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FDD demands release of detained UNZA graduates

General News FDD demands release of detained UNZA graduates


Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has demanded the release and dropping of charges against University of Zambia graduates arrested for staging a peaceful protest over unemployment.

FDD Spokesperson Antonio says the incarceration of the University of Zambia (UNZA) graduates who were peacefully demonstrating over unemployment is not only an affront on their fundamental human rights, but a mindless act on the part of the overzealous Police officers.

Mr Mwanza says every Zambian has the constitutional right to peaceably demonstrate.

He says the UNZA graduates should be saluted for standing up for hundreds of thousands oAntoniof unemployed youths who are languishing in poverty.
Mr. Mwanza notes that unemployment is a time bomb and it will be suicidal for anyone to bury their head in the sand and pretend all is well.

Mr. Mwanza has implored government to address the challenges youths are facing to avoid confusions in the country.

And Kabwata Constituency aspiring Member of Parliament Clement Tembo says the arrest of the UNZA graduates amounts to oppression and intimidation on the part of the Police.

Mr. Tembo says the former students have a right to demand for jobs as this was a basis of the campaign promises by all political parties in the run up to 20th January, 2015 presidential election.

He has however urged the former students to dialogue and engage the government in a constructive and civilized manner with alternatives with protests as a last resort.

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    • Ifintu ni lungu. Now he is even scared of six former UNZA students representing even unemployed youths in Chawama constituency. Please PF be bigger than this at least.

    • They should have obtained a police permit before demonstrating,it’s as simple as that. No one is above the law. How can graduates fail to comprehend such a simple thing…..ba graduate bamo?????

    • iwe akashambatwa,ukaleke fwaka,ati FDD demands other peoples husbands…..pwa ha ha ha ha,ala wankalifya imbafu kunseko. I wonder why all of a sudden they have become vocal when the total votes which their leader got in the last election is what EL was getting in one constituency. Kuwayawayafye ba FDD.


  2. Human rights are not meant to infringe on other peoples rights . Thats why for any demo to be a peaceful one you need to follow the right procedure by engaging the cops. Whats difficult about informing the cops of yo intentions. This is how anarchy is promoted in the nation. Imagine if those unza failures were pounced on by thugs and seriously injured them what were you going to say because everyone has the right to stop stupid demos .

    • Sponge bob, you argument is baseless, you mean you are for the thugs? Do you mean thugs are free to do whatever suits them? Could it be the reason PF thugs are allowed to roam the streets freely with pangas and mocking coffins? Really, how can a normal person associate her/his self with vulgarism, thuggery…..

  3. @zed poor all am saying is you can’t use a wrong to correct a wrong. If yu can’t understand a simple metaphor let people with brains argue my point out. If you call that a peaceful demo then forgive me. Vincent took 8yrs at unza to complete a simple 4yrs course and you say he is normal.

  4. They should have obtained a police permit before demonstrating,it’s as simple as that. No one is above the law. How can graduates fail to comprehend such a simple thing…..ba graduate bamo?????

  5. You PF cadres are what has made Zambia to have leaders who can’t think. tell me, where did your fellow PF cadres get police permission to burn matero cab? Where did they get police permission to carry coffins of Kambiba & HH? Which Zambian court has prosecuted your fellow PF thugs? How long did it take the PF police to arrest your fellow PF thugs who beat up an innocent UPND marketeer? Which court has prosecuted your violet PF thugs? The UNZA ex graduates were peaceful & did not need your PF police thugs to arrest them. No Western police would have arrested them. So what law are you talking about which these former students broke? Shame on you for defending Changwa’s abusive PF police force

  6. If you investigate properly, those could be the same fellows who spent most of their University life rushing to the road-side to stone innocent citizen’s cars and disturbing lectures, now they want to bring out to the society since they cannot do it at UNZA anymore. Time is indeed the best judge.

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