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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Government says Zambia Police Service require 1,600 recruits

General News Government says Zambia Police Service require 1,600 recruits

Zambia Police officrs march during the swearing-in of President Lungu
Zambia Police officrs march during the swearing-in of President Lungu

Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila says the Zambia Police Service requires recruiting 1,600 Police Officers this year.

Mr Mwila says his Ministry will liaise with the Ministry of Finance for a possible increment on budget so that more officers close to 2,600 are recruited.

Mr Mwila says government has however given his Ministry permission to recruit 500 police officers only.

The Home Affairs Minister was speaking last evening when he featured on ZNBC’ Sunday Interview programme.

“Government has given us a go-ahead to recruit 500 police officers only but that number would entail 50 officers per province hence lam appealing to the Ministry of Finance to consider increasing funding to us to enable us execute this very important exercise,” Mr Mwila said.

The Home Affairs Minister could however, not state how much money is required for the recruitment exercise.

He hoped that the crime wave in the country would reduce when the officers are recruited.

Mr Mwila commended the police officers in the country for working tirelessly though in very difficult challenges.

He appealed to them to remain discipline and loyal to their Commander of the Armed Forces and Head of State, President Edgar Lungu and the entire PF party leadership.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwila has disclosed that 600 prison and 200 immigration officers would also be employed this year in order to beef up staffing levels.

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  1. If he doesn’t know how much is needed interns of monetary figures.

    He has rushed to the media and is not fit for purpose


    • Up the game. Recruit graduates only. It time we started respecting our men and women in uniform as educated. Colonialist had made these jobs look like they were only fit for standard 2s.

    • @mushota.just like your first comment under Nevers on his” demand for reconciliation”.madam sometimes try to write in Bemba coz your English is ever bad.I know you always rush to make a first comment. Try to go through you comment before post.

    • MUSHOTA is a cartel of individuals on LT that needs to be dismantled, an opportunity for research on on-line media and blogging-a curse or a blessing. Wait, I’m not saying anyone should recommend that the cartels online should be dismantled by a tribunal.
      Before we even go there, witch-hunt, bitterness and in-fighting has to stop from the top to bottom in ZAMBIA. Mutembo and Mmembe need to offer to pay back what they owe, RB has to step back, Government should reorganization to realign policy for private sector to start playing. I have recommended Government of National Unit before but it’s late now. We now have to act in another way. There is no money to train tomato-selling graduates as policemen, government is about to shut down. Action is needed and now.

    • The other factors in the Zambian quagmire are Guy Scott and Henry Banda for different reasons. A sort of compromise needs to be arrived at for the good of the country. Am not saying anything people don’t know already. MUSHOTA online and Stella ‘TOMATO’ SATA are a scapegoat. The problems are within our system and the solution is within.

  2. Zambia Army, ZAF just recruits relatives as officers, and force other graduates to join poor ZP. If you are a graduate and join Police immediately you start training all your brains become washed as poverty is induced in you. The only thing you will always know is how to get money from people in order to survive. ZAF, Army, ZNS have places for good drinks and ZP have only chibuku tarvens.

  3. I hope we will not have cadres being recruited, we have so much incompetency in the police service and it is high time the bar was raised to bring back integrity in the police service. Please consider only graduates people with only school certificates otherwise we risk the continuation of having incompetent services.

  4. 50 per Province, that’s too small please, so that’s about 10 people because these so called officers have to recruit may 2 each of their relatives.

  5. No wonder PF is to the point when it says it will no create jobs. 50 jobs per province, these positions can be filled in by one location in Kawata. what a shame. Anyways, here comes the jobs for cadres from a party we all know.

  6. the number is too small,i ask the ministry of finance to provide more funds for police officers,that is goverrment not a private instituition

  7. Fairness in selecting pipo wen recruiting must be there nt jst picking relatives lik da way it is done in da Zaf,Zns and Army.Also govnt must fully involved in da selection unlik da way it is done 4 da past years.Corruption pa zed is a serious disease which nids 2 b eradicate.No cadres pliz we beg u moreover recruit graduates.

  8. Brothers and sisters we thank God for our father Dr Kaunda for the blessing .let’s be realistic are there police people without certificates in this error.any body would employ there own as long as they are qualified above all God gives jobs.PF pliz employ pipo to reduce poverty afta all their salaries wil come back to you through taxes they pay I really want to join immigration or customs.

  9. This will help me to archive my dream without hesitation of the Devil……and praying for whoever will do apply this seat be recommended without indicators of poverty…..May God bless the government earnestly,…..??????

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