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Nchanga Rangers propose FAZ constitution amendment

Sports Nchanga Rangers propose FAZ constitution amendment

Nchanga Rangers have proposed a constitution amendment to the FAZ statutes that will require a person wishing to stand as association president to have previously served as either committee member, treasurer or vice president.

Currently, anyone who has served as an executive committee member of an affiliated club or association for a period not less than five years is eligible to challenge for the presidency of FAZ.

A FAZ official has confirmed that the proposal from Nchanga Rangers has since been circulated to all clubs ahead of the 28th March non elective annual general meeting.

The elective FAZ annual general meeting takes place in 2016.

“One of the qualification for one to stand as FAZ president, one must have served on the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) either as an executive committee member, treasurer or vice president,” read the proposal.

Meanwhile, the FAZ constitution does not limit how many times an incumbent can stand as president.


  1. Ba Nchanga Rangers whats your interest in having this amendment.
    The current form is fine.
    I dont think there is need for ammendment at all. Amendments which are needed are to have a limit of office bearers not a wa muyaya like situtuation no.

    So this amendment is of no use and no help to Zambian Football. It will just stop people who can even help take our football foward.

  2. We know Kazala is just being used by Kalusha Bwalya. We all knew we were going to get to this point. Kalu wants to lead FAZ in perpetuity.

  3. The issue here is all about these Kalu guys eating. What development have we seen in Zambian football since winning the Africa Cup? zero!
    Kalu thinks this thing is for him. the man is very greedy. That position should be for ANYONE who can get an endorsement and proposal from any team affiliated to FAZ!

    Kalu stop your monkey business your time is coming when you shall be out….

  4. These football associations are the most corrupt and undemocratic organizations you can imagine. Sepp Blatter has been FIFA president for 20 or 25 years? Honestly, there are a lot of administrators out there who can perform even better. At country level, it is the same, these guys want to hold on to office because there is totally nothing they can do outside the football arena. These constitutions should, just like country presidency, avoid one to be president for life. Sepp Blatter and Kalusha Bwalya, and CAF’s Eyatou must relinquish their positions so that others fresh minds can come on board.

  5. Football politics is rotten to the core & for as long as govts view FIFA as a god it will remain rotten. Reform FIFA then we can talk about real reforms in national FAs. The dinosaurs at the exclusive boys club called FIFA need weeding out.
    By the way Sepp Blatter (like a certain guy close to home) is refusing a televised debate.

  6. That is rubbish of the highest order. in fact the amendment should be who ever has been in any FAZ executive should not stand again to give chance to new people with fresh ideas.

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