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Prisoners in Nchelenge sleeping in standing position due to congestion

Rural News Prisoners in Nchelenge sleeping in standing position due to congestion

IN-MATES at Nchelenge Prison are spending nights on their feet because of congestion at the correctional facility, it has been learnt.

This came to light during a basic human rights workshop organised by the Paralegal Alliance Network in Mansa recently.

Participants drawn from law enforcement agencies, civil society and the media heard that because of limited space in the cells, the prisoners spend the nights standing.

A law enforcement official said that some suspects suffer swollen feet and they attend court sessions in poor health.

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  1. You can tell how a nation is civilised or uncivilised by the way it treats its most vulnerable members. What is happening is Mansa is disgraceful to all of us as a society. It is an indictment of our attitudes to those who have done wrongs to society and perhaps rightly need to be punished.

  2. title… title ba LT..very few spices can sleep on their feet…some birds, bats can not a human being…
    …you are right by saying ‘spending the night standing’… not sleeping..
    …just re-introduce weekend lockups for pet cases….

  3. @Choobe. These are prisoners! Yaba! Read and understand before you post rubbish.

    Prison is not meant to be a luxury holiday! Let them suffer so that they don’t do it again! These bloomin’ Human Rights chaps are the reason why these chaps never reform. What about the people whose lives they have destroyed? Nonsense

    • You are an animal Stella. If they are still attending court cases, its possible someone of them may not even be guilty of the crimes they are accused of. I wish they could lock your a$$ up!

  4. @Stella, apparently you are the one who should read before you post rubbish. There appears to be remandees also at that prison. A law enforcement official says some suspects suffer swollen feet as they attend court sessions……….check the last paragraph please. Am sure you had problems with comprehension at school.

  5. It is foolish for a government to try to do things it cannot afford. Dont send people to prison if you cant look after them you *****s.
    Some magistrates need a bullet in their thick heads.

  6. Why not have tents in yards behind Prison centres as ad hoc solutions to shortages in prison accommodations?

  7. My advice is for Luapula province to not vote for RB as u did ati fintu ni lungu .
    RB and Lungu at the expense of building more prisons have looted the coffers with a multi billion contract with his son and katumbi to purchase a bigger jet for themselves and get more money in their pockets.
    RB is ruling u and Henry Banda .
    You are repaying d debts to him.
    Party swallowed by RB eastern mbeba .

  8. Losing freedom and hard labour is punishment enough. To imprison someone before they are found guilty is a crime too. Nearly all those who are “sentenced” before they are put on trial and poor and cannot afford a lawyer and bail. God’s justice will not spare the so-called leaders for some of these “sins” against his people.

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