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Kambwili reacts to Edith Nawakwi’s comments on Edgar Lungu

General News Kambwili reacts to Edith Nawakwi's comments on Edgar Lungu

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili


The statement attributed to opposition FDD leader Ms Edith Nawakwi who claims that His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu lacks the competence to manage the Government, and the economy, in particular, should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

The PF’s victory in the January 20 Presidential by-election is a demonstration of the confidence the people of Zambia have in the Patriotic Front Government and its policies.

So far, Government, under the leadership of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, is on track and on schedule in the implementation of the development programmes and policies as espoused in the PF manifesto.

These include acceleration of the ongoing Constitution making process, infrastructure development and the Gender Agenda in which, for the first time in the history of the country, the womenfolk have ascended to high positions of responsibility alongside their male counterparts.

And true to his good leadership qualities, President Lungu has hit the ground running both at home and abroad as evidenced by the high level responsibilities he has been given such as mediation in the South Sudan conflict.

President Lungu’s crusade to rally Zambians together under the motto “One Zambia, One Nation,” has distinguished and endeared him as a skilful and visionary leader.

It is, therefore, petty and immature for opposition FDD leader Ms Edith Nawakwi to question Government’s competence, under the leadership of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, in handling national affairs, as reported in today’s Post newspaper where she dismisses President Lungu’s capacity to deal with the current fuel shortage and the depreciation of the Kwacha.

Government hopes Ms Nawakwi was just politicking, as usual, because as a former Cabinet Minister who served in various portfolios, she is aware that the President does not need to be a master of all trades. That is why the whole civil service establishment is there to render support to Government in all disciplines.

Cabinet is equally there to support the President. Therefore, it is laughable for Ms Nawakwi to expect President Lungu to be schooled in economics before attending to the fuel crisis.

Is Ms Nawakwi telling the nation that President Lungu has no locus standi to talk about the fuel shortage just because he is not an economist?

In the United States of America, during the financial crisis in 2008, didn’t Barack Obama assume responsibility? Is he an economist? Mr. Obama is a lawyer, and so is President Lungu.

Ms Nawakwi is not an economist although her public posturing suggests she wants to deceive people that she is an economist. She once served as minister of finance under the MMD Government and her record was dismal.

The truth of the matter is that out of the many brilliant economists Zambia has produced since independence, Ms Nawakwi is not one of them.

She is, therefore, not the right person to be preaching to others what she failed to do when she served in various ministerial portfolios, in particular, finance.

By the same token, she served as Minister of Agriculture and no one complained that a non agriculturist had been appointed to run the Ministry.

I advise Ms Nawakwi to concentrate on growing her party whose political fortunes she has run down since taking over from the late Gen. Christon Tembo.

FDD, under the late Gen. Tembo, was a force to reckon with but everyone is aware of Ms Nawakwi’s dismal performance in the last presidential election. It is small wonder even her own vice president Hon. Chifumu Banda is detached from her poor attempt at leading a political party.

As for the maverick 4th Revolution party leader, Eric Chanda, Government cannot dignify his baseless utterances on the health of the President as he is not a medical doctor. His comments are a product of crass ignorance.

Hon. Chishimba Kambwili, MP

18th March, 2015


    • Nanga imwe ba Kambwili, what qualifications do you bring to the table while drawing your hefty allowances and government benefits?

      If it were out here in the western world, you Kambwili wouldnt even be qualified to sweep the presidents corridor. Nicho ni mu zambia you can get away with it.

    • What is this “One Zambia One Nation” thing? Where did PF get that paranoia that the is “tribalism” in Zambia? And that Lungu is just talking about it day & night.
      On Lungu’s illness, even you KKambwili you are to blame for betraying Zambian, you knew Edgar is a diabetic and alcoholic patient, but you joined him after he stole from you at Mulungushi PF conversion.
      KKambwili, even in your heart you know Lungu is incompetent, you are even better than him, the PF had/ has shortage of presidential candidates.

    • Palibe bonbongo ba kambwili. Obsity can sometimes contibute to lack of reasoning bane due to a lot of fat matter pressing on the brain hahaha!

    • If only this man could stop responding to every Jim and Jack….
      Hon. Kambwili, know when to keep quiet and when to talk. You seem to enjoy being in the limelight even when its unnecessary.

    • Dear Kabwili, again you are at it commenting on anything and everything. PF has not scored on the economic front at all. Hence recall to work hard on economic policies which will ensure the standard of living of people improves. The issue of economic performance is important to all of us, even those who do not agree with your govt. For instance if you continue on this path of paying attention to politicking, you will wake-up to a kwacha on a run away path of losing value. Ask Mugabe, in case you think politicking all the time pays. The only issue here is that you and your cohort are enjoying hence you feel things have improved under your governance.
      The kwacha has lost over 30% in the last 3yrs, has the dollar appreciated that much, PF supporters?

    • Yaba we’re now tired of these politicians, please bring the kwacha where it’s supposed to be please

    • Ba Kambwili, remember that your so called ‘VICTORY’ has an expiry date and surely very soon indeed. In the meantime I urge you to stop your pride and try to deliver on your numerous ’90 days promises’ or maybe illusions. Zambians are tired of lies please stop being reactionary………..
      a little reasonableness is needed hear

    • Thats Kambwili in his element. He has no time to think through whatever issues brought to his attention. He is indeed a scatter brain as mama Nalumango put it. He is spending most of his time reading the post and the Watchdog. Surely bo Kambwili why cant you spend some time giving us a report on how you are fulfilling what you had promised. You bost of being one of the cabinet ministers and you are one of the members of the central committe. Why cant you bring some of the achievements, if at all any, PF has scored so that we are able to say yes ba PF nababomba apa kwena.

      Iwe nikwanakalya. Tell us the goals you have achieved mwebantu. Not what Nawakwi said and didnt do. How Mana Nalumango’s face is and and in doing so literally reading from some written speach. Aba future president…

    • Locus standi i heard that in law, Lawyers make the best presidents ,we can attest to that. Mwanawasa, Obama the list is endless. Give Lungu a break you twats.




    • Maybe that is his job description. Answering back! He seems to be EL’s mouthpiece as he responds Everytome someone speaks against EL. Isn’t he supposed to respond on government issues? His title is Minister of Information not Edgar Lungu Spokesperson.

  1. Kambwili, remember that the”One Zambia One Nation” slogan is KK wamuyayaya’s slogan. It’s not something Lungu came up with as he has n vision r original ideas like he said, ni continuity chabe

  2. Crass ignorance indeed! To say something only because you have to say something is stupidity at its worst! Our politicians should learn to reflect on what they want to say before they utter rubbish.

  3. Kambwili like his name suggests is just a “Blunt P.F. Hoe” incapable of cultivating any sense, or adding any value to his party/ Country.
    Kambwili is as good as a Nightclub bouncer, where not a lot of Grey matter is needed to carry out the job, apart from parroting the phrase – Your names not Danny, you ain’t comin in mate!!

  4. So this overweight maggot spends the whole lot of his time in office reacting to anything in the press? I wonder how development will be achieved under this visionless president. Just thinking aloud.

  5. In others it sounds to me that the PF has accepted what HH told them about the state of Zambia’s economy and that he is qualified to put this country in the right direction since he is an economist. Then we should be thinking of voting HH as President next year. As PF has confessed why they have created ques in relation to fuel shortage and the falling of the Kwacha…he says Nawakwi failed as minister of finance is he also confessing that he failed as minister of labour? Anyhow its seems like that to me.Mr. Sata had to move part of the ministry Kambwili was running to another ministry as Kambwili didn’t run it well…remember when he tried to deport a Chinese…

  6. Hon. Kambwili, whilst I agree with you that “President Lungu has hit the ground” at home, I beg to disagree that he “hit ground running”. Actually, as witnessed by thousands and evidenced by pictures, he hit ground head on.

  7. Listen to a Copperstone graduate who never even attended class.Kambwili just shut up.What do you know about good governance and Democracy.You want to tell Nawakwi to stop talking when she has the democratic rights to advice the president as a political leader.Boss we are not in a one party state.Thats why we fought had to usher in Chiluba.Where were you if not a scrap metal dealer or thief?

  8. You are spot on CK. Walasa! Don’t relent and keep answering them. In Zambia, we are now used to abusing democracy especially freedom of speech where anyone can make a comment on sensitive issues, which they have no clue on whatsoever, whilst dozing. If you are famous like Nawakwi, the ‘sleepy’ comment becomes news. And imwe ba @chils drop that broom and mop and bring your ass back here in Zambia and see how people have developed.

    • @ Lugar Kruger,

      Yes, some people in Zambia “have developed”.
      It is most unfortunate that said “development” has eluded you.
      How come?

  9. Kambwili issues are in public domain that Edgar is incompetent because of his illness. Himself said so that he is not fit. You chaps who wanted to mantained jobs forced this guy.
    Featuring on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview on September 7, 2014, Edgar, who was then PF secretary general, Minister of Justice and Minister of Defence, told the programme anchor Grevazio Zulu that he had no intentions of seeking the Republican presidency because of his poor health:

    Grevazio Zulu: If you are given an opportunity to run for [Republican] president in an event that H.E. Michael Sata steps down due to ill-health, would you go for the presidency?
    Lungu: Grevazio, I have acted now for many times on this position of President and I tell you this position isn’t an easy one, it’s a very demanding job.

    • being unwell doesn’t make someone incompetent! Edgar is more competent than this useless Nawakwi who has run down FDD to zero MP!!!

  10. . I have no interest and intentions of becoming President of this country.

    Grevazio Zulu: You haven’t answered the entire question Sir, why not go for it?
    Lungu: I have many reasons Grevazio, I have answered, I said the job is too demanding, my health can’t allow. I am diabetic and that position requires somebody who can handle all the pressures that come in that office. I repeat Grevazio, I have no intentions of becoming President.

    This is what Edgar himslef said in 2104 that he is incompetent to run for presidence. But when the vuvuzelas came together they pushed the poorman into something himself declared he could not do. So what is Kambwili telling us?

    • This is what Edgar himself said in 2104. Really in 2104 and we are only in 2015.
      What if after the interview ECL sought medical advise and doctors advised ECL that even with his medical condition, he could still function as a country’s president. I work with a gentleman who suffered renal failure, some 7 years ago. He goes for dialysis three times a week but has kept his job for the past 7 years. The dialysis is done after hours.
      If at that time ECL had stated that he wanted to be president, the cartel would have hounded ECL out of the PF. ECL played it smart by saying that he had no presidential ambitions and the cartel shifted their focus to making sure that GBM would not win. Mind you at that time Kabimba still had hope that Guy Scott would pave way for Kabimba to come back to the…

  11. iwe
    kambwili you say Nawakwi is not an economist at the same time you say she is not among the best economist Zambia has had – what a Muppet

    • I think that statement is correct and straight forward, she is not an economist as she wants us to believe. In her latest statement she hinted that actually.

  12. ba pf naimwe mwiposako amano ku ma opposition, hw do u expect an opposition to praise u wen they also want to test leadership,especially hh who has never bn a councillor b4? jst concentrate on the work and ignore them

  13. Although I don’t support Kambwili, I would like to remind Nawakwi of her failures as minister in MMD government.
    1) She was running on Cairo Road when FTJ changed the Constitution to bar KK from standing shouting KAUNDA A LALA
    2) She sold all ZIMCO companies including Zambia Airways- this resulted in mass redundancies of Zambian workers and this felt even today through unemployment of many of our youths. Problem with Zambians is that we easily forget

  14. Mr President you have misplaced Hon Kambwili by giving him information and broadcasting give Kambwili minister of street vending so that he can work well with REAL MASTERS.

  15. Everyday FAT Albert will be defending his job…answer to those queries from opposition parties are raising. You will just make Lungu more unpopular by defending nosense…..

    • You guys are mean! Fat Albert! Anyway you have given me a laugh after a hard day’s work chasing the elusive kwacha.

  16. Ba Nawakwi
    Grabbing husbands of poor women in mtendere is not economics
    Ukunya amasushi pa rally ku Senga hill is not economics
    Kaunda alala in 1996 is not economics

    • She grabbed a husband from someone in Mutendere? Eh eh eh! Please tell us more! Is that Hambulo? These women politicians are something else.

  17. Does this BUFFOON know what the term “hit the ground running” means Lungu spent one week holiday in his first month in office and another one week as a medical tourist…we have not seen him outside of State House apart from the airport when he is dressed like a clown.

  18. Kambwili is now just looking like a Tasmanian devil and behaving like one. Yes, I agree with him that Lungu hit the ground running but running to the hospital to see the doctors and sometimes running to the toilet because of his shiki polomya. He is incompetent and impotent. What has he done when things are going from bad to worse?

    • Man
      You guys are vicious. CK has been described in all manner of terms including:
      Singongi = a fish found in the Western planes of Zambia with three sharp horn-like projections. Also called siyokoyoko.
      Tasmanian devil = One of the most savage mammalian carnivores which made history by demonstrating cancerous tumor infectivity on mouths of contestants;
      Fat maggot: = a well-fed larval stage of a dipteran species.
      etc. etc. If I were CK I would simply lie low on some issues and keep working silently than throwing myself in the fray. Now look at the short sample of description one can earn themselves here..uh!

  19. Hon kambwili.
    Am one of the people who like you because you have the heart of Zambian people.Am sorry to write this the only problem is that it is difficult to contact you directly.
    Please Sir, can you leave discussing or responding to these petty issues which people want to drag you in.I think these can be handled by the spokesperson from the PF secretariat.You should be dealing with policy issues etc for the govt.

  20. Yes Nawakwi is not an Economist. If I am not mistaken she majored in Public Administration with Economics as her minor course.

  21. Government spokesman is supposed to address us on serious government decisions and directives not this cheap politicking day-in-day-out. This Minister is better suited as a party spokesman.

    • FTJ and RB used low ranked party cadres to respond to opposition political party presidents. That is what is called political wisdom. Hon. Kambwili tone down please, you are embarrassing us

  22. You pipo wher sayin dont vote 4 lungu,he will bring bokoharam here,its bin 2 months nw,and I aint seen no boko haram,see hw stupidd u look?

  23. He reminds me of that general, spokesman for Saddam Hussein at the start of the Iraq war.
    I have forgotten his name, can some one remained me, please.
    He still remains as a copper thief this Kabwili, that is what he used to do, nick cooper from ZCCM.

  24. This is a foolish statement by an equally foolish minister. What is the relevance of referring to Nawakwi’s academic qualifications? She may not be an economist but she is more intelligent and more knowledgeable than the large majority of the PF ministers when it comes to economic matters. And by the way it is not fair to compare ECL to Obama. There is a big gulf between the two men with the latter being miles ahead in sharpness as a lawyer and as a president. It is better to compare ECL with Kabimba.

  25. @ bantu botatwe
    ‘Every set of playing cards has a Jack’, that man was Terek Aziz during Iraq vs allied forces war!

    • Terrik Azizi was Sadam’s Foreign Minister, the spokesperson’s name was Ali something alias Chemical Ali.

  26. The Zambian Parliamentary Body responsible for conduct in gov’t must be the worst in the world. It’s no use calling most Zambian Politicians Honourable, because they don’t know what it entails.

    Opposition politicians are really disappointing. Mostly they operate like thirsty dogs wondering about with their long tongues out of their mouths (salivating), at every attempt to be top dog.

    If you think about it, the comments are not in any way assisting to good goververnance as they should (if they have MPs). What I find annoying is the suggestion they could do better. How? Why do they not say WHAT the President and gov’t should be doing? It’s always we said this that, but they never give us the formula. Bunch of Cons.

    As for Nawakwi, I’m finding her disappointing.

    • As for Nawakwi, I’m finding her disappointing. Did she even congratulate Honourable Wina for being First Woman Vice President? There she is as a female challenging for Presidency, yet she’s been very quiet, you’d think she would have been out of her head with excitement. Maybe Press don’t report her Media presence, with good reason obviously from these comments alluded to her.

      You can’t just pop out for elections.

  27. In effect the recent elections demonstrated how f00lish zambian people are because otherwise they would’ve elected a competent person to handle the economy of this country.
    Appointing a woman to the highest position in get shouldn’t be a cosmetic action but one where competence should’ve been the driving factor.
    So far under PF we are doomed

  28. PF has failed to strengthen the kwacha since taking over in 2011 when it was at K4,800 and now K7,600. Under ECL, in just 2 months, it has fallen from K6,400 to K7,600

    • @ serious, this country needs more just strengthening the kwacha. it needs so much local production and manufacturing of both non traditional and traditional goods for exports, then our kwacha can solidly be strengthened. Not cosmetic strength.

      Economics is not magic and it involves not just the government but you also. Some policies are so good and quick to yield results but they depend on how you and me would naturally react, behave and take advantage of. Zambians are not so much entrepreneurial, so, a lot depends on foreign direct investments. just a bit of economics.

  29. My only advice to nawakwi is that she should concentrate on building herself into a political giant, some day she might make the first female president.

    How would she feel if people start telling her that she stole someone’s husband…? That the Man she is with isn’t her rightful husband…? So, mind your talking madam.

  30. Kambwili giving them stupid people sleepless nights. How can a normal person respond to Kambwili? we have enough *****s pa Zed. Look at the energy wasted on a fool Kambwili

  31. Hon. Kambwili, responding to comments should have limits to defence only and not attacking as though you are in an election campaign.
    The govt is on the spotlight to be demanded of services and therefore unnecessary for you to highlight the in-competencies of opposition leaders that are not governing now.
    Just concentrate on defending and dispelling the attacks rather than being petty by launching counter-attacks on people that we cannot hold accountable for the socio-economic affairs of this country.

  32. He’s not only sick,but this man can’t rule,he can’t govern!! He is politically impotent!! Foolishness and stupidity has indeed overridden in some people like Kabwili and his bloggers on line!!

  33. Imwe Listen Baboons
    ZMK100 to 1$, EL will win
    Even if EL died today, CK will take over
    So what is the fuss about bla bla bla
    U5 is missing in matuvi

  34. So who are you Kambwili?, what can you tell us are your experiences, nil.
    Your sick President has no capacity to deal with these problems. If you did not know Zambia is going back to where it was during UNIP, shortages will be the in thing. Mr Kambwili do us a favor shut your mouth.

  35. Let’s be honest and the truth to the matter is we have a sick president who will continue having such episodes. Edith Nawakwi is right in a sense that we need a healthy candidate running the affairs of the nation. What happened to Sata should not have happened, His people were too worried about their pockets and allowed it to happen instead of him retiring and resting. Instead we had a man who was always missing in action. Kambwili is a failed candidate who has failed in everything. We are still waiting to see if the degree he claims to have done in two weeks is real. The restaurant he owns in Luanshya is a biaulo because he lacks management skills and education required to run an upscale establishment. Keep in mind the money used to source that project is the governments.

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