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Ministry of Commerce,Trade and Industry diverted K2.3million to buy cars for it’s ministers

General News Ministry of Commerce,Trade and Industry diverted K2.3million to buy cars for it's...

The Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) this week heard that the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry diverted K2.3 million to buy vehicles for ministers in the ministry.
This was when the Ministry of Commerce appeared before PAC to answer to audit queries raised by the Auditor General (AG)’s Report for the year 2013.

The AG’s report revealed that contrary to the Appropriation Act of 2012, amounts totaling K2, 345, 073 meant for the general operations were applied on the procurement of four motor vehicles without obtaining authority from the Secretary to the Treasury, consequently budgeted for programmes were not executed.

Commerce Permanent Secretary Siazongo Siakalenge said K1 million of the amount was taken from Planning and information department. Dr Siakalenge said the balance was already meant for capital expenditure.He said the procurement of vehicles without obtaining prior authority to vary funds had no justifiable reason.

Dr Siakelenge said the officers involved have been cautioned verbally to adhere to procedures.

“You may wish to note that the ministry received two additional deputy ministers who required duty vehicles and the duty vehicle for the Cabinet minister was in deplorable state,” he said.

Mwembeshi UPND MP Austin Milambo asked Dr Siakalenge if verbally cautioning the officers involved was enough and why they were being cautioned when the permanent secretary had authorised the variation of the money.

PAC chairperson Getrude Imenda said it was clear why the two vehicles for deputy ministers were bought but wondered why the purchase of the minister’s vehicle was equally an emergency when it should have been part of the budget considering that it was in a deplorable state.

Ms Imenda urged Dr Siakelenge to improve financial prudence so that he did not return to PAC next time.

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  1. Please.. this Siakalenga character is a well known thief.Since when did a ministers car which are bought brand new be in a deplorable state after 3 years.This crook has drained the coffers thru various deals to develop his milk business…he has to go immediately.He loves to appease bosses by buying them unauthorised cars to cover his lawlessness.

    • Don’t publish such abuse articles. How many ministers are you referring too, 2 cars can’t cost that much. Can PF government be such styupid?

    • PF are Fo.ols. where is the commitment to move Zambia forward with such ministers. you mean they just buy cars like Boxers?? with no proper planning and budgeting? Suck are Capital expenditures than needs proper planning and approvals.

      It is high time we started fixing these ministers. enough with their dullness/ abuse of office.

    • Amounts totaling K2,345,073 meant for the general operations were applied on the procurement of four motor vehicles.. So each vehicle casts K586,268

      What the HELL?? And the ministers will buy these vehicles at K15,000

      This in in a country where a general hospital is allocated K80,000 per year as an operation cost? And they can spend that much on cars? This is criminal!!

      The idio.ts in government have no priorities, we need a revolution in this country.

  2. Bosses you gave yourself a verbal warning RIGHT.Who can go into such unbudgeted figures without the consent of a PS.

  3. Clearly, PAC is an internal gov’t court tasked with covering misappropriation of public funds by Officers.

    ‘cautioned verbally to adhere to procedures.’ This does NOT cut it!

    Politicians in Zambia should NOT augment their salaries and benefits by this dastardly corrupt method. Siphoning public monies for extravagant ostentatious image making for under performing cabinet deputies; is WRONG, A CRIME and morally derelict.

    His excellency must make a mark during his tenure, by improving on corruption preventative measures. Gov’t Officers already have high salaries, benefits (for personal cars etc), they do NOT need expensive motors.

    Lucky I’m not President! I’d give my cabinet members a Hard Hat, bicycle for LONG DISTANCE, and Sturdy Shoes for SHORT DISTANCE!

    • Keep dreaming dude. Lungu is part and parcel of this nonsense and if you naively think that he will do anything about it, then I feel extremely sorry for you.

  4. “Ms Imenda urged Dr Siakelenge to improve financial prudence so that he did not return to PAC next time” Zambia the real Africa. And we continue to use God’s name in vain saying Lungu and Pf were chosen by God.

  5. [email protected], you tend to scare me with your language. You mean you can come out that strong on this gentleman when he just moved to this ministry barely 10 months ago. I mean, you have your own hidden agenda for this gentleman. It would be wise for you to have a full understanding of some issues before you start blowing your head off. The PS who was there was SHAWA. Have a re-look at your verbative and take time to analyse the whole issue. I have no problem with any one verting anger on an individual, but it should be based on facts, lest the LORD deal with you in a manner you will regret. Why is the word THIEF so common to you, may be that is what you know to do best in life.

  6. Anso I hear ba shi nono did not hand over the car. can Libongani use minimum force to retrieve it if this allegation is true!

  7. That was it? Verbal warning involving such a colossal amount of money? Even the chair just ends at saying, don’t appear next time. Others that are following this will do the same knowing well that all will end up in verbal warning.
    Tear drops for mother Zambia!

  8. And we keep on saying having two deputy ministers is a waste, of mani you don’t listen. A verbal warning??? After a spending 2.3 million on unbudgeted expense, that affected ministry operations. We are indeed jokers.

  9. This habit of buying the most expensive vehicles for ministers, their deputies, PSs and directors started with the MMD government. It was not there during UNIP. Excessive amounts are being spent on buying and running these vehicles. It is totally unjustified given the high poverty levels in this country. We are just massaging people’s egos at a huge cost to the nation!

    • C.Kasonde you are right. The government needs to reconsider this issue of buying expensive vehicles when the country is so poor. This also applies to cars for diplomats abroad. Zambian embassies have expensive cars. Sadly that is the mentality most Zambians have. Showing off with expensive cars even if they don’t have money. School fees go unpaid, bills are unpaid and poor diets in the home but have an expensive car on low incomes. Bani one, I should shine. This is a mentality that comes from poverty.

  10. Merry go round year in year out. If doing something yields no positive results, why not just stop it. Reports without action is just a waste of time and resources on its own.

  11. But kwena muZambia tulabuta, such à serious finacial irregularity ending with à warning. Ataa ishi mbwaa bane nemichila pamatako.

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