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HH queues up for fuel, blames fuel crisis on PF’s failure to plan

Headlines HH queues up for fuel, blames fuel crisis on PF’s failure to...

UPND's Hakainde Hichilema
UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema

As the biting week long fuel crisis intensifies in Lusaka and other cities in Zambia, opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema found himself lining up to buy the commodity at Total Filling Station in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area.

Mr Hichilema told accompanying Journalists that he has been forced to queue up for fuel because the fuel crisis is affecting every Zambian.

He said the fuel crisis is due to the PF’s government lack of planning and prudent management of public resources.

Mr Hichilema who was mobbed by large crowds accused the PF of mismanaging the economy by appointing a large number of Deputy Ministers and inducing a lot of parliamentary by elections.

He charged that President Edgar Lungu has no capacity to manage the Zambian economy.

‘These bye elections are caused by a greedy regime that does not care about public finance management. Just now we will have another three bye elections at the expense of development. This fuel crisis is because they fail to plan, simple,’ Mr Hichilema said.

‘When you are in a resource constrained economy like ours, you need to manage these resources prudently but that is not the case with our friends in the PF.

This is a wasteful regime, in fact the worst in the history of our country,’ he said.

Mr Hichilema said the sharp declaration of the Kwacha is another testament that under the PF government , the Zambian economy has deteriorated.

‘Look where the Kwacha is, yesterday it was 7:40 to a dollar. Edgar Lungu cannot fix the Kwacha the same way he cannot fix the fuel crisis. Zambia needs economic managers to supervise the affairs of this nation because the biggest problem facing Zambia today is around the economy,’ he said.

Mr Hichilema added, ‘ By now we need to know the national consumption levels and break them down by regions and plan ahead fr stocks. It is irresponsible to have a fuel crisis in this day and age.’

He also claimed that corruption offered by PF officials to middle men in the fuel supply chain are also to blame for the challenges being faced in the supply of the commodity.

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    • Queue up and make noise at gas pumps like the late president did. Win the hearts of Zambians by being with them in a time of struggle. see you in 2016

    • There is no way any sensible person can divorce the fuel shortage from the poor and inept PF policies. How can a commodity that is not in short supply on the international market be unavailable in Zambia for a over a week now. Someonee should take responsibility and Yaluma should go


    • Actually,I for one would love it to see even a worse shortage of fuel than what is being experienced now, continuously up to election’s day.I would also go hyper if the Kwacha went beyond K20 per dollar so that the cost of living can escalate even the more. This surely would teach the majority of the CB and LSK who foolishly voted for the so called ifintu ni Lungu. We told you, you had the best choice at hand in HH but u foolishly voted back these crooks in office. PF must be rejected from now on starting with the forth coming bye-elections in Chawama, Senga and Chawama. Please my fellow Bembas’ look beyond tribe-I bet even our own great smart Chitimukulu must have voted for HH, so what abt you just ordinarily Chandas’, Bwalyas’, Mulengas’, etc,why can’t you think beyond tribe…

    • FACT
      HH mimicking Sata’ antics. Unfortunately they cannot work for U5
      Did u hear what Chief Mwatakazembe said on TV yesterday at 7PM news. NI LUNGU FYE. Previous day Chief Chimese said was impressed with EL and prayed for him to rule for many years. THIS IS THE MOOD AND NEGA-NEGA OPERATION TESTING 1, 2 HALLO.
      So HH whether EL will looks frail and blame him for these so called chaos, you will lose in 2016 Bwana.Whether kwacha will be K100 to 1$, EL will win. Whether your baboons in ZWD yap, yell and cry blood, you will lose. Whether economy worsens, you will lose. WHY because you do not spur confidence in us. Once nega-nega Negroes start seeing that you will never rule Zambia, the better otherwise they keep cooking the same mabisi and losing. 2016 will be 5 to 0.

    • I do agree with HH that at this stage in time, we should have known our national average consumption of fuel vis-à-vis the provinces. This is clearly an issue of poor management and lack of planning on the part of the ministry and minister responsible. Oil is cheap and aplenty on the world market.

      The fuel shortage started in Mongu as an isolated case and now it has spread to a good number of places. The minister argues that there’s enough stock and the shortage is a result of “panic buy.” The question is why is the opposite so obvious? Is there something the minister is not telling us?

      If indeed there’s fuel in the reservoirs, the minister must fired for failing to deliver. But if the country is failing to pay for its share of the fuel, then the president and PF must go.

    • Zezemba..I 100% concur with you. Let them suffer. CB & LSK are the ones who foolishly voted for ECL on tribal lines. So, let them Zambians suffer to the maximum. Maybe next time, they will learn to vote sensibly. So, be it ..let the Kwacha keep depreciating and the prices keep sky-rocketing. The fools in CB & LSK voted for Ifintu Ni Lungu..So, let them enjoy Ifintu Ni Lungu. It serves them right!

    • Lusaka times we need pictures for the incoming President who was duly elected AND SICKEDO STOLE THE VOTES NOW LESA ALALYOTOLA,HE WONT ENJOY THE PRESIDENCY at the filling station kaili .
      other day was pinching myself why why did l vote for PAMAFI PARTY PALI RB SURE EVEN KNEW THAT THIS IS WHAT AM GETTING INTO .

      YALUMA& PF 2 GO

    • You can condemn the PF govt for the fuel shortage and i agree that this should have not happened at all.

      However, if you (God forbid) won the january 2015 elections, we would have been worse of with your 215 utopian promises you intended to fulfill in 18 months.

    • He says PF inducing a number of elections ,iwe Hakaivotela did you not just suspend 3 MPs , someone give him a dummy so he can STFU.
      Those are SATA s stunts be original mumbwe.

    • Remember the old adage” insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result”

      However a new adage goes like this ” insanity is featuring the same candidate HH over and over while expecting different results”

    • I didn’t think I would agree with HH so soon especially that he has been wrong on a lot of things lately. The main reason gasoline prices have dropped the world over is because of excess supply on the world market due to US production.

      Now, in the midst of such abundance you don’t expect shortages because simple macroeconomics would dictate that suppliers would be chasing the market. This would be a buyers market not the other way around.

      The only reason for shortages is therefore due to lack of planning and/or having a monopolistic supply chain that creates artificial shortages for consumer paucity so they can hike prices.

      Heads should roll as this is totally unacceptable. It’s time to get back to work Mr. President or yours will be an 18 month term.

  1. HH _ I thought your UPND has just suspended an MP which will also cause another Bye- Election? You need to come up with a solution in parliament that will deter these bye- elections. On the issue of fuel- yes the minister of energy and power has to do a lot of explanations. Please don’t just put blame on the president – that’s a sure way of giving him all the powers you complain about

    • Exactly, but the logistical constraint is with the ship that delayed to dock, it is now pumping out the fuel which should start fladding the market by Tuesday.. And the dollar rate will be normalized by monthend our new BOZ chief is just settling in now.. Everything is under control, it’s time to work not politicking, queuing up even when you have almost full tank fuel in your car just to get attention, shem HH

    • The suspension was caused by PF or EL appointing those maps as ministers. Automatically they have to go because they have crossed the floor. The same applies to GBM. He had been suspended by PF because he crossed over to UPND. These are simple things to understand. Nibwanji ba PF kansi? Vonse vikanga.

    • @ HABAZONDA. Lets find out the difference between suspend and expel. Lest some people will be arguing pointlessly. I would think that if an MP is suspended there are mainly excluded from party activities but are technically still memeber of that party and hence their seat may not neces be declared vacant. Now if one is expelled they are completely severed from membership an hence the ssponsoring party can ask the speaker to declare the seat vacant. IT’S MY BELIEF THAT A SUSPENSION DOES NOT NECESSARILY LEAD TO A BY ELECTION WHEREAS AN EXPULSION DOES!

    • @chinyama, blaming a ship for the fuel shortage is like telling yo boss that yu arrived late for work because of traffic congestion. It’s not a good excuse. You have to arrive at work on time whether traffic or no traffic. Even if it means starting off at 4am from chelstone so be it. The same applies to fuel. We should have enough stocks to last some few months in case of delays in deliveries, simple. In this time and age, there is no room for complacency. The minister responsible should resign and take responsibility for the fuel crisis.

    • @Habazonda……

      Let u be real. Politicking will not take us anywhere. The comments made by HH on the fuel shortage and unnecessary by-elections are spot on. Only those with their heads buried in the sand would not know that the PF induced by-elections to gain a majority in Parliament so that motions related on issues the party was opposed to such as the enactment of a new constitution before 2016 would be shot down. In fact the PF has been categorical in its opposition to a new constitution. We need to lay a foundation that will save Zambians unnecessary suffering. HH is a Zambian and is capable. That is why he was able to amass the votes he did in the recent elections. Those insulting HH such as JL, Gen, and other cadres/thugs have different reasons other than the man’s…

  2. I believe what HH has said on Fuel and dollar, i propose ABC and Yaluma should go and the Fuel procurement system should be transparent and be ratified by Parliament.

    • If zemba zemba you are a real real Bemba I salute you. But for jl, he is an ***** of a person. It’s people like him who make the country go backwards. He has no brain beyond tribe.

  3. Zambians had an opportunity to vote for a leader who would manage the economy prudently but instead they went for the waste due to tribal lines.

    • @Jl and gen
      You are the worst tribalists on this site,you speak as if Zambia is your bedroom and you are in a position to decide who become the president of this country. You dont care what happens to this country and your hatred for HH is nothing but tribal. Your satisfaction lies only on tribal victory. Who with five senses can be happy with those in power with are this level of suffering our people are being subjected to? So we should be happy with fuel crisis and shut up?

    • @wazeya,it’s your HH who is tribal:The Post Editorial comment 19/01/2015:…..it doesn’t make sence for Dipak to try and distance Hakainde from Munkombwe’s(tribal) statements when he himself is comfortable with them,sees nothing wrong with them. Clearly,it is Dipak who is disturbed by Munkombwe’s(tribal) statements and not Hakainde himself.Anyway,Dipak is in the company of people whose political DNA he does not really understand.By denouncing Munkombwe,Dipak thought he was doing the right thing when he was actually offending the people he is helping to campaign and win an election.

    • How do you know Hungry Hyena would have managed the economy prudently? Give us evidence of his public service performance apart from stealing from Zambians through privatization.

    • Zambians suck me one breath you talk of tribalism but the same people are braying HH’s beef every week end and go to shoprite ,game stores or Pick and pay or Sun hotel do they ask you which tribe you are,the is no as long as you have the money.With your PF going bank rupt you will soon have no money to buy Beef,or food in shoprite,game or pick and pay,because of your tribal Lungu’s poor performance.Salaries are still static(wage freeze).

  4. May Lusaka,Eastern and other provinces who votes for useless leaders now face the reality of putting people with no vision in leadership.
    I am happy that Lusaka you are the first town to feel the pitch of your ifintu ni Lungu.
    Thank God that you know how to deal with immoral people.
    Where is Nsanda Willie? In comma in South Africa.
    Next time you will know how to vote wisely,how can you vote for \a person with adult malnutrition in leadership.
    The economy does not choose wether you are a bemba,lozi,Luvale or Ngoni neither PF,FDD,UPND or MMD.
    God continue blindfolding them so that they learn from their regionalism

  5. HH seems to have inherited Sata’s culture of seeking publicity prominence by parading for fuel at a Fuel Station that is just awaiting to restock it fuel. Yet he claims to be an Economist who understands the dynamics of business operations.

    However, if HH will be seen to be closely associated with the famous Cartel, then the life-span of UPND will be short-lived – numbered. As for Mrs. Nalumango and Canicious Banda, the two are reminded on the fate of Patrick Chisanga, Sakwiba Sikota and Bob Sichinga. They are being used in the same way as DA’s Mmusi Maimane is being used to serve and preserve the interests and privileges of the white communities in South Africa. The January 2015 voting pattern was an eye opener to the majority of Zambians.

    • Rubbish comment from rubbish brain, what can HH learn from economic failures like PF? Stop being petty!

    • Do suspensions lead to by elections? An expulsion does and when this is done in order to apply a standard, who is the hypocrite?

    • Earlier remark was is in response to comment 2. As for Mwansa’s comment, there is confusion just like in his PF. Cartel, Chisanga, Sakwiba, Sichinga…? It is these tribal insinuations that people pretend not to see in PF. Who is doing and talking tribal in Zambia except PF? Does ailing economy operate tribally? What in what HH says is tribal?

      Mwansa Kabinga if you can’t see sense in what genuine leaders say you will always be a beggar because you will never heed constructive advice.

    • So you want him to have a filling station at home? Why can’t you just get the point of government’s failure to plan. If there was fuel crisis on the international stage, your point could have been valid. But your Yaluma assured the nation that there was plenty of fuel in stock. Even though you’re a staunch cadre, am sure you have some grey matter to think sensibly.

    • The January election was an eye opener???? How about the 2008 by election where over 80% of easterners voted for RB, over 80% of northerners ( northern, luapula and muchinga) voted for Sata and over 80% voted for HH? is that regionalism or not? Did you consider the fact Edgar failed even to campaign properly around the country with cancellations of rallies let alone his failure to campaign in southern province. Edgar said he had no vision and clearly he was clueless as he shunned public debates. We all knew that Edgar has multiple terminal illness during the run up to elections. What do you take southerners for?



    • Ba Mwansa Kabinga,
      In all fairness HH is a politician not a priest or saint, there is no way a politician in the right frame of mind would ignore such free publicity caused by shambolic recklessness by empty tins, this is the only message the ignorant grassroots understand hence the reason he has is including the bloated cabinet and by elections in his rhetoric.
      The people on the grassroots are the ones feeling the pitch most….use their language to communicate with them and also take your camera men to take pictures.

  6. Its a sad state of affairs where there is no tangible explanation for the shortage of fuel. The minister is not even making any promises any more. He has run out of excuses.

    This tempts me to conclude that the economy is on a free fall. And when a sane zambian brings out these issues, others say we are supporting HH. I think PF are digging their own grave.

    There is no publicity or political mileage that HH is trying to achieve over these things because every one is feeling the pinch of a failing economy.

    I had support for EL but i think i am losing it completely. Wasted my time.

  7. What is HH / MM/ KK?

    Akainde ichilema…..? No
    Molin mwanawasa…..? Yes
    Kennado kaunda……..? Yes

    Lt , what does HH stand for? Hypocrisy Hypnosis maybe.

  8. Copy cat president, HH, the only difference is that he is not carrying a jerry can….
    Ever since his failed alliance with Sata he has tried to ape the old and tried to learn all the bad manners. Agony is that it does not suit HH instead it just makes him kook foolish. Why? He is not a politician but an educated Zambian, a businessman, a CEO, and so the pretence shows. Just imagine the MD of Zesco queing up for fuel, that is what HH looks like on that queue…ba UPND just look for another president…..abo iyayi…kikikikikiki

    • Kaili he knows the majority of voters are dull chaps who cannot respond to his educated reasoning and so he has to appeal to what they understand most. It is called being a shrewd politician.

    • @Chief Cadre…..

      “Why? He is not a politician but an educated Zambian, a businessman, a CEO, and so the pretence shows. Just imagine the MD of Zesco queing up for fuel, that is what HH looks like on that queue…ba UPND just look for another president…..abo iyayi…kikikikikiki”

      If this were how political cadres reasoned, it would be a serious insult to be called a cadre. So you want UPND to drop HH and replace him with a dul, uneducated street thug? Is that what you think of Zambians? Have we sunk so low, sure? This why HH advocates an aggressive education policy for our people.

  9. Imwe HH gelani sisi weee! And stop cutting munsi when you apply inecto, coz of grey hair. You look funny mwana. Mutu monga flower bed sure ! Awe cut it you will look nice and different.

  10. We in kitwe r not affected by that crisis,u r tryin to blow out of proportion,why r u pipo tryin to turn a hill in2 a mountain? Awe chibi saana,hon.yalume has promised to fix this prblm within a few days so jus seatback,relax and let the man work

    • Try Chingola less than 50kms to the NWest and see the ques at the few Fuel stations in the town centre! Just the other day I drove through Kitwe in the morning and there was not fuel at the filling station next to the Magistrates Courts!!

  11. Foolish Zambians can’t even read sense below their noses. Wake up dear brothers and sisters otherwise you will all be doomed to death as you can’t afford treatment in South Africa like ECL. Heed to advice from a shrewd operator.HH has it all. Learn and adjust. Vote wisely

  12. Fuel shortage is a normal thing that happens in many parts of the world. Of course it is easy to blame the idiiots in govt for everything in the country. We the soc alled business community in the country, what are they doing? The stuupidness with Zambians think everything is the responsibility of the party in power. no wonder there there is so much corruption and incompetence at every stage. Remember that BP and Total companies are also responsible for importing petroleum in the country and these usually create unnecessary shortages at will. My advice is stop depending on the govt, they will always fail you whether UPND, Rainbow, etc!

    • The point being raised is that the fuel shortage is due to poor planning & those in government are in charge. No body has failed to pay for the fuel but government must put policies in place that will ensure that fuel does not run out. The minister responsible is busy blaming the OMCs, who gave them the licences; what guidelines were they given and who should enforce them? The fatcats in government ofcourse, not a poor taxi driver or an opposition leader!!

    • I thought the Govt regulates these things. How can an individual like me start controlling fuel, where do i start from?????????

      @Prof lule….. think before you post

    • @The observer

      Sometimes its better to stick to observing than making comments on issues you totally have no understanding .

      Its a shame that you are ignorant about the fact that fuel procurement in Zambia is done by the government(PF) and not the private sector. To be frank its Sata ‘s Ilunda chalo investments with the monopoly to supply fuel in Zambia.

      HH has said exactly what the people are already saying after being lied to by Mukanga .

      Fuel shortage is clear evidence of PF being Bachimbwi without a plan.

      Viva HH.

  13. Bemba dull patriotic fools stop your tribal remarks. The economy is hitting hard on your poor relatives. Go ku northern region and find out what they feel. Things are bad.
    Look at Mpika/Nakonde road. The road is very bad with an average of two to three accidents per day. The road is very bad.
    Nakonde border has very bad road with full of pot holes yet the border rakes in billions of kwachas at zra offices.
    What a shame!
    Bembas you must be very foolish and dull to be praising and supporting pf the worst govmnt in history.
    Let the pf govnmnt be criticised for failures.
    The exchange rate will soon push up fuel prices if govt stop subsidising to sustain politically announced fuel price reductions.
    Fuel shortages are a plan to increase fuel prices. But govt is afraid of 2016…

    • Wayalesi news: The last time I was in Nakonde and inquired about the state of the road in the region. Local people are actually responsible for the bad road. Apparently they dig holes on the roads so that when there is an accident they steal the merchandise from the vehicles involved in the accident. The road has actually been fixed many time but they keep destroying it. Ubonaushi no bututu bwa bantu!

    • The PF Govt has constructed and repaired the most roads in the history of Zambia. Yu like it or not, they have gone down in history for their roads and other infrastructural developments. Therefore, one road which has not been worked on yet cannot cause people who have seen the big effort to lose confidence in the Party.
      Yo rantings won’t achieve anything people already know what they want, its PF the Party that delivers. Everyone makes mistakes, important thing is to realise and do it better

    • @Wayalesi news:

      Next time you get some holiday time, nip over to Greece for your holiday. See an economy destroyed and celebrate the ability to grow ours.

      Stop spreading fear to get into gov’t. Zambians are Resolute. They want a traditional gov’t lead by Zambians not Western Driven Politicians. Especially not Unpatriotic self esteemed Economist HH. I MEAN, how many able Economists do we have in Zambia?? Who does this thieving ‘Mines’ Economist think he is!

      HH is a terrible joke. A man who gets rich on striping the countries assets, and selling them to foreigners who then refuse to pay Tax in any guise!! Less than 3% is what we get towards GDP from the Mines he recommended be Privatised. How funny he now wants to be President!!

  14. suspension doesn’t lead to by election. Only an expulsion or by Court rule. At the moment there is no by election caused by UPND. Please update yourself.

  15. HH mimicking Sata’ antics. Unfortunately they cannot work for U5
    Did u hear what Chief Mwatakazembe said on TV yesterday at 7PM news. NI LUNGU FYE. Previous day Chief Chimese said was impressed with EL and prayed for him to rule for many years. THIS IS THE MOOD AND NEGA-NEGA OPERATION TESTING 1, 2 HALLO.
    So HH whether EL will looks frail and blame him for these so called chaos, you will lose in 2016 Bwana.Whether kwacha will be K100 to 1$, EL will win. Whether your baboons in ZWD yap, yell and cry blood, you will lose. Whether economy worsens, you will lose. WHY because you do not spur confidence in us. Once nega-nega Negroes start seeing that you will never rule Zambia, the better otherwise they keep cooking the same mabisi and losing. 2016 will be 5 to 0.

    • @Danny Mila,thank’s for letting us know Lungu is HIV positive. Come 2016 I’ll vote for him again cause days of descrminating are long gone and I know he will deliver.

  16. What is disheartening is that Edgar Lungu will come back alive.

    I wish he comes in a casket so that the shortage of fuel, falling kwacha can be buried at the Embasy Park together with the drunkard.

    The sick maggot does not deserve to live. I wish him dead.

    • @Danny Mila 18,please refrain from such inhuman thoughts.PF may be failing to run the economy well but you cannot wish death to a person in this manner who has been power for barely a month and some weeks . People put Lungu in power, and many times God speaks through people.So you need to understand that it is his time to rule and be alive and when God decides to call him back,that time shall come as and when God chooses – not when you want!!

    • @Danny Mila, if wishes were horses you would have been a horse! It is good to know that God doesn’t answer all prayers in the positive. You m.o.ron.

  17. Copy and paste. HH cant be Sata. he has drivers who ordinarily could have queued but bcause he is a copy cat… . . wants Kulibonesha

    • You don’t have brains or uli chikopo. You mean Sata had no Drivers? What did the police arrest when it was reported that police had arrested Sata’s Driver?

    • God decided to let people at ECZ to manipulate and steal votes for HH so that they can be exposed. Now God has exposed someone by cheating and lying that he was health to be the president shame. Cursed nation

  18. Same old ranting by the Under Five. Unfortunately i have never heard him say something different and inspiring.

    Such hick ups do happen once in a blue moon. I thought the guy was going to give practical alternatives considering that we always import this commodity.

    Alibe nzelu uyu HH.

  19. Its important to take responsibility and to be accountable. It is not right for Yaluma and his team to subject Zambians to this time of unnecessary suffering.

  20. Hh talked about national consumption on commodities as not known. Who is he trying to mislead here, maybe his fans because if you go at CSO that data is there ready for anyone to update himself on national statistical issues. If he wants guidance on this matter its better to ask from people with knoledge on the suthect. Zambia is not that bad as what certain people potray it to be. Govt has put the best economists in strategic institutions who are better qualified than hh and the duty of the president is to supervise, align and direct these organs.

    • Unfortunately these same qualified Zambians have not been given the free will do make decisions; they are not listened to. Statistics is there, but it is not used to make decisions. Look at what is being said, and not who is saying it; and am sure you will see sense in the fact that fuel shortage is avoidable where the educated are free to influence decisions at the executive.

  21. Fuel, mealie meal, soap, cooking oil, sugar; simply referred to them as essential commodities. We queued for essential commodities always. Today, queuing for essential commodities is an almost forgotten activity. Yet, the specter of seeing long queues of mothers with babies on their backs, standing beneath the hot baking sun, outside empty supermarkets, in the hope that they will find baby milk powder, or soap or sugar or bread, should not be too far to imagine. I live my life in a little city we call ‘Woman of my uncle’. There, economic hardships are common. My life is affected harshly by the social factors that again, most people wish to ignore. So I wonder; am I a victim of poor economic management, or of tribalism and nepotism? What I have gradually, slowly come to realize is that…

  22. But ba U5 na imwe muleisebanapofye i thought u have money, all your vehicles have full tank kanshi wendela fye pa E kwati ni nebo sure.can someone explain who is the richest pa Z? coz top 10 richest pipo in Africa not even a zambian name appears on the list.ati twalikwata indalama kikikiki mulesunga fye tumachange twenu or muleipusha abena DANGOTE…………..

    • Pato…you are so ignorant such that you do not understand politics. HH is just politicking.. Do you really think that he is real , no. HH wanted to see how the situation looks like at the filling station and make some news. Even the late president sata(MHSRIP) used to carry containers.

    • Such type like you are the dull ones who always see wrongs in others while failing to see the many defects in themselves.

      Could you categorically state what is wrong with what HH said?

      When Sata did these things it was normal. Today the ohter guy “aleisebanyapofye’

      Poor thinking indeed..

  23. How do you mobilize journalists before queuing up for fuel? The story says “Mr Hichilema told accompanying journalists..” This was stage-managed and its cheap politics. Next we shall see Hichilema sweeping on the roads or at a car wash to get cheap publicity as an avenue to plot one. This man really wants sweet power through what ever means!

  24. Shorts mazabuka am glad you have agreed that your U5 cannot bring solutions over the issue,its jst politics all the time.leave MCS rest in peace if he did that let your small god U5 come up with his own formula we want solutions not politics.

  25. AGONY is a so called young intelligent economist modern politician (HH) imitating a person he described as chimbwi no plan, kaponya president (late Sata). Examples :claiming to access information from OP, queing up for fuel, allowing street vending, free education services etc. Now , we have waiting to see if HH will bring a new level of politics e.g coming up with a UPND Budget like Mazoka did ??? Not just yapping. If you say that UPND will free education up to University/Colleges, show us the numbers. Tell us that in the UPND budget , what percentage will be alocated to Education , and Health to allow Zambia to offer free services ? How much remains for the other sectors ? In summary, let HH differentiate himself from the old chimbwi no plan president (MHSRIP).

  26. No matter what you say Icilema, you will never become president of Zambia. You see, you just aren’t cut from the right cloth!

    • I never understand why some Zambians keep saying HH will never be a President. Why NOT? Unfortunately, they are incapable of elaborating why they keep on repeating the same statement like a broken record. Pure senselessness!

  27. I hope the majority tribes are not queuing up for fuel. One PF ***** told me that Zambians are just lazy coz there is fuel in their backyards. So my fellow Zambians , these statements are real and hope we can learn who we vote for as we need good answers and respect.

  28. @pato and fields, you are the ones who are under fives and you are so retarded in your thinking. Whether it was stage managed or not, someone has talk about it. The fact is that Lungu and his bunch of ministers are very useless like used tissue. They need to be flushed out. Why are all things falling apart? Right now they are all scampering around like headless chickens trying to find ways on how they should lie to the nation about Lungu’s full blown HIV status. Non of them seems to be concerned with the dying economy but are all concerned with one dying Lungu. They are really dunderheads, morons, useless bunch of thieves. HH is not the cause of all these problems but all the useless PF Thieves in government.

  29. Upnd sympathizers please be realistic and accept the fact that hh was not cut from the material that make presidents. He can have cash , education and so forth but he can never be in the steering seat for zambia. He’s better off being appointed as ps at mof. If you continue pushing him he will just break a world record as a failure to win a presidential election with 10 attempts.

    • Sponge Bob

      You are like a frog. It likes water. And the way to kill a frog is to put it in cold water and then fire the pot. The water gets luke warm, the frog is there, hot the frog moves a bit, hot the frog dies.

      So it is with the people who vote for PF. Proverbial frogs. Busy insulting HH whilst the nation cooks to death.


  30. @JL, you should stop sniffing your poo in the toilet to get high. Your Edgar Lungu is more worried about his full blown HIV status than what is happening to the economy. He is more concerned on how to avoid his skeletal structure falling in public than driving the economy in the right direction. In fact, he has become more delusional and confused now after the South African doctors told him the whole truth than the lies his medical officers told him at maina soko.

    • Let say it again
      Plot 1 is not for baboons
      Nega-nega is baboon formula which will work against baboons
      HH losing 5 to o in 2016.
      Wether economy comes to stand still, baboon HH will lose

  31. @sponge bob, your Edgar Lungu has already made world history as the only known HIV president in the whole wide world. Chwama prostitues are just as dangerous as a black mamba. I hope Chisimba Kambwili has been going for check ups.

    • @Voice of reason

      Note that HH is not above a fatal car accident, an instant illness that takes him off this earth. Keep celebrating other peoples illnesses and you may have the Hand of God to prove to you the fragility of life.

      Adjust your *****ic attitude.

    • #Beee, I thought after reading; ‘#34 flag Voice of reason’ comment above you would be too distressed to put a comment in support of the poor fools (pf)!

    • Too right! People in Zambia are intelligent enough to work out that changing gov’t every five minutes is a road to nowhere!

      There is nothing much different Parties will do. They will only come in on austerity measures to balance up the cost of developments.

      People will use their heads to see that everything developmental costs something.

      We need some austerity and a change in Chikwanda’s policies of borrowing unlimited lay.

  32. Fuel shortage is common worldwide but you seem to blow it out of proportion. That notwithstanding, the government ought to have the ability to formulate and act from a philosophical perspective.

  33. No wonder the guy is boring. Trying to copy Sata every step of the way. Be yourself. You want to rule but you don’t have enough MPs to make decisions in Parley. Aren’t you also going to cause elections by appointing people from other parties. This feeling of superiority by yourself, sir is what repels a lot of would be supporters. Lying thru your teeth abt by-elections when you could also do the same given the number of MPs u have. Also, what kind of economist are you who can’t even know that due to the dollar’s gain on the world market, most currencies, including the rand have slumped…..sometimes it’s not just being educated by name but also application…am yet to see that from you…only BRAGGiNG. If you were the anointed one, you would be president by now…

    • #Beee, I thought after reading; ‘#34 flag Voice of reason’ comment above you would be too distressed to put a comment in support of the poor fuuss (pf)!

  34. I am a Tonga who believed sata with his radical way of behaving would change Zambia to positive after seeing what the economist RB did against the nation. I accused sata after he fell ill on why he made reckless decisions to borrow anyhow. I thought for once the quiet Lungu would reverse the situation. but my president was not fair to the country by accepting to serve as a president when he knew he was not well. if rainbow party was formed by a sane person, a lot of us in pf would already migrated, but we all know kabimba. we are stuck in this pf for lack of choice. the politics of hh are unpredictable though we may just have no choice but to allow him to rule us. if there is any moral fibre running in the minister of energy, please resign you are disgrace. I was luck to travel with him…

  35. a wise chief would not involve himself in politics of any kind. the coments that some chiefs give misleads some of their subjects to the extend that they fail to read situation arround themselves. surely hh is like any other politician who can speak on any subject affecting the people. and indeed zambia need an economic manager who can save this country from total collapse. hh will definately do that , unfortunately luapula northern or cb provinces feels the pinch which every one is feeling so good citizens free your selves from this nosense viva hh viva zambia. come 2016 zambia shall be saved.

  36. Agony is missing an opportunity to be original in criticising the failures of the government of the day by aping the antics of Zambia’s worst President.

  37. “Infintu ni Lungu” the Zombies chanted from their windows and sunroofs of their 4X4 Jeeps up and down the roads, 3 months on visionless empty tin Lungu is a VIP medical tourist in a foreign country and they are queuing for fuel in their selfsame Jeeps with a currency that is devaluing in their pockets like ice cubes on a hot saucepan…really laughable…if you have a problem with HH at least Nawakwi would have been a credible alternative.

    We told you to give someone else 18 months and see what he/she does then kick them out and bring back PF if they fail.

    Wake up!!

  38. The worst performing regime in Zambia’s history? Yes. Evidence? An IMF team arrives this week to offer Zambia some austerity treatment. This is because the current deficit is declared worst ever in Africa, only second to Ghana which has just gone on a treatment. The Kwaxha depreciation rate is the worst in Africa. Catch 22: accepting the treatment means accepting conditionalities that will affect outcome of 2016 elections as government will have to cut its expenditure budget while increasing taxes. Wage freeze will be sustained. Refusing the treatment means what we are currently experiencing will worsen. This indeed is worst regime in Zambian history. Only in 1987 did we get nearer to this but KK responded like a leader! We have by-elections and treatment of the president to gobble more…

  39. ECL IS PRESIDENT while HH despite his stolen millions cannot afford to employ a driver and is queuing up for petrol. Now I believe the saying that stolen money does not last for long!

  40. Was he there? what time? lets not tell people lies. I spent almost the the all day at this named filling station where hh claims to have been. Please tell the truth, and You will win next election not lies.

    I am a taxi driver stationed at this area. Please tell the truth and it shall set you free

  41. Kwena hh ulichipumbu. Simply MCS did it you also have to do it. Mutayachalo even makes more sense than you.
    Uyu Guy hh azitaya manje.
    Condemning his friends all the time failed leadership planning etc. You said you ordered that they reduce fuel they it did. Instruct that there be fuel so we can see what you are made off. Copy cat or you are trying to be cc be original any joke said twice is not as funny as when you hear it the first time. Get this in your head and you will be original.

  42. What has actually scared UPND bloggers are the following observations:
    (a) “if HH will be seen to be closely associated with the famous Cartel, then the life-span of UPND will be short-lived” .
    (b) “As for Mrs. Nalumango and Canicious Banda, the two are reminded on the fate of Patrick Chisanga, Sakwiba Sikota and Bob Sichinga. They are being used in the same way as DA’s Mmusi Maimane is being used to serve and preserve the interests and privileges of the white communities in South Africa.” Nalumango and Dr. Banda have the brains to review where their real destiny lies,
    (c) “The January 2015 voting pattern was an eye opener to the majority of Zambians.” This will trigger many Zambians to vote wisely in 2016.

    Insults by UPND cadres makes us think twice of HH’s credibility.

  43. There is NO HOPE for Zambia. When u look at the potential and how useless Zambians are, u wish a Paul Kagame type could emerge and save this country. There is a lot of stup!dity from top to down. I marvel Rwanda, a small country of 8m, which has made significant strides economically. All because of sound fiscal and monetary policy. Something this useless govt can’t grasp. NO HOPE FOR ZAMBIA JUST FORGET. More misery on the way.

    • @51 Jamakudi

      A country of only 8M wide(??) Is more likely to be managed successfully as compared to a larger country.

      Zambia is outstanding in Africa.

  44. Africa’s leadership is manipulative. Two large tribes each endorse it’s flagbearer viewed as enemies thereby seeking support from smaller tribes e,g.Kenya, Kibaki vs Raila,Uganda, Museveni/Bisigye, Zimbabwe, Mugabe/Tsvingirai, Cot’ dvoire Gbagbo/Quattara, Zambia EL/HH etc creating tribal heroes and tribal animosity. They hold their countries ransom and their myopic citizens cannot see” out of the box ” creating tyrants. Africans, open your eyes and rise to the occassion. . Self-created heroes? Africans, look out broadly. Resources remain a preserve for the affluent.We bark they bite.Rise up from your slumber fellow africans.

  45. I have to say it has never been more embarrassing to be Zambian than now. The level of reasoning by some of our citizenry is astounding. How anyone in thier right mind can support such failure disgraceful. Even with total chaos in some of our neighboring countries you don’t see people lining up for fuel in this day and time. The other day a friend of mine from Zimbabwe asked me in a room full of people why we got rid of Guy Scott and voted for this. Lol chuckled in embarrassment and he said “I thought Zambians saw what happened in Zimbabwe and they saw this guy embracing Bob before the election and still voted for him?” I told him Zambians are complicated trying to save face and he looked at me and he said “NO ZAMBIANS ARE IRRESPONSIBLE” I WALKED AWAY IN SHAME TO HEAR THAT FROM A…

  46. Every country in the world faces a crisis once in a while. The correct attitude for citizens to take is to ask the questions, What can we do,to help our country? What can I do to help my neibours? Moaning during a crisis is useless. This is just classic HH, AN EVIL OPPTUNIST, who never wastes time in ROUBLE ROUSING! At it again and again!

    As a ‘Politician’ without a gov’t seat in parliament himself he specialises in mobilising negative uprisings. I have read all this article and I have one question. If you are in opposition and your duty is checks and balances; please remind us when you alerted the gov’t on their fuel policies? Did you as a self esteemed ‘forsee’ this crisis? Surely if myopia is the problem with the gov’ts policy then you ought to have been…

    • Did you as a self esteemed ECONIMIST, ‘forsee’ this crisis? Surely if myopia is the problem with the gov’ts policy then you ought to have been screaming Alert!

      HH WHY DO YOU WAIT UNTIL THE CRISIS. An economist should have projected this shortage. We are tired of your wind-ups regarding gov’t. Can you ‘help’ the gov’t as opposition and debate these policies in parliament or in HH’s case through his MP’s in parliament. Duty of opposition is not just to criticise it is to effectively argue against policies and to show the danger BEFORE a crisis hits.

      The good in all this is EVIRONMENTAL. Maybe now people can assess the need for cars on the road. Perhaps car pooling, or taking the bus (bicycle) is best. Maybe we can reassess our dependency on fuel. Did you know Maize is…


      Did you know that Maize is being tested as an alternative organic fuel. Do we as major maize growers have the ability to get ahead in alternative fuel sources? Can we get labs testing on this??

      Zambians should remain calm. We been here before. Creating a crisis by demonstrations and disruptions will only cause damage to our economy. Let’s be long suffering. Give this HH optimist a wide berth.

      As for bye elections, how is that the fault of PF alone? Did HH not create some of the need by poaching Masebo, GBM? What a hypocrite.

      Evil man. No wonder he waited until Friday the 13th barely passed
      to resurface! Now on Sunday Sabbath, he starts a revolution to assault the senses of people who are praying for a quick resolution.

  47. @46 RB4Pr2016

    Come on let’s go back 2011 okay. Poor roads. No roads in rural, areas. No Clinics in rural, area. Child sex molestations all time high. No agricultural development as alternative industry. Mines on Nawakwi win win win win for them and NOT Zambians.

    You can scream all you like but we needed to have some developments. These are the cause of the current economic imbalances.

    As for @Loadist and his white campaign, if you really are that ashamed that Black Africans are embracing each other instead of hating each other’s on the order of whites then you need to F..U.C. K off somewhere else. Imagine walking away when people attack your country like that! We like Bob and we are not irresponsible. Take your inferiority elsewhere!

  48. When shall africa’s runners-up accept that they “lost the election fairly” and congratulate the winners? when shall we put our countries first? Style up africans.

  49. @patriot unlike you I refuse to defend failure and mediocrity. Race has nothing to do with my position. You have this overzealous desire to portray yourself as some reverent analyst who speaks nothing of substance. Your reasoning is clouded and shows nothing but blind loyalty. I have no interest in engaging self exposed degenerate like you. BUT FOR THE RECORD WE WARNED THE PF THIS CRISIS WAS LOOMING 2 DAYS AFTER THE ELECTION AND FOR WEEKS AFTER. SO MR PATRIOT INSTEAD OF TRYING TO BE INTIMIDATING WHY DONT YOU GO DO WHAT YOU DO BEST SOMEWHERE ELSE THAT IS CELEBRATE MEDIOCRITY.

    • What a silly response. Full of personal insults that amount to nothing more than the anger of a manipulated people cultist.

      I am not mediocre nor am I a degenerate; I AM A PATRIOT. JE SUIS PATRIOT!

      As for your implied superior intelligence and non mediocrity; you have failed to understand the very brilliant issues relating to Environmental issues. Should we be relaying on a depleting resource in any case? These are world issues every intelligent person should be able to discuss.

      People like you are people cultist. Go on and worship HH. you can’t dispute his penchant for mob rousing.

      Being dismissive of your fellow citizens is proof positive of your weak ability to stand up for what you believe in. Refuse to talk to a degenerate…..walk away, that’s what u’re best…

  50. HH behaves like a lunatic!!!he thinks he can be like Sata-never!!!its tribalism which makes you fail to win elections!!!you’re a known most tribal leader in Zambia,so we cant risk by voting for you!!!no matter how noisy you’ll behave,you’ll still lose in 2016!!!just wait for 3 by elections coming up in april and see how majority voters will still vote for PF!!!IN 2016 WE SHALL VOTE FOR PF IN LARGE NUMBERS THAN YOU TRIBAL HH OR WYNTER KABIMBA!!!!GO PF GO!!!

  51. To fail to plan is to plan to fail. Period.

    Now, which part of above statement is too difficult to understand?


    • So you don’t know up to now that Scott was knocked out by the parentage clause in the constitution, where were you when people debated this issue?

  53. True Zambians are pf suports,why,because they have lost hope and they think Zambia was created by God to be a christian suffering nation.I pray to God to cleanse my brothers and sisters of the spirit of hopelessness.AMEN and Halelujah




  55. Is the photo for hh or LT is showing us another hh? Why is he uglier today…with pimples or what am I seeing? hh is unrecognisable when we vote coz hh always changes facial appearance …like today… Eish ..Nshikwete mashiwi..

  56. HH be original by not coping SATA’s ways of doing politics.You are empty in creating your own image abeit amongs your own supporters.I dont think that was your own initiative but you were just pushed by the likes of Lwenga who is busy researching form the past articles on SATA’s rise to power and factors that could have led to his ascendency.You have no crue about street politics in Zambia and I dont think you even felt out of place when you stood in the que. Your ego has killed every prospect of you getting close to the presidency.In addition, Zambia needs a Leftist government going by the abject poverty among Zambians and your party is far right leaning, not even centre right.Shed that tribal inclination as well.

  57. You useless up and down supporters there is no fuel shortage…us from cb we are proud to have edgar chagwa lungu for presido. Tongas with your hhhhhhhhh you will suffer and die from continuous losing pree…rubbish

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