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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

President Edgar Lungu returns home from China

Headlines President Edgar Lungu returns home from China

Edgar Lungu arrives from China
Edgar Lungu arrives from China

President Edgar Lungu has arrived back home from China were he went for a state visit.

The Emirates plane carrying President Lungu and his entourage touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at 17-15 hours local time.

President Lungu said his visit created a lot of deals with China.

The Head of State said his state visit to the Asian country has revitalized the cordial bilateral relations that exist between Zambia and the people’s Republic of China.

He said his visit and meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jingping has been an audit of how relations between the two countries have been so far.

President Lungu disclosed that some Cabinet Ministers who accompanied him to Asia would be informing the nation on the many agreements signed between the two countries.

He further disclosed that his Presidential Spokesperson, Amos Chanda would be soon issuing out comprehensive statement to the nation through the media.

Mr Lungu was accompanied to China by First Lady Esther, Commerce Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe, Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda and Transport Minister Yamfwa Mukanga among Ministers and Presidential Special Assistants.

President Lungu was received by Vice President Inonge Wina, Defences Chiefs, some Cabinet and Deputy Ministers, Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama, senior Chinese and Zambian government officials and ruling some PF sympathies

Whilst in China, President Lungu facilitated the signing of a range of investment agreements and wooed investors that yielded signing of agreements worth $800 million with Chinese companies other than additional concession loans and grants.

Mr Lungu also facilitated the signing of two Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with Huawei Technologies Company Limited for the construction of communication towers in rural areas and off-grid power plants

He finalized his tour of China yesterday with an affirmation that his government is ready to engage with any nation to strengthen trade and investment relations.

President Edgar Lungu expressed happiness that the trip has spurred renewed friendship between Zambia and China at various levels.

On health, President Lungu pleaded with his Chinese counterpart, Mr. Xi Jingping for Zambian nationals suffering from AIDS in China not to be deported because of their status because they are still a human resource that were contributing effectively to that country’s gross domestic product.

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  1. Welcome back, but you are such a big embarrassment.

    Gallivanting like a Mad Horse. Awe you dont deserve to be our president. You are too useless for the job.

    • Speak for yourself. The only embarassment I see is in your attitude to disrespect our Head of State. The scores are always counted after the game and a presidential term is equally analysed after it has ended. Do your job and let the man do his.

    • @ Hildah Malama;

      I like your comments. Your comments revokes old memories of Jane Mulenga who I understand is now a Professor in Earoplane Engineering.

      Surely Edgar Lungu is the most useless man in the world.

      HH is more suitable for the job. 70% of Zambians hate Edgar Lungu just like they hate satan. To me Edgar Lungu is devil. Many people are suffering because of him.

      Embassy Park is waiting for you Global Trotting Kachasu Man.

    • Ati EL had gone to China for an operation……..pwa ha ha ha…..long live our president HE Edgar Lungu. Anyway,we’ve come to understand some media houses,their style of reporting is a typical Hitler Goebbels-style propaganda which believes in using a small truth to propagate a big lie. 2016 kolopa.com!

    • Welcome changwa,,, please this time dont kungwa!,,,,, to you people who dont know, changwa went to bing more kaloba so that his kwacha becomes stable

    • Hate and hate until you drop dead and lets see if itm you will help you relieve the pain of lsoing to EL. Well, we are so happy EL is President and working as one. Talking about dying, lets see if it will not be you to die first and be buried at Chingwere.

      HH, he is rubbish waste timer. How can a so called rich man lose to a poor man. He is not a politician. What a pity that you guys can still be crying at this time. Kill yourself with hate who cares. Go hug a ZESCO transformer. You thought you can take Zambian for granted with regionalism. Go to hell with it. You are zinjathropical. You ka devil kissed dust.

      Hate EL, we love him and he is our President. Useless losers you are. Only Presidents will be buried at Embassy Park. HH at Chingwere or farm. The nation does not care about…

    • Grants and concessions well that is good. He didn’t go for a walk about, Some results. considering the state of our economy it would be wise to wait for the details concerning grants and concessions. Just don’t tell us one week from now, that you are traveling.

    • President Lungu has done a good pace setting for opening of doors for inward investment. Zambia at this moment of time needs more and more investment in non-traditional sectors, agriculture (to produce and export organic food to middle east, asia, europe and north america, maize to DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, piggery for export, delicious beef and white meat for local consumption and export), energy (oil exploration, hydro, solar and wind power generation and export and local industry and domestic consumption). Lest me let the cat out, let the ministers speak for themselves. President Lungu you remind me of 2008, when the Binani left Luanshya reeling under debt and many miners stranded, it were the Chinese who came to our rescue. Copper prices might be down today but the Chinese have the money

    • Let the Chinese, Indian and others come and invest in export oriented and life-style improvement oriented small, medium and labour intensive ventures. Those investments will enable us to pay off the debts, improve quality of life and generate for centuries sustainable development. Development of tourism destinations with airports, hotels, restaurants, casinos and infrastructure that goes with it at all game parks, developed by, frequented by and run by the Chinese, Indians, Europeans and Americans. Zambia is full of potential, it needs to be harnessed.

    • Jealousy is a bad trait young lady. Kusabaila lyonse. With that said, let the vice president Lungu spend three months at home. President Wina shall see to this.

      Viva President Nawakwi.

    • @Ndobo, I don’t see your Ba mulamu Ester, I hope and pray nafipwa ifyupo. Margeret can be good wife to Edgar, twalamufwailako.

    • Sorry PF government but your government is bankrupt. Please fix the economy ! 80 billion in loan Zambian government owns. Next few months it will be $100 billion in loans , can’t you even please suck some of your ministers due to the economy . 10 ministers without duty or permanent secentries will be enough. Pupils in moonze learn under a mongo tree and this is 2015 even before independence things while better. If this was the point of independence rather call England and come rule you again .

  2. ECL is the man zambia was waiting for , he goes out and comes with results, simple understanding and intelligent. May god bless you and keep u fit for 2016 SIR

  3. ba Hildah you sound so biter. ala mayo umuchinshi usuma sana. how can you use such words to the head of state?

    • Not too long ago, he was Edgar Lungu. He is still Edgar Lungu. Nothing changed. You can use the name Chagwa in the middle or not, it is your chose. Similarly, you can prefix his name with Lungu or not. It makes no difference.

  4. Greetings, I was with Edgar Lungu in the plane from China. We have travelled for more than 15 hours.

    The issue is that our president has to change his trousers for more than 4 times, i did not kow why until his close friends told me he (…………………. … in his trousers.) you can complete the blankets on your own.

    Otherwise the suite is is seeing waring while waving he just had to put on it 2 hours before touching KK International Airport.

  5. God raises the least to shame those that raise themselves. The God who made us, knows each and everyone by name. He knew us even before we were born. It was written that H.E ECL will be president one day and that’s why he is. If indeed HH was destined to be the president of Zambia one day, he surely will.We just ought to pray for every one of our leaders that God grants them the grace to finish their race with dignity.
    H.E ECL understands he might not be there tomorrow so whatever good has to be done for this great nation we pray it will be done by him. God is faithful. Even those insulting, we pray that you will find the grace to understand that even he that had power to have Jesus crucified was given authority from above (John 19-vs-11).

  6. What on earth is ” some government officials and ruling PF sympathies?”
    LT have you heard of proof reading or editing?

  7. This culture of waiting for a President at the airport twiddling their thumbs needs to cease…am sure the whole Emirates flight’s bussiness class was filled with President Lazy’s ministers and entourage.

  8. Ata not all leaders are chosen by God. Edagar Lungu and his PF are a scam to this nation very useless they’v done nothing for our country.

  9. Are some of these bloggers really mature? Do they know how far beyond the Zambian borders these blogs are accessed and the picture potrayed? Let’s be humane no matter the intensity of the issue at hand.

  10. So demeaning! Are some of these bloggers really mature? Do they know how far beyond the Zambian borders these blogs are accessed and the picture potrayed? Let’s be humane no matter the intensity of the issue at hand.

  11. Is Danny in a right frame of mind? anyway he is still hating for losing the elections. let me assure him and hilda malama that HH is losing again in 2016. HH is an embarrassment who lost to someone who only campaigned for 19 days. kekekekek

  12. I would like to ask God of israel to forgive zambia especialy pipo like Hilda n dany pray hard that God case does not reach you n yo families god forgive us.

  13. @Stella I yield, YOU ARE RIGHT. You seem to have it all figured out and so does our government. I guess the results will speak for themselves. When in a whole logic dictates that we stop digging or perhaps logic is not exactly the approach intended. Short term political expediency and populous political rhetoric and measures will somehow solve our problems lol. If one lender turns you down try another until you have the money you need to artificially prop your economy without attending to the fundamental problem which is depletion of income and fiscal responsibility. I guess the Chinese investors do not have a goal of profit and all they want to do is create a relationship with Zambia and exercise their influence for solely our benefit. I hope you are right. Kekekeke!

  14. @Hilda, amano mumutwe tamwaba kwena. You are full of hatred, I would encourage you go for anger management. There is one here, let me know and I will find you a class.

  15. Alas! I have accessed many countries in the world but I have never found such laxity and misuse of freedom of expression. No wonder it is a God-fearing nation. May God intervene.

  16. The most useless people are mambilima ,Isaac and their men who helped them rig!! Are they not ashamed? Look at Nigeria!, May our Lord bless them.

  17. Do I need to repeat myself? Yes maybe I must.
    Edgar campaigned for a few days while others went round all corners of Zambia.
    Edgar was said to be sick while others enjoyed the best of health.
    Edgar did not campaign in southern province while did and received massive votes and massive voter turn out.
    There were so many negatives about Edgar and his campaign, but the people still made clear that they related to the humble Edgar far more than others that I will mention for fear of insults. However the bottom line is that the people found Edgar to be far more real than the others.
    And so it is that Edgar is President of Zambia, and I will be re-elected in 2016 because he is doing a fine job, and because suitable challengers are not yet born.

    • We will toast a better life and if the rule of law that President Lungu has ushered in, no name calling, no diversion from sustained efforts to set the economy on right path and as earlier commented under 1.7 and 1.8 he is working harder than most of us do on day to day basis. He is a very humble and transparent leader. Long live President Lungu. Long live Zambia and long live the culture and values of great nation of Zambia. Amen!

  18. We will toast a better life and if the rule of law that President Lungu has ushered in, no name calling, no diversion from sustained efforts to set the economy on right path and as earlier commented under 1.7 and 1.8 he is working harder than most of us do on day to day basis. He is a very humble and transparent leader. Long live President Lungu. Long live Zambia and long live the culture and values of great nation of Zambia. Amen!

  19. If only the cost of these trips where made public even the most strong PF guys will be shocked, mind your these airlines charge more because they have to rearrange the sitting pattens in their planes to accommodate the VIPS like a president, ask anyone who has worked in this industry and they will tell you that every airline wants these African leaders to use them because it brings in more. Then the cost of accommodation, what the government will not tell you is that Zambia has to pay for this as well. Then you bring in the allowances that the president is paid for being away and all that those accompanying him. These trips cost us more than what they bring in, but of-cause its a way of of getting money legally from the treasury without being questioned.


    • You just blew the Kaingu issue out of context to satisfy your own egos and hatred. Kaingu is not going anywhere – at least not for this reason. ECL is too intelligent to play into your anger.

  21. @Adviser. You are right we are angry. No self respecting person would not be angry at what KAINGU did. However civility and gender sensitivity are concepts foriegn to this government. We are angry that our cabinet is comprised among it with people that have no respect and a president that pretends non of thisis happening. We are angry that our mothers and sisters are insulted and lumpens rule the day. We are angry that abuse is ignored and perpetrated by the very people that should be protecting the marginalized. To make matters worse this is our minister of education? If Lungu chooses to promote the DISRESPECT of women that is his choice but at least he should be man enough to admit it. To stay mute in the face of evil is to participate in evil. KAINGU MUST GO!

  22. Go where? There are people that have said worse ‘things’ and they’re still in their positions. Women are not God, if one is wrong, they ought to be ostracised, of course with civility but emotions are part of humanity and off the cuff remarks do slip out!The China trip was worth every ounce and belittling it is indeed an exposure of stolid mindset!

  23. Ati no dont vote 4 edgar he is sick,4 months nw and our man is as healthy as he cn b,again ati dont vote for edgar he’ll bring boko haram,upto now I aint seen no bokoharam,ati no dont vote for lungu,he is a drunkard,up2 nw no signs of that.bafikalaa na 2016 ni kolopesha.com

    • @Mwila !! Kekekekeke!!! walanda boi.. bebe ba fikala ne fimaule fyabo ifibena hilda malama. Ifyonka umulopa..

  24. Job well done Your Excellency…Zambia as a patient in ICU has now come out of ICU and moved to E 21 where she has now started taking some light foods and taking light walks.Great improvement indeed.Well done Dr.EL.Kindly continue adiministering her with the same medicine.The middle income family is eagerly waiting for her to be discharged.

  25. Great Mr President ! Mmembe and his Trumpets are daily looking foolish. Daily messing themselves up in their own excreta. Under Five is so Jittery as the Archives stare at him.Your Excellency ECL You will go down in history as a Great Son of Zambia. You are doing well , and we can all see. Come 2016 it will be a Landslide.
    31st August We start MASSIVE Voter Registration with massive publicity using @ 2016 Kolopa.com. Luapula, Northern , Muchinga, Eastern , Copperbelt, Lusaka, Western, Central… Kolopa all the way. We know what some people did on 20th January, 2015. We can play that game too, and better !

    • 99 Percent for ECL.A Proper Knockout Punch is required in 2016 . No Ambush in the night this time around. What has happened to the 50 + 1 noise from the Grand Coalition, NGOCC , some so called Churches, advocates of the Constitution Blah Blah? They now realize ECL will easily get the 50+ 1 . The Turn Coats have started looking at the Positives of a Simple Majority – with the vain hope that actually this offers the best hope for their pay master. Watch the Space. How can someone cling to the holding of a Referendum when the changes to the Bill Of Rights needing a Referendum in the new constitution are less than 5 %.

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