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Woman abandons her four children

General News Woman abandons her four children

A THIRTY SEVEN-year-old woman of Kamakonde Township in Kalulushi has abandoned her four children, among them a six month old baby reports the Times of Zambia.

The woman identified as Sharon Bwalya popularly known as ‘Bana Sharon’ left her four children a month ago after she went to do some casual work but never returned home.

This has prompted the children to seek refuge at neighbouring houses where they scrounge for food.

One of the neighbours, Doreen Chanda, said Ms Bwalya left home a month to seek casual work which was the last time she was spotted.

Ms Chanda said Ms Bwalya’s husband was also nowhere to be seen as it was believed that it was her second marriage.

“Ms Bwalya left home leaving her children an attended to and the smallest baby is still breast-feeding. We had to come in and assist the kids in our own little way because it has been a sorry sight as they had to fend for themselves,” she said.

She appealed to the church and other well wishers to assist locate the woman and look after the children.

Ms Chanda said Ms Bwalya’s relatives had not yet reported the incidence to the police as they indicted that they wanted to locate her before reporting the matter.

She further urged relevant authorities to commission the police post in Kamakonde area so that it could be easier for the community to report incidences without travelling to Kalulushi to Kitwe.

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  1. Very sad indeed. These children are now exposed to all sorts of abuse. The govt shud help people by encouraging farming ….. but as we all know even farmers aren’t paid for their produce. It is very sad indeed. Presidency should be left to people who have a heart to serve the masses like desperate Sharon Bwalya. Anyway before I throw more stones I will wait to hear where the lady is, if alive, and why she left.

    English lesson to LT.
    Ba LT it is unattended and not an attended – “Ms Bwalya left home leaving her children UNATTENDED …….”

    • Reading the story, I think the woman is dead. The woman is 37 a very unlikely age for one to just up and leave her four kids without looking back. ZP, stop being lazy do your job and find out what happened.

  2. Bemba women, ninshi kanshi? The Ministry of Social must takeover these 4 abandoned children.
    Bana Sharon kwati baliupwa kumbi nokufisa ati balisha abana. Police must charge this woman if found.

    • Nefyupo fya mu Kalulushi finê fimo mwandini kuti wabutuka washa nabana mulubansa. Ala bana Sharon tebêka babutukako. Plus nefi nomba kwaisa na mafuta ya Caro lite nimuli 2 days ninshi basotokota, ” bawama” ..bakapoli bâlunfyônô notumachônchôli ni kaofela!!

  3. This is wrong but I don’t blame this woman, life has become difficult in Zambia.

    The cost of living has become out of reach for the majority of citizens.

    I hope she will come back for her children though.

  4. Awe filechilamo kuti wabutuka. Some of these men are not responsible. They are running away from their responsibilities. Inchito bwalwa fye nabanakashi.

  5. If you can’t take care of the ones you already have, get on some strict birth control regime while you are at it. What a foolish woman. When others are going abroad to seek medical help so they can have children, she abandons them like a useless piece of clothing. She should be jailed when found. Those children didn’t write her a letter to come on this earth. Pathetic.

    • Don’t judge… You don’t know her story – thats if she’s even still alive and not lying dead in a ditch somewhere as you all happily pass judgement and heap abuse on her… Send your Mother some money while you are at it instead of just blogging rubbish in a foreign country.

    • @Former UPND Supporter
      Don’t be stup!d you id!ot. It clearly says that the man is also not around for his own children, didn’t you read? Its the woman’s second marriage, that’s why I mentioned birth control.
      I am not in a foreign country like you (no surprise that your first assumption is that am outside Zambia like you wiping someone’s @ss for $10 a week). My mother is very, very comfortable for your information. Get a life and stop posting rubbish and abusing others online from a foreign country. Very childish and petty. Uli mbushi sana.

  6. The headline should read “Mother of four missing” because it is not already establish that she abandoned the children.

  7. Only under PF.

    Poverty has become rife….

    Even dogs are now complaining as miganda are never full of left overs

    • If you can’t feed your dog that’s your problem bwana. Don’t blame the government! This has been happening for a long time. Some people (such as yourself) should not be allowed to breed period.

  8. Air planes heading 2 nigeria are full of buren people seeking 4 held ,wile u runing away 4m yr blessigs ,my think k twice time wll come wen u wll c that they re a blessing 2 u.petty & all the best 2 da children

  9. Air planes heading 2 nigeria are full of buren people seeking 4 help ,wile u runing away 4m yr blessigs ,my think k twice time wll come wen u wll c that they re a blessing 2 u.petty & all the best 2 da children

  10. I think we need some serious conversation with LT on their headlines. They are totally out of whack with reality. I was hoping to read somewhere where the woman was cornered and heard indicating she had abandoned her children for some reason. This idea that a person who has not been seen for a month has “abandoned” her children is alarmist at best. She is MISSING. Still MISSING. Stop being sensational – some bloggers have no capacity to read, they will only blog on the headline.

  11. A story as old as Adam and Eve. Blame the woman for the roots of evil. What about the dead-beat father of those children?

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