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Use the Bible to inculcate Christian values-President Lungu

General News Use the Bible to inculcate Christian values-President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu lifts a Bible when taking oath of office
President Edgar Lungu lifts a Bible when taking oath of office

President Edgar Lungu says the moral fibre of the Zambian society will be maintained if Christian values are inculcated in the majority of citizens.
President Lungu said it is a well known fact that the Bible is the widely read Book and it speaks about every aspect of life including corruption, hatred and many other vices.

He said the Bible also promotes love and peace adding that it is important that citizens engage with the Bible because it contains values that can build the nation through personal transformation.

President Lungu was speaking Friday evening in a speech read on his behalf by Acting President Dr Ngosa Simbyakula during a dinner organised by the Bible Society of Zambia for Judges and Members of Parliament.

He has since urged the Bible Society of Zambia to continue playing its role in realising the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation through the distribution of scriptures.

President Lungu has since appealed to the Church to support the Bible Society of Zambia in the translation and distribution of the Bibles so that people can be transformed by the renewing of their minds.

He said the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation will only be realised if the Church takes centre stage otherwise the people will find an alternative.

‘I am informed that the Bible Society of Zambia has translated 15 complete Bibles and two New Testament books. This is an achievement in the production of literature in Zambia,’ President Lungu said.

President Lungu however called for the strengthening of the Bible Society of Zambia in its translation capacity of the Bible to reach out to more people and tribes in Zambia.

‘It is for this reason that i wish to appeal to you, As Patron of the Bible Society of Zambia that MP’s and Judges can either become members of the society or contribute generously to support the translation work which takes about 15 years to complete,’ President Lungu said.


  1. Charity begins at home; so it is said. Home is where the parents are and teach the off springs good morals, in short, parents set the trends of moral high ground. In the bigger family set, the leaders must lead by example and all will be charitable.
    If you teach “do what I tell you and not what I do” as leadership, no amount of passing the buck will help shaping good morals of citizens.

  2. Leave the bible & the Church out little dictator. Fooling God and his people will only bring more misery to your life. In less than 2 months everyone one knows that you stand for nothing but chaos. You have taken the nation back to the desperate days of RB & William Banda

    • James

      Your rants are a result of growing up in a poligamy environment ,wanting daddys attention who has a 100 kids to please. grow up you moron.

    • Robin you are the one screaming for attention here. Christian nation my foot. Be inclusive and recognize that there are other religions that are practiced within Zambia. No wonder the country is rampant with tribalism because of such thinking.

    • no james , last time I checked William Banda was adviser to HH. If you notice there has been an increase in violence perpetrated by UpDn cadres due to Banda’s influence.

  3. James we know you are UPND just rot with it and go to hang. Leave ECL alone and embrace the satanist and freemansons leader in HH

  4. Your excellency I can asure you we all in kitwe are rallyin behind ur leadership and will giv u all the support u need,and we r happy wit the way u r runnin thinz in the country

    • Chile go back to school and pay attention to the English class if you want to come out and type here. No one will take you seriously if you are going to use that kind of spelling online. Rather restrict your conversations with the fellas at the chibuku tarven or chisokone market.

  5. Why politicise everything? You can even advocate the bible be taken to parliament to be ammended to suit you. You will kneel before God alone. Let’s develop a Godly culture and the rest will be self-explanatory. God bless you.

  6. Very positive massage this one from the President. On a day like this, regardless how badly you spent your Friday & Saturday please remember to go praise the Lord. There are blessings in doing so… Remain blessed James & refrain from hate games like your ss

  7. “President was speaking on friday night in a speech read on his behalf” LT learn to edit please.

    Anyway expect more of these “speaking on his behalf” in the coming months

  8. Mr act,baba mulibe nzelu,thiz days we hav wat we call “text language” unlyk u I dont hav tha tym to write each and evry letter of the word.unfortunately u were educated in colonial era and we understand text didnt exist back then

  9. And where is the President Lazy? He is seeking medication when he lied that he was a healthy man 3 months ago…the bible itself is full of so many contradictions, its the selfsame reason the are so many versions of it.
    If only you knew its origins and where you stood as Africans in that era….these so called “mis-leaders” are oblivious to the fact that ancient Egyptian history precedes ancient Greek history.

  10. Great and timely message mister president. Have you seen the devil worshippers on this site. The president is speaking on greatness and moral fortitude, venve vikamba on evil and politics. Without God Zambia would not exist or stand. Learn when to speak about spiritual things and politics. To the lost sheep above, Zambia is predominantly Christian and welcoming to other people of different faiths. Let them respect ours liked do in theirs Saudi Arabia etc.

  11. Great message bakateka. Its a new world older. Bible on one hand and pangas on the other with full of lies and cheating to get to presidency. Great statesman.

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