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FAZ to hire foreign coach for the National team

Sports FAZ to hire foreign coach for the National team

Zambian Coach Janza
Zambian Coach Janza

THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) will not offer national team coach Honour Janza a contract.

FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya said during yesterday’s annual general meeting at Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe that the association has decided to engage a foreign coach who will fit the profile of the national team.

Janza, who replaced Frenchman Patrice Beaumelle last August, qualified the Chipolopolo for the 2015 Equatorial Guinea Africa Cup of Nations, where the 2012 champions were booted out in the group stage.

Kalusha was responding to a question from Zambia Football Coaches Association president Patrick Kangwa, who wanted to know whether FAZ would offer Janza a contract.

“The FAZ executive committee sat and evaluated the performance of the technical bench and the decision was made to find a foreign coach who will fit the national team profile. Janza still needs more training. We should not be blind that we put a local coach just for the sake of it,” Kalusha said.

He said FAZ wants Janza to concentrate on his job as technical director.

And FAZ general secretary George Kasengele said there is need to assist four local coaches to obtain UEFA A coaching licence qualifications.

“Everyone that applies for the national team coaching job has a UEFA pro- coaching licence. This is so because the Zambia national team coaching job is one of the most sought after on the continent.

‘We have had applications from world-class coaches like Sven Goran Ericksson just to mention a few,” Kasengele said.

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  1. kalu is too much selfish he should step down as president,y he bring janza because he enjoy zambia suffering

    • Foreign coaches are expensive. You need a government which enjoy soccer. PF & Sata never got interested in football. When did you ever see Sata at a football match?
      Kalusha could have been a good coach himself, but he is now a businessman. Next step for him is politics, because he took FAZ presidency 20 years too early.

    • If FAZ wants to hire a foreign coach then they must not involve govt when it come to remunerations.

      Let Kalu and his tandem of thieves foot the bill of hiring a foreign coach

      We love football but we are not going to continue sacrificing the ministry of sports budget where 90% goes to football at the expense of the rest sporting activities in Zambia

    • Reality is expensive, Janza needs exposure,you saw what Boumew did to Zambia. Hesaid the truth. He had no confidence in himself as coach so he dashed out to join the man of the moment Renard. In Zambia, we have a big industry of talkatives. They eat and get funded for confusing the public by sowing seeds of jealous and hatred.This was started by one newspaper and supported by UPND MPS on the banner of tribalism. LONG LIVE KALUSHA, LONG LIVE TRUE LOVERS OF ZAMBIAN FOOTBALL

  2. Boss, this time around let us make sure we have resources to pay the foreign coach – lessons learned!!

  3. We have been saying this all along and for your own information Galu and his useless team do not pay the salary of the coach its taxpayer’s through ministry of sport, if anything the empty suit corruptly charges us finder’s fee and 5% of the monthly salary….so why did you let Janza go to AFCON if you knew he was not good enough?
    This man is very useless indeed!!

    Wake up from your docility Zambians!!

  4. Why is it that it’s only in football that we need the CEO of the national team to be a foreigner? In all other fields Zambians are in charge! It is a sign of the poor administration in FAZ that 50 years after independence they have not yet trained a national to boss the Chipolopolo!

  5. U guys can you afford to pay erikson? Pliz just say there is some friend of yours you want to ship over. I would not be surprised if we end up with some unknown dutch or mexican.

  6. Better late than neva, we said it from th word go but U argued n evn told us he was over qualified for th job, gud thing Uve found it within urself 2admit tht he needs more xposure.
    Pls let us ensure thers transparency ths tym around, let us not stop @ recruitn a coach bt also relook @ th entire youth system.

  7. ….at times the coach issue is just an excuse…..have we looked at the material, calibre, skill and commitment of the chaps who actually kick the ball….??….bring in Mourinho or Wenga, we will still be booted out in the first round with the current crop of players we have….apart from 2 or 3 exceptional

  8. Well done ba kalu abt this bcz ur coach is not good at all. May God bless faz &all zambian people.alwz missing my beautiful country &beautiful people, that’s why we need a good coach who is going to make us happy hs zambian who love soccer. God bless u my brothers &sister I love u all.

  9. Kwanza has performed far better than some of the so called foreign coaches but as usual we never support our own. It’s a bad complex

  10. Why not just say FAZ looking a technically superior coach as opposed to saying looking for a foreign coach? Put technical attributes first. Then everything else follows

  11. Is it not Kalu who in the aftermath of Beaumont s departure assured us that Jan za has the credentials to take over? What has changed now? I suspect he has refused to share the loot with Kalu.What we need is not a foreign coach.What we need is to get rid of Kalu.

  12. Most Zambians are turn coats, after the elimination of the senior, the U 17 & the U 20 teams in the group stages it was seen that both teams lacked technics due to proper coaching.

    To day FAZ, want to bring in a European coach, and yet most bloggers are condemning the move which is in the right direction. People were do you stand?

    When M.Nchito ( DDP) was appointed there was a lot of opposing, now that he has been suspended the same previous opposers are in fore front defending him.

    What has become of Zambians?

  13. kalu u made a terrible mistake to have hired dishonour janza who has messed up the team and its spirit big time. Dishonour janza has never proved himself anywhere apart from holding his mouth every often. He brot tuvi football to the national team. Where are those fake technical advisors hired minutes before afcon started

  14. FAZ must apologise to Janza for deceiving him. They told him that Janza earned himself a contract after qualifying the Zambia to AFCON .. Why now this pronouncement??
    FAZ want foreign coach whom they fail to pay? Mind you a good coach can not win a game without good players. Poor travel arrangements, late arrival at tournament venues affect the performance of players. For example they were holled in SA for a month before travelling to AFCON. Why camping in SA when the CAN was in West Africa??

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