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George Chellah gets back at Brian Hapunda on social media

Headlines George Chellah gets back at Brian Hapunda on social media

President with his spokesperson George Chellah (r) and Chief Mukuni (l) when he arrived in Livcingstone for political campaigns
FILE: President Sata with his spokesperson George Chellah (r) and Chief Mukuni (l) when he arrived in Livingstone for political campaigns

Former State House Press Aide George Chellah has taken to social media to respond to PF Media and Communications Director Brian Hapunda’s insinuations that he was part of the group that was behind Hapunda’s legal troubles.
Shortly after he was acquitted of criminal charges by the Livingstone Magistrate Court on Tuesday, Hapunda posted on his Facebook page that he has forgiven Chellah, Wynter Kabimba, Chanda Mfula and Obbie Mweemba but he will never forget their names.
‘Vengeance is for God. If I met them today, I will hug them for they made me a very strong person and a popular figure,’ Hapunda wrote.But the statement infuriated Chellah who responded by revealing details of how he personally helped Hapunda when he was facing legal challenges.

Below is Chellah’s full posting

My response to Mr. Brian Hapunda.
Brian, in your typical style you’ ve decided to publicly malign and defame me with outrageous claims that, I was behind your alleged troubles with the law.
Brian, are you sure l deserve what you ‘ve just posted on your wall? I know we we may have our own differences but surely you can’t sink so low in your effort to attract sympathy on yourself. Be a man and grow out of such silly complexies. You accuse me of being behind your issues, really?
Let’s go to the genesis of your being where you re today. Hope you remember who recruited you into PF and how your dad, whom I have a lot of respect for came carrying you to my office with a plea of me looking after you whilst he was away in Russia as Ambassador.
Remember your constant knocks on my door at State House asking for monies to help you sustain yourself and family? Indeed, you have a strange way of expressing gratitude to people who do good to you. You’re such a strange fella…and your levels of ingratitude are sickening to say the least. I didn’t want to be the one to remind you of all this but your ingratitude and treachery has compelled me to do.
I implore you to manage your excitement and devise better ways seeking public sympathy. Be grateful to people who help you and stop mentioning my name in petty and immature stories.
Let me stress, your misery and impoverishment at that time compelled me to vouch for you to President Sata even when in my heart of hearts I knew that you were a total stranger to me. We were not friends but I was willing to risk it all and share your burden. At the time when nobody could accept you in PF and they all described you as treacherous and unreliable I stuck my neck out and convinced the President to accept your defection from UPND to PF in case you ve forgotten.
It just didn’t end their I lobbied him to make you provincial political secretary then this???? Are you for real? Anyway, I forgive your treachery and ingratitude. No wonder you’re fighting for acceptance and recognition everywhere because your treacherous CV is an albatross around your neck.
Grow up and move on. You don’t need to mention and curse George Chellah to improve your job hunt ratings. Just be patient and your efforts will be recognised in due course. Don’t let your desperation drive you to disgraceful levels. Inchito yena balekupela boyi just take heart.
I politely request you to amend your post and hope you can prove that I had a stake in your issues. Gratitude ebutu muntu wandi! Watch and learn. GC – 11/03/2015

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    • Take a back seat chela ,you had your time. This is Hapundas time, we have also helped people get top jobs ,we dont go yelling about it on FB ,grow up and get a job.

    • You are all petty remember your genesis like George Chella who was an ordinary journalist for M’membe & Hapunda a university drop out.I know you all drive BMW X5 not from genuine earned money but through underhand methods like the way HH obtained $12 million from privatization kick backs & later bought 70,000 heads of cattle splinted into 3 ranches.HH’s is also a party time polygamist/adulterer who bonks Maureen bcoz Muntinta has cervical cancer hence her vagina is in bad state with unbearable odor.HH also wants to start bonkin the b!tch Masebo who boutta divorce in thirsty for a Tonga d!ck capable of bruising a cow puss!e.Yikes!!!

  1. Zambia now too much settling scores….everyone is trying to get at someone….fighting..suspensions,expulsions,medical bulletins,kwacha dead….no fuel…President working from the hospital…Mutembo Nchito…Rupiah…Chella and still no sign of constitution…ifintu ni Lungu malabishi yeka yeka

  2. Two babies throwing temper tantrums in public to get attention. Can someone please give them some toys to play with while we attend to more important matters of national interest!

    • Ba Baloteli, this is a typical case of living in a glass house and throwing stones. Your enemy is likely to throw them back at you and in the process damage your glass house. Although, I don’t like both characters Brian should have not taken to the public media to denounce people by name.

    • If Chella was genuine and mature he should have resolved this in private with Hapunda. He has humiliated your friend. Whatever good Chella did for Hapunda is futile. He didn’t not do it whole heartedly. As for Hapunda the toddler, if this is someone who helped you, you should have spoken to him in private too. Why do you both have to quarrel in public? Life makes strange bedfellows and you never know when you will need each other. And don’t say, ,”never.”

  3. Hapunda’s acquittal is an orchestration of the EL government. It is something that was expected once EL re-appointed Hapunda as Media Head. It is the same situation we shall see with the Dora Siliya case since now PF is adopting former opposition MPs they claimed won elections through corruption. Hapunda is like Kelvin Sampa, both are known for their treacherous conduct. The day another party is in power you shall see their ‘ugly’ heads appear in those parties.

  4. foolish *****s. HOW can u start insulting each other on fb when u can resolve your issues secretly using your cell phones….u are an embarrassment to your families

  5. EDGAR LUNGU must realise that Hapunda is a danger to his Presidency. Much as we need to support Hapunda, they boy is unreliable and Edgar can only appoint him at his own risk. Brian just deserves to be Media Publicity like that within our party and nothing more. He is so unreliable that upon one small thing, he will be selling information to online media like ZWD

  6. George Chellah is very disrespectful of people older than him, a crude & rude boy. A number of people have complained and this is proof enough. Two wrongs cannot make a right, if indeed Hapunda was wrong. But that’s Chellah’s immaturity for you. All who contacted him in his line of duty as Presidential Aide, he’s keeping a dossier on them. He should be cited for breach of confidentiality, breach of oath he swore because the caveat is up to about 20 years.

    • Mwenda mwenda,
      You are witch-hunting. Looking for faults over something straight forward like this does not make better than them. No judgement is necessary. just let them quench their curiosity in life.

  7. Let them fight, it is for their good health. These are just games of the privileged young men in a certain work environment. No referee at this stage, until you see one taking a dive then hold the standing to stop him to cause injury. Besides they are both learning English language not literature….But to me they are writing poems…& typical poems for that matter. They are actually growing up…PF ilemifunda (free of charge).

  8. Our Boy Chellah, has put up with a lot over the years.

    He went through Sata’s problematic period, with much self control and then with dignified silence when Sata passed.

    There are just times when people get a little bit out of hand and you need to ‘step on it.’ It’s therapeutically good for Chellah to have taken this ‘open way’ to put to bed the nonsense that could have gone on for a while.

    It is okay to make it a public response, because silence or ‘behind the scenes’ action would have empowered Hapunda. This way, he is disempowered and the threat of Hapunda going public again has cold water poured on it.

    Good move George. More Power To You!!

    Image is everything.

  9. Both sides here are being petty. Unfortunately, this is the state of the Zambian political scene…petty issues making headlines. In the end, focus is taken away from critical issues that the Nation faces.

    What is even more concerning is that these two are supposed to be a part of the “youth” in politics.

    If the youth are to take over from the older generation and this is an example of the youth, then we should all be worried.

  10. George Chella indeed has a dossier on individuals, waiting to blackmail many people. I am told ZNBC recently forced their Human Resources Director to resign because of this kind of behaviour; using personnel confidentail files to blackmail fellow directors. Ben Kangwa could not be appointed DG of ZNBC because of this man. Mature people never do this because you never win.

  11. Ka Chela just shut your bick, I can also ulula you on a lot . Everyone you so call “you helped” were paying you some almost all their salaries ! Ukwabula nensoni. Ati Insoni Ebuntuuu ! Look who is talking. Ngawamonela kuichaila , so iwe ichaile chabe ka mu boys . Don’t talk too much . Shaaaa !

  12. The most shocking of all is to read the inside activities of Chellah at state house. I can’t believe what I am reading here! Lobbying for jobs & placements from the president, opening doors to job seekers at the highest office of the land is sickening to hear. It is such account of corrupt activities of officials who are expected to be professional and exemplary that cast a blanket of hopelessness in our society. Here, state house has just shown its nasty side, not deserving of stirring up confidence!

  13. ka Brian bakacita bwino! George is not a man to mess around with! he helped ka Brian and then katwala issue pa facebook! and its true takaba reliable! mr lungu should think twice if he wants to give him a big job!

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