The Christian Coalition has called for forgiveness amongst Zambians as they celebrated Palm Sunday today.

Palm Sunday is celebrated by Christians the world-over as they remember the triumphant of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem to mark the end of his ministry on earth before his death on Good Friday.

Coalition Secretary General Bishop Alex Mbewe told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that forgiveness was the main message during the Easter period.

Bishop Mbewe said it was important to forgive others before one is forgiven because Christ commands us to do so.

He said Palm Sunday is what Christians call the triumphal entry, which marks the day when Jesus Christ was entering Jerusalem prior to his death.

Bishop Mbewe said it was also important to remember that God sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for our sins.

He said the death of Jesus Christ is a sign of love to all his creations and a also that we must live in unity through his grace.

Bishop Mbewe said there is need to show love to ones neighbours because the bible encourages good neighbourliness.

He has since called on Zambians to avoid hate speech and wishing each other unwell.

Bishop Mbewe said once this was tolerated it had the capacity to ruin the peace that exists in the country.

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