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Over 13,000 Chinese in Zambia given employment permits by February this year-Government

EconomyOver 13,000 Chinese in Zambia given employment permits by February...
Chinese man selling roasted maize
Chinese man selling roasted maize

OVER 13,000 Chinese nationals living in Zambia were given employment permits by February this year. During the same period, 7,000 Indians and 4,000 South Africans were also granted work permits.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Gerry Chanda told parliament on Thursday that 13,292 Chinese were given work permits in Zambia while 7,400 Indians and 4,308 South Africans were allowed to work in the country.

Col Chanda was responding to a question from Rufunsa Member of Parliament (MP) Kenneth Chipungu who wanted to know how many Chinese, Indians and South Africans were living in Zambia as of September last year.

Mr Chipungu also wanted to know how many Chinese, Indians and South Africans were given employment permits in the same year.
“As of September last year, 11,267 Chinese were given employment permits but the number has increased as of February this year,” Col Chanda said.

He said 19,845 Chinese, 8,034 Indians and 4,792 South Africans were living in Zambia by September last year.

Col Chanda said Chinese citizens working in Zambia are in large numbers because they are involved in various activities.
He was responding to a question from Mafinga MP Catherine Namugala who wanted to find out if Chinese residents possess special qualities that people from other countries don’t have for them to be in such large numbers.

And Minister of Home Affairs Davies Mwila has told parliament that Chinese nationals are very hard working and Zambians must therefore emulate their work culture.

He was responding to a question by Lukulu West MP Misheck Mutelo (UPND) who asked what government is doing about the Chinese’s work culture.

“Mr Speaker, the Chinese have a ‘boss-boss’ work culture. Our people working under the Chinese are made to work like donkeys. The Chinese like this ‘boss-boss’ way of doing things,” Mr Mutelo said

But Mr Mwila defended the Chinese saying that they are a people who put work first.

Monze Central MP Jack Mwiimbu (UPND) wondered why investors are allowed to bring workers without permits.

“We are seeing Chinese pushing wheelbarrows in our streets and some even sweeping. Are these investors?” Mr Mwiimbu asked.
Mr Mwila said the Chinese are multi-talented individuals.

“Some of those Chinese nationals you see pushing wheelbarrows are actually engineers. They are unlike us. They are multi-talented,” he said.


    • Rapists and slave drivers. I thought shamenda was failing to deal with chinese, now even Mwila has failed?

    • Pa last Zambia yalibola fye. You can’t have such sh!t leaders and be proud of the country. The earlier we removed these Pathetic Frogs (PF), the better. Nonsense!

    • The question is how many of those people have PhDs? What is the purpose of giving work permit to people who will be competing with poor Zambians. Give work permit to highly skilled workers who have the capability of contributing to the development of the country. Why give work permit to general workers?

  1. There you are, Now you have it from the horses’s mouth – As zambians we are more than stupid – that’s why we voted for Pamafi!!
    We don’t even have the “Talent” to push a “Wheel-Barrow!!”

  2. Hon. Minister’s response was shallow an example of trivialising a serious issue in a Country full of unemployed Citizens. So soon after being appointed and showng zeal initially, has fatigue set in, or is it signs of being compromised.

    • Bradley I concur with you. The minister trivialized this issue which, in any sensible Zambian’s head, is a source for concern. Chinese might be multi talented but do we need foreigners to push wheelbarrows orsellcabbage in the markets? It is a crying shame that a minister can give such answers honestly! And what about the minimum wage? Is it observed? I am sure they are more Chinese in Zambia than what the minister is saying!

  3. How many Zambian have been employed by September ? And how many Zambian were employed early this year 2015? Discussing about Chinese, Indians and South African given work permits it’s not important better be concerned with the Zambian youth without work.

  4. Zambians should embrace expats working in our country. One of the problems we face is we were in a hurry to chase away all expats soon after independence. Consequently we didn’t acquire the skills needed to drive the economy. This was during the Kaunda time. The government took over shops that were run by foreigners instead of creating our own shops in competition with the foreign owned ones. This is the time to learn from the foreigners and strive to create bigger businesses. Work ethics are also important. Zambian expats have been accepted in foreign countries. If they chose to push wheel burrows and sell corn on the road side, that’s ok. Join the Chinese instead of condemning them. We also need statistics of Zambians working in South Africa, Botswana etc.

    • Wise One!
      You are very much right. Each country has foreign anti nals working for them and we should not discriminate against them but embrace and learn from them.

  5. surely are we serious a chinese national roasting maize, what kind of permit has he got Hon deputy minister be serious you need to go on an attachment to Botswana in order for you to understand your role. Disappointed cadre

  6. Zambian please start protesting against such stuupidity of the your govt. On what grounds are these people being given work permits in the country? We have so much unemployment and the govt can be issuing work permits to people who simply come to make pollute and make the country dirty. YOu have these idiiots selling maize on the streets and growing marijuana and on top of that they are raping!

  7. I don’t mind having Chinese selling maize in the markets if they are Zambian permanent residents or if they have acquired Zambian citizenship. But you can allow them to sell on the streets if they only have work permits. F.o.o.lish Zambian leaders. In 2 year’s time this Chinese selling on the streets will have his own business employing Aambians and mistreating them.

  8. And you expect the Kwacha to be Stronger against the Dollar when you can’t control how much money is being siphoned from your Economy .


  9. Sometimes you need immigrants to do jobs locals refuse. Chinese are hard working and looking for opportunities just like everyone else and it’s up to the government to regulate and make sure they follow the law. I would give the Chinese a contract to build my house anytime compared to the locals who often show poor finishing on every project given to them.

  10. you should be proud to have foreigners coming to work in zambia.zambians are not racist..chinese are very humble people compared even to your african brethren..dont talk rubbish about the chinese everything you buy comes from china including your wifes hair..and you want to talk rubbish..be proud ba zambia

  11. Zambians can say thank you to the L!AR and CHEAT called SATA for giving their jobs to the Chinese!

    Before 2011 he was promising to chase them out, but they were the first ones he invited to State House.

    This DOG and his stup!d PF was the worst thing that happened to Zambia.

    And now we are still paying the kaloba he borrowed for his funeral!

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