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Rupiah Banda hails Namibian invitation

General News Rupiah Banda hails Namibian invitation

FILE: President Rupiah Banda and Namibia agriculture minister John Mutorwa (centre) at the VIP lounge at Hosea Kotato International airport in Namibia on Sunday.
FILE: President Rupiah Banda and Namibia agriculture minister John Mutorwa (centre) at the VIP lounge at Hosea Kotato International airport in Namibia on Sunday.

FORMER president Rupiah Bwezani Banda has described his invitation to Namibia’s presidential inauguration ceremony this Saturday as testimony of the gratitude that the Namibian people continue to show to all who contributed to that country’s political independence.

Apart from Zambian government officials, Namibia has invited, among other international dignitaries, first republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda, and veteran diplomat Vernon Mwaanga.

Mr Banda was grateful to the Namibian government for the invitation extended to him and other eminent Zambians to the inauguration ceremony of President-elect Dr Hage Geingob, an event that will also mark that country’s 25th independence anniversary.

The former head of State said his contribution and that of Dr Kaunda and Dr Mwaanga was public knowledge, which should make every Zambian proud just as the citizens of other countries are proud of their respective roles.

Both Mr Banda and Dr Mwaanga served as presidents of the United Nations Council for Namibia during their time as Zambian ambassadors to the United Nations.

This is according to a statement released yesterday by deputy administrative assistant Kennedy Limwanya.

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  1. In as much as we appreciate the role that KK and others played in the liberation struggle of Namibia, the people of Sesheke lived the every day drama of that struggle. They paid the ultimate price. I personally knew of one old man who lost three of his children to the bombings from the apartheid regime. I hope the Namibian government will remember the sacrifices the people of Sesheke made on their behalf by building them a college or something along those lines as a thank you.

    • I agree with you 100%. The generosity of Zambian people is above and beyond. The lives that were lost, the infrastructure that was destroyed and the huge amount of resources that were spent to accommodate and educate refugees from these countries was and is still huge. It would be nice if they all got together and did something special for the Zambian people without being asked 1st.

    • Yes will check with sakabongo, but yes during the Ovambo patrols around sabelo, Nakatindi, Nalisa areas batili neli butata, all the best

  2. Winta Kambewa, Fred Maambo and former PDD wish they can hold Rupiah’s passport again.

    I would be a good day to have the trio in court and tribunal for abuse of power. Removing Rupiah’s immunity without cause when he is sticking to DPP like a tick.

  3. What happened to an honarary doctorate degree that was conferred on RB by Rusangu University, or didn’t I read properly that news item then? Aren’t these the titles others like KK are flashing around? Why is RB still called ‘Mr’ after that conferrement, if?

  4. Uyo RB should use his pocket money for this outing not ours, what a garbage of a person he is of no use to us what a selfish fat man… Or better Edger gives him his pocket money for this outing what a rubbish person he is.

    • You will choke with envy my dear! whether you like it or not RB is a great diplomat that is respected all over Africa. So stop your bitterness!!!!

    • Lusaka Times please consider weeding out some comments that are disrespectful in nature.Lets encourage a culture where we encourage presenting our views in a descent manner.

      If users are abusing the tools or platform that they are given, the there is need to regulate its usage.I don`t think that it was and is the idea of the founders of the Lusaka Times to create a platform that users should use disrespect other people and more so elders.

  5. @PK
    Totally agree with you. Where is our culture? Every day some people are bent on insulting even our president as though he put himself there. This really reflects badly on our upbringing. We behave as though we come from broken homes, we never experienced care from our parents.

  6. It is unfortunate that RB, a man who has made immense contribution to Zambia, is being called all sorts of names just because Mmembe had primed Zambians to hate him.
    Mmembe is finished and it is a matter of time. He is working hard to ensure EL loses 2016 elections but it will not work. EL is there up to 2027.
    Mmembe and PAST (RIP)

  7. Zuma has lots of honorary doctorates from a variety of institutions, but like sane people elsewhere he never uses them, considering them irrelevant since not meritorious!

  8. why is RB trying to make it as though he is a very important man…….even Joacquin Chisano, KK and many others who served their respective countries weather in good faith or bad have all been invited

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