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Current Load shedding due to maintenance works-Kapata

Economy Current Load shedding due to maintenance works-Kapata

ZESCO spokesperson Henry Kapata (right) talks to a client at his firm's pavilion yesterday during the ongoing eighth Southern Tourism, Agricultural and Commercial Show Society (STACSS) in Livingstone
ZESCO spokesperson Henry Kapata (right) talks to a client at his
firm’s pavilion yesterday during the ongoing eighth Southern Tourism,
Agricultural and Commercial Show Society (STACSS) in Livingstone

The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) has attributed the current electricity supply interruptions in some areas to the on-going general maintenance at the Kafue gorge power generator number one.

ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata said the general maintenance works were almost complete and the generator was expected to resume normal operations on April 2, 2015.

In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka at the weekend, Mr. Kapata explained that ZESCO had no alternative but to load shed during peak time when almost everyone is actively involved in the usage of electricity.

And Mr. Kapata has since advised the public to moderate the usage of all electrical appliances such geysers and heaters even as the winter season is nearing.

He further urged all citizens to use electricity wisely adding that the level of water at the sources of electricity was not at the expected normal levels.

Mr. Kapata however expressed hope that the ongoing upgrading of ZESCO facilities such as substations will boost electricity power supply to all parts of the country.


  1. Zambia the real Africa, the real banana republic. We are competing with South Africa for the most blackouts despite sitting on top of the most hydro power potential in Southern Africa.

    • Load shedding is due to your incompetence not maintenance. For how long are you ldiots going to sweet-talk us?!

    • I have been in North America for 20 years and have experienced only one major black out for a couple of hours due to super storm sandy. The current and successive leaderships in Zambia are a generation of liars and failures.

  2. we need to privatise the sector and bring in completion. This will obviously raise the cost of electricity, in the short term,to the consumer but everyone who wants power will now have it. Over time and eventually, the cost will stabilize and we all will have access to the power delivered with the efficiency of the private sector at affordable prices.
    But the govt is not about to allow the cash cow that Zesco is into private hands. It will take away their power and influence. It will take away their pig bank especially during elections. If many politicians had the best interests of the nation at heart, some of these decisions are easy to make because the benefits are all there to be seen from countries that have gone this route.

  3. If it is the regular general maintainance of the generator and expected to end by the stipulated time frame, then there is no cause for alarm. Most african nations refuse to privatise this sector or accept competition and this monopoly remains a public threat. For example it costs USD 400 to get electricity in rural Kenya which is a costly affair. Accept fair competition.

  4. I will be waiting patiently for the next 3 days. Hope this promise is true. If the situation doesn’t change, then this man will be labled a liar.

  5. Kapata is being economical with the truth.This load shedding is due to exports to RSA.If there are power deficits in RSA & East Africa it is only prudent that we use our POWER to woe investors instead of exporting which is not benefiting our economy to the maximum.

    • Very true ZESCO is selling all its electricity to South Africa. In South africa the grid is about to collapse and they are desperately sourcing power from Zambia Mozambique and DRC.

  6. Mr Kapata, I wonder whether he knows what he talking about. Some of his utterances border on a breed between half truths and rubbish.

  7. So Kapata even in Kabompo district is maitaince of Kafue station
    Now as i am writing this pupils are demostrating at ZESCO Plant.Where is the new machine from saudi arabia you promised last year for Kabompo district.

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