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President Lungu receives 2 tribunal reports

Headlines President Lungu receives 2 tribunal reports

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has pledged to ensure that justice prevails in the country.

The President said no one was above the law hence any wrong doer will have to go through the due process of trial in some way.President Lungu said this at State house today when he received two tribunal reports on the alleged incompetence and possible removal of High Court Judges, Timothy Katenekwa and Emelia Sunkutu.He said he will not release the findings of the tribunal immediately until he has studied the reports and concerned parties heard.

The Head of State said the public will be informed of the finds and recommendations of the tribunal whether the reports were positive or negative.He said he would ensure that there was transparency in the dispensation of justice in the country.

President Lungu said he will never allow a situation where ‘dirt is swept under the carpet’ as this will disadvantage other people.He said the efficiency the tribunal has exhibited should be emulated by all other tribunals as this will ensure that justice prevails in the country.President Lungu has since thanked the tribunal for releasing the reports and bringing them to his attention.

In September 2013 the late President Michael Sata appointed two tribunals to probe the Ndola High Court Judges Emelia Sunkutu and Timothy Katanekwa.President Micheal Sata suspended the two Ndola High Court Judges.

The tribunal, which was set up to probe Judge Emelia Sunkutu was chaired by former Chief Justice Matthew Ngulube while the one set up to probe Justice Timothy Katenekwa was chaired by Justice Frederick Chomba.

And speaking before presenting the reports to the President, Justices Ngulube and Chomba tribunal said the reports were completed last year and could not be presented due to circumstances beyond their control.

Justices Lloyd Siame and Bobby Bwalya were members of the two tribunals while Charles Kafunda was their Secretary.


    • Ba Lungu,

      These reports and tribunals will finish your time….despite being terminally ill, as per your confession in the grevazio tapes, you ran for President in Zambia. Within three months you collapsed and had to be evacuated for treatment.

      Imwe a Lungu, look after the economy. Kwacha is now useless under you and is heading to K10 per dollar and everything has changed for worst. Please imwe a Lungu…Bill Clinton used to say, ‘It is the economy, styup1d.”

      Mutembo and other tribunals wont pay my kids school fees, give us fuel etc or enable me buy my wife the Hammer she keeps asking for! This beast gets more expensive by the day as the Kwacha ‘dies’! Nabo ba GBM you have put us under pressure with daily Benz gifts!!

    • #prayforzambia

      May EL eat healthy and drink less. He has the capacity to lead this country. Lord shed thy Grace on EL and Esther.

    • In Zambia who one needs to ask is who is the appointing authority and he/she will predict which names will dominate. These two tribunals shows who was at the top and the time of appointments.

    • Unfortunately he cannot manage the economy by himself. We are have a role to play. Remember he is not a GOD to fix the economy while you are I lazy around on the computer posting comments and hoping that tomorrow when we wake up, our fridge will be full of food.

    • Your Excellency,

      “President Lungu said he will never allow a situation where ‘dirt is swept under the carpet’ as this will disadvantage other people.

      We ask you to pull from under the rag who killed Ruth Mbandu.

      Otherwise shut the front door!

      You think we have forgotten that you have been protecting your cousin? Cinye nkureke!

  1. Mr. President please hear the cries of the people who voted you into power. There are dying in poverty. There are immediate things that you need to attend to. STOP TRYING TO PLEASE ONLY ONE PERSON “CHI RB”. We all know what’s up. These people you are investigating are already rich with some money hidden away, allat the expense of ZAMBIANS. We all know how longs these tribunals take. PLEASE SOS, PLSEASE SOS….

  2. Actually he has set one on fuel! And let him set another tribunal to investigate mealie meal prices!

  3. Set another on why Kambwilis neck is big, fat, no swollen, no Aids mamps no why he keeps ifikolala no ahhhh ! whatever ! ! ! just set up another one

  4. U morons here were sayin we shouldnt vote for edgar lungu,he’ll bring boko haram here,well we voted 4 him now wher is boko haram? 2 months nw and still no sign,see hw stupid u look?

  5. Sata s tribunals were ill conceived and seriously misdirected. HEMCS was a vindictive man and as such I don’t expect objective reports for the two judges especially Sunkutu

    • Iwe leka ukubepesha ba Sata we chipuba we. Tawakwata fya kulandapo kano fye ba late we shiluwe. Ba Sata did so much for this this Country, what has yo father done for Zambia yu nicompump. You are sick, pscho, obsessed with the old man. Let him rest in peace you foo.l

  6. we also have a role to play in fixing the economy, we are one and the ball is not only in Lungu’s Hand,. HH has written to the president concerning a number of pressing issues among others the shortage of fuel in the Country etc. I wonder why the so called economist has failed to write to Ptresident Lungu advising him on the strategies and Methods of Fixing the the kwacha , should HH only wait until he is president for him to Help the kwacha? thats why it will take a hundred years for Africa to develop.

  7. I wish Edgar Lungu and Father Bwalya quick death.

    Both these criminals have something in common.

    1. Both are womanizers

    2. Both are HIV Positive.

    3. Both cerebrated the death of Micheal sata

    4. Both have ever collapsed before people, Father Bwalya in 2005 collapse while preaching in Church

    5. Both Lungu and Bwalya are Kachasu Drunkards.

  8. Third world politics: Fixed all those with dissenting views to stay in power, the masses are entertained, development stalls then another guy comes in to do exactly the same and we stay where we are. God bless the devil!

  9. The elephant in the room is that every time you see a picture of ka Lungu he looks like he’s about to keel over.

  10. When Sata appointed Ngulube to chair one of these tribunals, I do not remember the Post having any objection but today the paper is up in arms against Ngulube’s sitting on the Nchito tribunal. The Post have made themselves very irrelevant due to their blind and self serving support of Sata when he was doing all sorts of wrong things. M’membe’s relevance in Zambia’s politics is all but over.

    • The Post will outlive Lungu and PF…..no doubt about that!!!

      Lungu is terminally incapacitated…..so is thick neck toady mbwiiiii….

  11. @18.1 Bulee, heed wawa chongo’s advice @18. Mmembe is no longer the mmembe that you knew in 1990. He has told so many lies and cheated so many people that his former followers, former staunch readers of the Post then, have all come to see through the former great mmembe. All sensible people now know Mmembe for what he is, simply a scoundrel. Besides, he has aged and is no longer the strategic Mmembe that he was. Do you ever wonder why Zambians call the former Post as the Past newspaper. Mmembe is now a spent force, you know, like ashes are to firewood, watch this space.

  12. Judges Sunkutu and Katenekwa have not delivered judgements to so many industrial cases, most of these being cases of the pipo versus zambian breweries files have gone missing. A lot of pipo are now destitutes or dead without justice being done.

  13. just a waste of taxpayers money and time…
    how many tribunals have we gone through in 50 years of independence.

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