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16 year old pupil loses pregnancy after attack that resulted in her arm amputated

General News 16 year old pupil loses pregnancy after attack that resulted in her...

A PREGNANT 16-year-old pupil of Chipata who was allegedly hacked by her boyfriend and lost her right arm for refusing to abort has lost her pregnancy. Police described the attack as an attempted murder.

Police in Chipata said Gertrude Mwanza, a grade 11 pupil at Chipata Day Secondary School, was axed on the neck and arms on Sunday around 15:00 hours, allegedly by her boyfriend, Ranford Soko of Anoya Zulu Secondary School.

Eastern Province deputy commissioner of police Patrick Bili said Gertrude was attacked allegedly because she refused to terminate her unborn baby as suggested by the boyfriend.

“The girl met her fate when Soko tried to convince her to abort the pregnancy but [she]refused and she was, instead, axed behind her neck and on both arms,” Mr Bili said.

Mr Bili said that Gertrude is nursing serious wounds in Chipata General Hospital, where doctors have amputated the schoolgirl’s right arm as the injuries were severe.

Ranford, an 18-year-old grade 11 pupil, was arrested on Wednesday at Mthilansembe, a village near Chipata town. He has been charged with attempted murder.

Ranford went into hiding after the incident but police launched a manhunt until the suspect was located in his neighbourhood of Mthilansembe.

The Daily Mail spoke to Gertrude and her family at Chipata General Hospital where the schoolgirl was found with a heavily bandaged neck and amputated arm. Her teary mother was by the bedside.

Her aunt Faustaine Daka narrated that her niece, who is four months pregnant, got a call from the suspect, seemingly in connection with the pregnancy, and the two agreed to meet at a nearby stream after 19:00 hours.

Gertrude said she does not remember what happened at the rendezvous.

“I was in a pool of blood and I could not remember what happened. A Good Samaritan rushed me to Chipata General Hospital. My left arm, which was badly injured, had been imputed and I am still nursing a broken finger on my right hand,” Gertrude said.

Gertrude, however, does not remember how the incident started. She just found herself in a pool of blood.
“Now I have to live without my arm for the rest of my life,” she lamented.

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    • “…where doctors have amputated the schoolgirl’s right arm as the injuries were severe…”

      “…My left arm, which was badly injured, had been imputed…”

      LT please reconcile these statements!
      Your journalist doesn’t understand basic journalism.

    • Sex comes with responsibilities and clearly teenagers are not equipped for those responsibilities. Poor girl, wishing her a full recovery.

  1. SEE! this is how the attitudes we have towards women in our society can easily escalate to such unforseen and gruesome acts of violence.Violence and abuse towards women needs to be eradicated. When e have cabinet ministers insulting women and even more so a fellow member of parliament and nothing is done, all we are doing is promoting a society in which chauvinism is promoted. This young man had the mentality of a sick chauvinist and thought he had the power to dictate what decisions the victim made. This unfortunately is not an isolated incident in Zambia. Many Acts of violence and abuse go on everyday and too often nothing is done.CASE IN POINT THE ISSUE OF KAINGU AND LUNGU LOOKS THE OTHERWAY. Granted he did not attack his victim with a panga, attitude is the problem.KAINGU MUST GO

    • Unfortunately, our culture encourages such evil vices.Its not just the teenagers, even adults with their own homes do this despite the many campaigns against GBV. On the other hand, Kaingu is as primitive as they come. His daughter is the perfect picture of Dorika. Sad that we have many homo habilis among us pretending to be educated people when they go home to do exactly what this teenager did (in a different form maybe).
      Both teens will now be out of school. This has altered their lives forever especially the girl physically and she ll need alot of counselling.

  2. You cannot fight domestic violence by generalising it – GBV. If we say domestic violence we will address violence against women from its roots; in a home.

    • So now, the human right activists are silent. As soon as this animal is given the right treatment, then they will suddenly wake up and defend him with all their might! Shame!

  3. zambia is worser than somali, aborting and murdering each other after unprotected sex. Lord have mercy

    • @time for HH…

      No! No! No! Zambian is NOT like Somalia. That is satanic thinking. We are not like Somalia, maybe YOU.

      Sin is everywhere. These are the consequences of sin written about in the Bible in Romans 6 vs 23 that “The wages of sin is death”. Both the boy and the girl sinned by having sex prior to marriage. Further, the Bible in Exodus 20 vs 12 says “Honour your father and mother so that you may live long….”. I am very sure the parents of the GIRL and BOY must have been advising both against such behaviour. Let the two marry after everything. They will become advocates for virtues. In case we have forgotten, to honour means to follow the advice of someone. They both miserably failed.

  4. Ba stop stealin frm clients I want my talk time,ninshi imwe ba fikalaa? U kno the economy is bitin and u also want to start stealin frm me

  5. Ba airtel stop stealin frm clients I want my talk time,ninshi imwe ba fikalaa? U kno the economy is bitin and u also want to start stealin frm me

  6. …such stories are supposed to be published everywhere if possible with pictures of the victim in bandages…it may just save 1 or 2 girls somewhere from being in similar situation….I mean in motherhood as young as she is……day in day out, there are condom adverts….HIV alerts but the young stars just choose to ignore….
    …the girl is still in a state of shock….she was crying out for losing her arm but did not realise that she still had her most precious ‘possession’…LIFE….
    …..when the police went to smoke the ‘monster’ out from his hiding chamber….they could have advised him to run away and then SHOOT the burger….such barbaric creatures do no deserve to ‘live’ among humans including prisoners…..

  7. This was an extremely diabolical act. Nothing will reverse the damage caused on the poor Girl. The Legal Freternity should find every possible Law so that if found Guilty, the culprit should also have his arm or both, chopped off as well. It seems to me that the culprit smokes something, that has no label on it or worse still, even takes drugs.

  8. LT shuwa…. Left arm then right arm… heading says baby lost, a aunt Faustine Daka claims she is still four months pregnant. Awe mwe… Let me just stop; this is distracting.

  9. No sex before marriage. It only leads to problems. Now she has to be out of school a long time in order to recover, then start the whole process of learning to write with the left hand, if that’s the hand that survived, meanwhile his life is ruined. They’ll never see the child they made together. Ruination all around. If only they had waited, planned their future together, they’d have learned a new word: bliss.

  10. abaike ukutemwa bukende, mwabona nomba ifyabakulu fyabakulu. banoko nabawiso tabakalilepo nangu ni wanungwee pabukende bobe. ikyupo nakyo katwisi ngamukakibona nokuboko kumo,isukulu lalyo mukalemba shani ekisamu?

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