better.

  3. This happening were part of the prophescy by TB Joshua. There are passing a passing phase for the Lungu Presidency. It is also known that he will rule Zambia for 6 and half years. Thereafter a woman will takeover for another 10years under the same party.
    What we need is a constitution amendment that spells out running mate and 50 plus 1. My advice to Zambian MPs support these amendments.

  4. It’s like children playing “house;” and yet this is not house, it’s a whole nation of some fourteen million people.

  5. There’s everything wrong about this… first the so called ’transparency’ that the PF govt are self-praising themselves is a fallacy as we have heard conflicting lies. First it was ’high levels of fatigue and malaria’, and now it is some kind of ‘Achalasia’… and what’s with all the Wkipedia theory stuff (that’s irrelevant really).

    Now to think there could be many people affected by this disease, does it mean they would end up dying since they wouldn’t afford specialist abroad treatment. This is how pathetic this country and this govt are.

    Now Lungu was declared fit by the same ‘team of doctors’… in civilized societies, all these doctors would resign and have their practicing licences revoked for lying in their teeth.

    • They keep contradicting themselves with their press statements… so much for ‘transparency’. ‘He is tired, he has malaria, Achalasia, low blood sugar levels, he is fine and yet he has to go abroad for specialist treatment’. Jeez!

      He just came out of a resting holiday and he’s already ailing. It means he would spent his time in office nursing himself and worrying about his health instead of working hard. Can this country afford another patient in State House?

      Finally I’m no voodoo believer, but there ought to be something wrong in the walls of that State House that makes everyone who occupies it become sickling. Did KK do something black magic to this place. Next president should stay away from the house and let them live in a simple house like Uruguay President.

    • They did not do anything then. They had played to the galary. It was their turn to lift up their hands to confirm edgars presidency having been voted by people lifting hands in Kabbwe and Mulangeni Mulenga.

    • @Maverick

      State house is a cursed evil house and you hit the nail on the head when you said “there ought to be something wrong in the walls of that State House “. Remember KK declared himself almighty eternal god of Zambia and turned state house into a David Kenneth Kaunda Temple where sycophants worshiped him. As a wamuyayaya he didn’t imagine anyone, let alone a dwarf, kafupi, would dare uproot him from his evil enclave. Incredibly it did happen and he was unceremoniously booted out by a midget. Now do you think this unfortunate state of affairs would sit well with a bigoted tyrant who wanted nothing but eternal rulership? oh no! So he cast a spell over that house and anybody foolish enough to try and make it his abode is inevitably doomed. Statistics are there to vindicate this.

    • There is no contradiction at all in what has been said about President Lungu’s health and sickness, ba UPND cadre! Firstly, if you go for a medical and are declared fit, it does not mean that you cannot fall ill afterwards. The disease may not have began to manifest itself and may still be in its incubation period. Find out about this from medical doctors and they will tell you this. Secondly, if you are find out to be suffering from one disease, it does not mean you cannot sooner or later be found out to be afflicted by another disease. It could be that the President initially showed symptoms of malaria and when further tests were carried out something else was found out to have been afflicting the President. Am sure you have fallen ill before and know what am talking about.

    • @ zebigge… I’m no cadre to anyone, unlike you. ‘incubation period my foot… incubation for the last 30 years they said it was treated? What kind of disease. This is new disease they have told us… they said it started 30 yrs ago (why wasn’t the nation told about it until public collapse couldn’t make them hide the ‘evidence’?).

      Unfortunately for your bogus explanation, the initial collapse was declared as having been cause by ‘high levels of fatigue’ and ‘traces of malaria’ (whatever that means). This was issued as ‘fact’. ‘Further tests’ discovered something ‘old’ not new (about 30 years ago).

      It must be a tough job to be a propanganda vuvuzelas of a Zambian president these days. Please go fool some cattle herder in my village, not me.

  6. We Thank God that the Republican President has been discharged from the Hospital. May God’s hand speed up his healing process

    • So many foosl in Zambia that have just surrendered everything to God. Stop fooling God because he has the capacity to seen through your foolishness. God is the one who cures through the institutions and people that he created. Our ECL deserves excellent medical attention not these poor sermons you are going through. Stop it and allow EL to go for medication right away!

  7. Ati discharged lol no he will continue his treatment at statehouse. He is supposed to leave for specialized treatment any day now. He still needs your prayers. What is encouraging is to note that he is of whole function is able to perform AODL. Such as reading and communicating.

  8. Someone commenting about his hair… This is precisely wht I like about my president, that he can look as normal as the normal people in our day to day lives… He is not trying to look like a celebrity. We jknow that some of you like people who show off, the way you would show off yourself if you had money or power. Me, I like this down to earth style. Look at Uhuru Kenyatta.

    • No by elections until 2016……Edgar Chagwa has seven lives, he is like a cat.He has already fallen three(3) times and he still has four(4) more to go!…..He will continue falling until 2016. Zambians will still vote for him because some people are fools! You will die with your poverty because it is practically impossible to help you.Poverty is your portion!

  9. Prayers for the president. This is good news, we now need a press conference to be held by the head of his medical staff. Zambia is different mwe, even in our presidents health ni drama chabe. I really am liking ba Lungu a bit, but I feel like am watching : NO ONE BUT YOU, with Antonio Lombardo and his girl.

    • Iwee taumfwa! Kekekekeke, that Antonio my love stuff went to our heads. This is just Chagwa Lungu feeling abit woozy, but because he is president he gets a huge diagnosis. If it was you, we would have been told to be making you eat ‘imikusu no mulembwe’ to increase the size of your oesaphagus.

  10. I just came here to see what the dumb, brain washed pf supporters are typing here and for real you guys never disappoint me

    • Zambia,Zambia,Zambia,what is our problem?Can someone tell me whats wrong with us.What is so special that some people in Zambia will continue to deny good leadership in Zambia?Who is benefiting from this drama?Is Zambia a cursed Nation?How did Mazoka and Chiluba?Who killed them and why?How did Mwanawasa and Sata die?Now Lungu si going the same route,is there anything Zambians should do or realize that they have been doing wrong?If only we can answer these questions will the puzzle be solved.Lets check our hearts as Zambians and allow God to give as wisdom.Let the spirit of tribalism and hate pass over our head,other wise we shall continue to be cursed and burying president until Embassy park is full.

    • Ba Sido,
      Are we preaching to Moma or Zambia at large? If it’s Moma, she’s enlightened. Sorry, no tribalism there.
      Ignore anyone who talks about cattle and monkeys. It’s bulls*** and I stand for none of that.
      Otherwise, have a good day Sid, while looking for fuel (those with petrol cars) ALL OVER LUSAKA! Its bad.

    • This is the same sermon that you were preaching for Sata…..It does not help the country when you really know the problem. Before writing an exam, it does not help matters if you know that you did not study and then you are asking God to help you….help you with what??? This is exactly what you are doing to EL. It is really sad.

    • These sermons will never help anyone…….Perfect and really very very good counseling & medication is what EL needs…..He will come right!

    • You are very right. I like him for being a humble down to earth person every person can interact with. You can even squat in a hut somewhere and eat that brown nshima with him prepared by a granny over one calabash of chibuku drunk one after the other among 6 of you. I like him for that BUT we will not eat humility. Zambia cannot develop because of a humble leader. Actually this is Edgar’s weakness. we need a strong leader with a vision and plan to drive, yes drivve Zambians to development.

    • what humility? the person who keeps reminding us that he is the president of Zambia and those that are not happy should leave is humble?

  11. The simple test for any person is the hair and the skin.Country men look at the hair and skin of lungu it can tell you a lot about the health of this person.
    Lets us not trouble God for prayers as God has more serious issues to attend to not this person who abused his health by taking alcohol and smoking.
    You reap what you sow bwana.

    • Do not be so judgmental! We do not know about your bad habits like the bad habits of your party president bonking widows at Golden bridge hotel for over 10 hours. I would be interested to know about the result of your president’s medical. At least, you know the result of Edy Lu’s medical. He looks so cool in that picture. Get well soon, Mr. President!!!

  12. Every negative statement and evil wish against the life and healthy of president Edgar Lungu is destroyed in the blood of Jesus Christ. I decree healing and God’s protection over the life of the president and his family in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

    • Amen !
      Love should prevail over differences .
      No more bye elections in Zambia.
      Debates can go ahead in peace.

  13. The ideal scenario here is that when there is a specialty issue like health, let the attendant medical team address the press THEMSELVES. That way we will not have a spin on what is going on. Why is this so difficult? There are a lot of statements on this achalasia that raise both medical and ethical questions. What causes what? Is it a trigger? How long has he been pre-disposed? You know, these are the questions we need medial people to actually address at a briefing. This idea of assuring us it is something that has recurred after 30 years (and shamefully implying we no longer have that capacity 30 years hence) is not helping at all – at all!

    • They can not face the press as they will be got out…real professionals do a question and answer session…this is merely State House spindoctors.

  14. So President Edgar Lazy has been recommended more relax time …this man can not even eat solid foods how long has this been going on, he has suffered this condition before and yet he lied on the campaign trail that he was fit and healthy…how long are we going to pay for these medical tourists…he will have a throat operation and will be unable to speak for two months and will just sit on the sofa like he is all day long reading papers in State House like he is doing in the photo and Grandmama Inonge as veep….really laughable!!
    Nice play President Lazy enjoy your free holiday and expensive operation at taxpayer’s expense.

    Zambians wake up from your docility!!

    • But how fit is your party president bonking widows at Golden Bridge hotel for over 10 hours? Ask yourself this question, as well. Besides your party president looks skinny and older these days!

  15. in a NORMA COUNTRY, legislators would have already started the Impeachment process or the President would have resigned to to himself rest and recover than what is happening.. we all know where we are heading with this situation..
    i know people hate the truth but you cant hid.. this is Zambia

  16. Kenya now says its a health hazard to be president in Zambia,some other media abroad is question our a bility to chose leaders on merit.These days even a cook needs to under go medicals before he or she is employed,what is stoping as from putting our presidential candidates under medical tests.Our we becoming so casual when recruiting a president.What is making as blind from seeing real qualities like Good moral background of someone?1.a hasband or wife of one wife or man,a Christian with good standing in church,a family man or women with upright children,some one with enough education,a succesfull person due to hard work and discipline. I think these questions are more important than tribe.Can a tribe save Zambia from foreign aggression and poverty

  17. Mwanawasa died abroad when he was about to introduce windfall tax now Edgar Lazy is going abroad as well when …..

  18. @ sido whatever

    the west can go to hell with their analysis, this is Africa and Zambia, we decided what we want, the west must not decided for us just like we do not decide for them. Us for the president he is fit and well, we all fall sick at one point so lets stop making a mountain out of a mole hill ,we will still vote for Chagwa come 2016, whether sick or not so haters can continue boiling in hate untill you collapse because of hating/.

  19. @marverick, I love your assessment man. You said it exactly how it is.
    Malaria because he went to Mfuwe as if there were no mosquito nets there, achalasia, fatigue next they will say that he has bilharzia because he drunk water from Luangwa river. How can a man declared fit be sent abroad for treatment? Why should 7 doctors be assigned to examine him if he is well?

  20. he Problem is NOT Mmembe but Presidents who have allowed Mmembe to continue writing as he pleases. Mmembe has literally insulted all Presidents except his uncles Arther and Sikota Wina. Arthur Wina was a serial drunkered and died of alcoholism. He cannot write about this instead he refers us to Milton Obote. This is not press freedom but hatred and destruction of innocent Zambians perceived to have stood and seen as standing in his way to usurp power. Mmembe’s sole aim is to get power by all means. RB was warned. He went to sleep in the name of nursing democracy. He knows better what he is going through. EL cannot pretend that he was not warned but equally has gone to sleep while Mmembe is getting stronger. For me its presidents who are STUPID. This paper needs to be shut. Finish.

  21. our president HH likes “bonking widows at Golden bridge hotel for over 10 hours” will his medical test come out clean.

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