The Supreme Court has upheld the Lusaka High Court’s verdict that Konkola Copper Mine-KCM was guilty of contaminating Water supply in Chingola in 2006.

The contamination of the water supply in Chingola affected over two thousand residents.

Supreme Court Judge Munalula Lisimba has however over-ruled the lower court’s verdict that the plaintiffs be awarded damages uniformly.

Judge Lisimba has ruled that the Deputy Registrar of the High Court should assess the damages that will accrue to each plaintiff.

In 2011 retired Supreme Court Judge Philip Musonda, sitting as High Court Judge ruled that KCM was guilty of contaminating Water supply in Chingola.

Judge Musonda also awarded four thousand Kwacha damage to each of two thousand plaintiffs

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  1. Good, these corporates should learn, and if they cannot learn, must be taught to respect our environment and our people. Actually they should have been taught a lesson they will never forget like the US government taught BP for that oil spill. This is exactly the same thing.



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