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YWCA condemns Kaingu over his abusive language

General News YWCA condemns Kaingu over his abusive language


The Young Women’s Christian Association Council of Zambia (YWCA) has expressed disappointment over the alleged gender based violence (GBV) act allegedly committed by Minister of Education Michael Kaingu through the use of abusive language.

This is following media reports which alleged that the Mr. Kaingu called the Namwala Member of Parliament Moono Lubezhi a ‘prostitute’.

YWCA national president Lucy Masiye-Lungu said it was unfortunate that a senior legislator in a ministry which is critical in shaping the youth of the nation into responsible citizens was not abiding by the laws he helped enact.

This is according to a statement issued to ZANIS by Mrs. Lungu today.

“The anti GBV Act number 1 which was enacted by parliament, of which Dr. Kaingu was part to, clearly states that uttering humiliating conduct towards a person which includes insults, constitutes verbal abuse,” she said.
Mrs. Lungu said the nation needs leaders who lead by example and not those who use gender based violence to deal with shortcomings in responding to official questions in parliament.
He added that there was need to have leaders who do not belittle women and who were good role models.
She therefore called upon relevant authorities to take necessary action against Dr. Kaingu.

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  1. I have the video were He Kaingu him self was having sex with iris, I will send it to movi tv and the post news paper .you can now read this weekends paper.

    • Is this the Kaingu who is a polygamist? Who took his first wife along on his second wife’s honeymoon? If it is him it explains why he is a polygamist in this day and age. He has no respect for women.

  2. kaingu you should call your daughter a prositute because she had a case of pono just some months ago. TAME YOUR MOUTH….LOZIS ARE NOT KNOWN FOR SUCH ABUSIVE LANGUAGE .IS IT BECAUSE YOU HAVE JOINED THE MAFIA.

  3. Reading some of these things gives me the impression Zambia is generally decades behind the curve. Very disappointing that a man in this day and age can publicly (I am assuming this was not even provoked to such an unwarranted extent) disparage anyone in that manner. I also understand, sadly, that that is a Minister of Education, of all ministries…

    • It must be tough for ba kaponya now (no material) all their insults are being used up by our so called elders.

  4. Mwakula napepe pe apa,u ve started acting as if the law is in your hands.You don’t own this country how do u insult someone’s wife

  5. This is really terrible for a Minster to call a colleague a prostitute. Perhaps someone needs to send him a clip of his own daughter, Iris entertaining a boyfriend.

  6. Our humble appeal is for the president to take the necessary action against honorable Kaingu to discourage other people from similar attacks on helpless women. All human beings are equal regardless of sex please.
    The ministry of Education certainly require to be headed by a more sober mind.
    Your excellency with your visible capacities in that office, you will certainly hear our cry, the women’s cry. You already demonstrated your positive commitment to bringing women on board in politics by appointing the first ever woman vice president for which we salute YOU your excellency. We have therefore no doubt that anyone who injures women injures you too. Your excellency you are the surviving man of action after the demise of His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRP). Please Help!!!!!!

  7. How can this man be a minister in Education; he needs to be educated himself in decency and respect for the opposite sex, I suggest all women should take to the street and demonstrate for his removal as a minister, disgraceful.

  8. Nobody is asking what prompted this insult. I am sure Mr. Kaingu did not just approach this lady and started calling her names. Insulting is very uncivilized (there are so many insults even in response to this same article!), but what happened?

  9. Does this kaponya of an old man deserve to be called ‘HONOURABLE’? Certainly not! May be the video of his daughter having se… should be made to go viral on social media. That will help him to know who is a real prostitute between his daughter and the MP that he insulted. Senseless minister!

  10. These women should just shut up. Busy talking about this ‘prostitute’ and forgetting about the girl dying in UTH. What shameless hypocrites, ******.

    • In the 70’s there was a song “silence is golden” maybe you ought to reflect on its meaning sometime. So if say your mother, sister, wife, daughter (assuming you have any) are abused verbally, physically or mentally you will tell us to meditate on people in UTH. Why are you deflecting the current topic? Are you a serial rapist? You make ALL men look bad.

  11. he is a foolish man, Iris Kaingu’s father, daughter who had a case in court over an obscene sex material she made with her boyfriend. and he is married to two wives. one can only wonder what their home is made of. lunatics, injaa, masangunus. Chi komboni dugude.

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