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Construction of Boarding High School in Monze district progressing well

Rural News Construction of Boarding High School in Monze district progressing well

Government says it is impressed with the rate at which Kaumba Boarding High School in Monze district is being constructed.

Monze District Commissioner Biggie Mwiinde who inspected the works at the construction site today, said the progress made so far was very good and expressed hope that the school would be completed within the two years’ timeframe.

He noted that once completed the school would bring to two the number of government secondary schools in the district that would help to cater for the increase in the demand for secondary school places .

The DC also that said government was committed to ensuring that all the projects left by the late president Michael Sata are completed in honour of his legacy adding that it(government) was therefore looking forward to the completion of Kaumba Boarding school project that has gobbled more than K42 million.

“Am very impressed with the rate of progress in the construction of Kaumba Boarding High School and I am optimistic that the contractor will finish all the major works within the stipulated time frame of two years so that we can open the school to cater for the increase in demands for secondary school places,” said Mr. Mwiinde.

“ And as government we look forward to completion of not only this school but all projects left by the late president Michael Sata so that his legacy of bringing development to all parts of the country can live on,” he added.

And Millers Construction site Manager Mallu Harsha said about 60 per cent of works have been done so far and envisages that 90 per cent of major works of the projects which started in September 2013 would be completed by December this year.

Mr. Harsha said the school will accommodate 253 pupils and will have other facilities including laboratories, 8 dormitories, and ablution blocks, dining and assembly halls, an administration block, a library and classrooms once completed.

However, Mr. Harsha said inconsistent flow of funds had slightly affected the construction works and expressed hope that this would be consistent so that the project can be completed within the two year time-frame.


  1. LT – please learn to communicate with us using modern methods. Where are pictures? Visual messages live longer than written words. Someone must have taken a picture of the facility somewhere. We will accept a file photo with a past date. We will accept a picture taken with a cell phone. We will even accept someone’s selfie with the school in the background – assuming it is clear.

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