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Former Big Brother winner Cherise opens Kids Park Library, bemoans low reading culture in Zambia

Headlines Former Big Brother winner Cherise opens Kids Park Library, bemoans low reading...

Cherise Makubale
Cherise Makubale

Former Big Brother Africa Reality Show winner Cherise Makubale has opened the first ever community library set within the Cherise Kids Park in Lusaka’s Northmead area.

Makubale said the culture of reading has become a challenge in Zambia especially with the influx of technology.

She said video games and cell phones have occupied children’s time.

‘It is sad when you see these children texting each other in abbreviated words and letters that to them make sense now but i wonder how they are going to present themselves in future when they are all grown up and they have to write a CV or make a presentation,’ Ms. Makubale said.

She said illiteracy levels are still a concern and hopes that by opening up this Library, her organisation can contribute to lowering these levels.
‘We know accessibility to such facilities is challenging and that is why we have decided to make the library free of charge and encourage surrounding communities groups, churches and orphanages to register with us,’ she said.

She has since appealed to the various Members of Parliament to set up such facilities in their various constituencies.

‘I know that play parks and libraries are not really the first item on your Constituency Development Fund list but i urge you to include them because as much as every child has a right to clean water, health facilities and shelter, they also have a right to education and the right to play,’ Ms. Makubale said.

And officiating at the same function, Education Minister Michael Kaingu said as a nation, Zambia has realised that the reading culture has gone down and one of the reasons being that libraries are not available in most places.

Dr Kaingu said this has resulted in illiteracy levels scaling up due to non availability of reading materials.

He said libraries play a very important role in learning institutions as well as communities describing them as a hub of knowledge and information.

‘Community libraries are important in the sense that they address the issue of equity. These are institutions where people who are not able to afford reading materials for themselves can go and access them,’ Dr Kaingu said.

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  1. Facebook+movies+la liga+computer games etc. You think a modern kid can involve itself with your library.even in USA such issues are proving to be difficult.

    • Why are you so pessimistic? Cherise has done well by starting this project. Obviously some kids will go and others will not. That does not nullify the importance of having a kids’ library. A reading culture for children is enforced by parents, it is there responsibility. I am in the U.S and I frequent libraries in different states. As such, I can attest that libraries have so many programs geared towards children, and I have seen so many kids- accompanied by their parents- attending those said programs. If a reading culture is instilled in children at an early age, no amount of Facebook can derail a child, unless they allow it to. This is exactly what is needed in Zambia. Please visit a library in your area before uttering such disparaging remarks about a kids’ library initiative.

  2. Thats the kind of leadership that we need, unlike these politicians, I stay in kamwala south and i have looked for a public library but cant find one…

  3. Congratulations Cherise for being so innovative and considerate to share your wealthy with the community. I equally appreciate that the Minister of education apolitically values your humble contribution to the community by gracing such important function. Reading culture has to be promoted and cherished even using ITC, books and the various necessary implements. Cherise and the Minister consider also to campaign for Local Books Writing Culture. It is so expensive to publish a manuscript of a good local story book with which people can identify themselves and learn a lot from it, and rouse interest back to reading culture, and which could even be turned into movies.

    • Carlos,

      These are exactly my thoughts too. Cherise is a product of Kitwe where she was born and brought up. But she seems fixated on improving the quality of life of kids in Lusaka and not Kitwe. How about a kids park and library in your home town Ba Cherise??

    • For sure why not Kitwe, in Richmond Gardens where she lived from childhood? I am beggining to suspect that it’s all about cash business. If it is cash business then Lusaka is the best place, otherwise Kitwe would have made more sense.

    • The library it is in the same premises as the Kids play park. She set up the Kids play park soon after she won big brother on land that the Lusaka cit council donated to her. I don’t see how this can be a money/cash making initiative when the article clearly states that access the library will be free…that is what a community library is!!

  4. Nice to see you doing something home.Its a very good idea may God bless you Cherise BUT REMEMBER YOUR ROOTS IN KITWE TOO.

  5. Great to see you helping out the comunity in lusaka but sad to see you have forgotten your home town where help is needed more.
    But we know you will make a difference in kitwe as well.
    God bless you

  6. And some friend who is yo relative said they had a funeral in Ndola where even yo aunt Bana Mulusa was, but u could not even find time to mourn with them sure? Your grandmother died yet u ar just in Lusaka making a name for yoself. Be mindful that yo relatives have been watching you ever since you reached yo stardom. Mulelosha……do not detach yoself from your poor people in Ndola and elsewhere.

  7. Congratulations on your good work Cherish even in this 2016 new projects. Not everyone will appreciate your work. Do it as unto God. Stay blessed

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