Justice Minister appoints board members of the Zambia Law Development Commission

Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula
Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula

Acting President Ngosa Simbyakula officiates at Youth Day Celebrations at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka on March 12,2015PICTURE BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/ STATEHOUSE.
Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula

Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula has appointed members to sit on the Zambia Law Development Commission (ZLDC) Board.

The Board will be Chaired by Supreme Court Judge Justice Roydah Kaoma.

Other members include Dr Ernest M. Beele, representative of the Law School of the University of Zambia, Dr Sipula Kabanji, representative of the Law School of the Zambia Open University and Ms Jane Chinkusu, representative of a research institute.

The other members are Mrs Patricia D. Jere, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice responsible for legal matters, Mr. Mwewa Chola, representative of the Attorney- General, Mrs Tafuna Mumba-Phiri, representative of the Law Association of Zambia, Professor Francis Tembo, representative of the National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research and Dr Alfred J. Sumani, representative of the National Science and Technology Council.

The rest are Mr Mukuli S. Chikuba, representative of the Ministry responsible for Finance, Mr Winner Kanyembo, representative of the National Arts Council, Dr Musonda Lemba, nominee of the Minister of Justice and Mr Andrew Mwanakulanga, nominee of the Minister of Justice.

Dr Simbyakula who unveiled the ZLDC Board urged the appointees to ensure that there is increased awareness among members of the general public so that as key stakeholders, they participate in the review and development of legislation.

The Legal Minister advised the Board to intensify its interaction with the public by holding seminars and conferences to discuss contemporary legal issues.

He stated that government attaches great importance to the role the ZLDC plays as a catalyst for law revision and reform

He pledged government’s commitment to improving the funding and profile of the Commission in order to assist it achieve its mandate.

Last month, Cabinet approved the names of Commissioners of the Board with a call for it to deliver to the expectations of the Zambia people.

Zambia Law Development Commission is a corporate body which is mandated to research and make recommendations on the socio-political values of the Zambian people that should be incorporated into legislation.


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