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PF responds to HH’s Dark Days remarks

General News PF responds to HH's Dark Days remarks

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda


LUSAKA, APRIL 06, 2015 — We note that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in his statement about ZESCO captioned as “ZESCO CONTINUES TO DOOM ZAMBIA’S ECONOMY – MORE DARK DAYS!” acknowledges the main reason to the challenges the power utility company would grapple with, which is reduced water levels due to erratic rain season. As Mr. Hichilema knows too well, no Government has monopoly over climatic and weather conditions considering that Zambia has historically been dependent on hydro-electric power and not on other sources of energy such as nuclear, thermal, coal, among others. Unless Mr. Hichilema seeks to project himself as a Rain-maker who can raise the water levels at the Itezhi-Tezhi reservoir and Kariba Dam, the challenges owing to erratic climatic and weather patterns are part of the reasons why PF in Government is investing into expansion of existing hydro-power infrastructure but also going further to diversify to other energy sources such as Solar.

While Mr. Hichilema elects to politic over these matters which the UPND manifesto remains inadequate to address, the PF in Government is working towards addressing energy challenges both in the intermediate and long-term. To this effect, ZESCO has announced to the nation it its “ZESCO Customer News – Issue 2”, released on 2nd April 2015, and which Mr. Hichilema would be wiser to read, that it has embarked on a number of projects to mitigate the power deficits that have been the main cause for power interruptions. One of the many projects is Itezhi-Tezhi, the 120 MW hydropower project worth approximately USD $245 million and scheduled for completion by 31st October 2015. This project is owned by ZESCO and Tata of India. ZESCO owns 50% and similarly, Tata owns 50%. Apart from the anticipated increase in the supply of quality and reliable power, and its significance in mitigating the power deficit in Zambia, the project will also provide a catalyst for economic empowerment and growth in the Agriculture, tourism and commercial sectors of the nation.

We wish the nation to know that the PF in Government is already working to improve operational efficiencies at the power utility company as can be evidenced by the recent changes at the strategic levels of the corporation. PF in Government has time and again observed that Zambia does not have major problems with generation of power per se but with transmission and distribution due to aging equipment and infrastructure in general. Indeed some of the strategic international trips His Excellency President Edgar Lungu has embarked on are aimed at attracting the much desired investment in the energy sector, which Mr. Hichilema and his colleague Ms. Edith Nawakwi have been criticizing. The attraction of such investments at both Government to Government and PPPs remains critical in transforming the country’s energy sector to meet present and future demands.

We also note that while Mr. Hichilema proffers some solutions from his UPND manifesto in addressing these challenges, PF in Government is addressing over and beyond his four solutions for the ZESCO. Mr. Hichilema would be wiser to know that the PF in Government is not only improving the existing capacity of hydro-electric power generation, it is also working towards diversification of the sources of power, to include Solar as evidenced by the soon-to-be launched Solar Milling Plants, as a Presidential initiative across all the ten (10) provinces of Zambia. It is common knowledge that these will further reduce demand on the singular source of power which is hydro.

While Mr. Hichilema opts to trade in falsehoods that the value of the Eurobond injection into ZESCO has not been seen, he would be wiser to know that ZESCO has completed five projects financed by part of the Eurobond received from Government in 2012. The five projects completed are the 33KV overhead line from Chongwe to Avondale, which was commissioned recently. The 33KV overhead line will cushion load-shedding in Lusaka’s Roma, Olympia, Garden, Matero, Chelston, Avondale, Ibex Hill, and Kaunda Square stage 1 and 2. Other projects are the Katuba sub-station in Chibombo, the Switching Gear Station at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka, Ngwerere Sub-station in Lusaka, and the installation of two transformers at Matero sub-station. The newly-constructed Chongwe sub-station will cater for Rufunsa, some parts of Eastern Province and some of the new economic developments in Chongwe. This information is in the public domain, the same public Mr. Hichilema seeks to alarm and misinform.

It therefore would not surprise Zambians if at all Mr. Hichilema is looking for a window to privatize ZESCO like he did in the past with other Government parastatals. He is not different from Ms. Nawakwi who proposes the privatization of TAZARA. Zambians must know that these are privatization addicts who seriously need rehabilitation.

Issued by: Sunday Chanda (Mr) –
Vice Chairperson: PF Media and Publicity Committee


  1. Why exactly is this response in caps?

    A Blackman will remain the most dull species you will ever home across.


    • PF cadres, they don’t know the difference between government & a political party.

      PF, its HH’s rights to account from PF govt & not merely a Political party. Surely what HH has said over ZESCO makes sense, only a scumbag of lunatics wouldn’t comprehend it. Zesco losses over $9000 worthy of power in a minute b’coz of load shedding whilst Board members such a the former “Father” Bwalya murderer of chickens was getting hefty salaries.

      When will PF really work? The economy & kwacha are in limbo but busy with statements of attacking HH & oppositions.

      Sunday Chanda, let Zesco or govt spokesperson make such statements not a PF cadre. What is PF doing with the decomposing economy & kwacha?

      The Skeleton Key


    • People, go easy on Sunday, it is a Tuesday after all. Compounds in Lusaka are flooded as I write and next you will hear Sunday saying heavy rainfall is due to HH. I have always said, as long as PF is in power, Zambians should expect the worst

    • How can this stupid and dull man say, unless HH is a rain marker, Are we not not receiving good rains this time around?

    • PF are a confused flock of suckers.
      What had a cadre as Sunday-Kaponya Chanda allowed to ejaculate on ZESCO from the Davies Chama’s secretariat?
      UPND is advising PF government how to run national affairs, HH has nothing to do with Davies Chama.
      If PF government understood what Policy is, then Kambwili or Yaluma could have responded.

  2. Thats how HH feels and no one can force him to feel the way we want HH went thru a great disapointment and nothing good can be seen from this country. His experirnce is can be described as opposite of what lungu is going thru. Thats why Bembas say uulelila taba muceba kukanwa

  3. The moment HH or nawakwi will say Edgar Lungu is a male, this Sunday and kambwili will hold press conferences to say that it is false and malicious. Some people must be so bored in life that they will respond to anything. That is not good for your brain sir. Do something intelligent for once…….like try thinking for at least two minutes a day.

  4. It is true what Mr HH is saying. Whatever the PF government is doing now regarding the project in question is just going to end up like many other failed or abandoned projects around the country owing to high levels of self aggrandizement by PF officials, a culture that is very rife in the PF party.

  5. Its unfortunate that Zambia has more politicians than leaders whose work is to flex muscles in local and international scenes trying to outdo one another. I say categorically and without fear of contradiction that neither Lungu nor HH has the ability to revert Zambia to it’s former glory, notwithstanding their blindfolded political supporters’ criticism. Neither of them posesses the necessary national leading intellect. They are mere tribal chiefs, selfseekers as opposed to national figures. Prove me wrong with relevant facts.

    • What facts?
      Are you a decision maker? Don’t waste time on useless arguments concerning governance. Zambia has no former glory, neither is hh comparable to ECL. Unless one lacks the ability to analyse issues hh loudly talks about. The greatest difference between hh and ECL is that hh is not a Presidential material while ECL is already a practicing and governing President of the Republic of Zambia. If one does not see that then he would not know the facts.
      I do advise those that support hh to think again and start practising business ideas he gives free of charge so that they improve their beings. Ati hh compared to ECL …ata se…

  6. @mushota.just today this is the third comment I have read so far from you with wrong english.its inevitable to see because you always rush to make a first comment.please since your english is ever bad you can try to write in bemba.check your comment before posting.you and Kaingu are really embarrassments to other PHD holders. You can make one mistake but repeating mistakes under three different comments within 2hrs.mmmmh!

  7. This Sunday a job seeker just keep quite. Have you forgotten how you were almost beaten at unza? If you continue with this type of mentality you will be shocked one day. What data do you have to respond to real man HH..You are just useles f00l without direction, integrity and good manners.

  8. So these PF muppets can attempt to write complete sentences in English after all! Why isn’t the PF Press Release in Bemba, the “official language” they are pushing for in all spheres of life in Zambia?

  9. I said it yesterday, and I will say it again today. Sunday Chanda is now behaving like some rabid mongrel backing at its own shadow. You don’t have to always respond to everything the opposition does. Next time he will start quarreling with his own shadow for following him.

  10. This is the very reason I don’t take PF, seriously because its leadership seems to be in a limbo. There is no professionalism or protocol so to say Anyone can say anything. Does this party have a party spokes person or a government spokes person??

  11. Sunday, please spend your time wisely and advise you govt how to improve the economy of our country and not responding to anything and everything HH put across.

  12. (1)U said dont vote for edgar is a drunkard,upto now no signs (2) u said dont vote for edgar is a womaniser,upto now no signs (3) dont vote for edgar he is Muslim,up2 now no signs (4) dont vote for edgar he is a sick man,upto now no signs (5) no dont vote for lungu,he’ll bring boko haram,upto now no signs. Mwamona ati muli ma shiluu kaaa?we in kitwe made the right choice

    • I live in Kitwe……but that was not a good choice to me. I didn’t vote for EL..and I don’t regret at all.

  13. When there are campaigns there is no black outs.If you find that almost everyone in a family is bickering then know that it is a confused family. PF is an example! wait and see the end of PF.

  14. The PF should employ competent people to respond to credible criticism. Surely the scapegoat is erractic rain? So in the wynter and fall when there is no rain, there should be a total blackout? We have received enough rain except it has not been evenly distributed. That means there is enough water in our livers and lakes.

  15. True what Jo is saying….48 hrs now in Emmasdal, there is no power. People had to go to school and/or work with un ironed uniforms or clothes. SHAME ON PF

    HH is right!

  16. 99.9% of the response answers to issues raised and 0.1% is personality attack (privatisation addict), which is good news for Zambian politics.
    While Mushota, all she can do, is insult the African race!

  17. Kenya like Zambia depends a lot on hydro which is affected by drought. Kenya has improved its energy mix by generating some of its electricity using its abundant geothermal. Zambia can also generate power through thermal power stations using coal which is abundant. Solar is only suitable for peak loads because it is not available 24/7. Yes, coal is a pollutant but countries like S.A., India and China continue using coal despite international protests. Perhaps HH was too young, the Kariba Lake did not fill up for 10 years in the 80’s and early 90’s. So low was the lake that a Lozi man constructed his house within the dry reservoir area only to be flooded later. Zambia should also consider diverting the Kafue waters through a canal to Kariba Dam so that the water can be reused twice.

    • Sorry. “So that the water can be reused twice” is tautology. It should have read, “So that the water can be used twice or reused.”

  18. Hakainde is an alarmist. I like what Sunday Chanda is doing and that’s why UPND zealots are hurting here. Be assured that HH will be responded to whether he likes it or not. President Lungu won’t waste time responding to bitter criticism from HH. He is focusing on developing Zambia, not playing ping pong with HH at the loser. kekeke…ati privatization addicts in need of rehab…lol! Sunday Chanda for me mwe!!!!

  19. @Chox.com: Do not be too emotional while expressing your opinion. Supporting EL does not ultimately guarantee you to downplay supporters of HH. Damaging his reputation is further clarification of how tribal you have sunk. Maintain sobriety. After all it is just an opinion.

  20. Ba Chanda why are you defending this rot from PF ? Instead you must help offer suggestions to these leaders who are leading us astray. Talk about the currency and the implications there-in the long run.You have no clue,onle responding to HH.Shame on you.

  21. …do you ever wonder why some people in diaspora find it difficult to make up their minds to get back home and settle…??…because their children have gotten used to what I may refer to as ‘NORMAL’ life and living out there….when my brother was on holiday in Zed with his family sometime last year….his 10 year old son kept asking me why we were constantly in the dark…I said that was load shading and he asked me what load shading was and I explained and then he said when is it going to end….I said I don’t know….then he asked me why there is no enough electricity to go round…I couldn’t answer that….
    …next, I heard him telling his father that he wants to go back ‘HOME’…UK…..

  22. Akainde is an attention seeker who should not be taken seriously just like in the past years.
    Yesterday when he released article on zesco after reading through I laughed and said that it’s a tip off from his mole on govt regarding what the Pf intends to do shortly and here we are. He wanted to look smart by even cooking up figures which are wrong. How much do I lose if power is cut off for say 1hhr at my house. Nothing is the answer. Why because power interruptions are scheduled so I plan for it.
    Take the alarmist akainde seriously at your own perils.
    The guy is still hurting and he needs a physiotherapist Kikikikiki.

  23. Sunday let government respond to what HH said….all of us want to know….this is no time for campaign messages….

  24. Akainde doesn’t deserve a response by the government official He needs to be taking with people who are at his level of thinking besides He needs to see the physiotherapist Kikikikiki because chilema.

    • @ “ass licking bob”

      Unfortunately, neither you or your masters are at the same intellectual or moral level with HH to be able to understand the meaning of what he has to say.

  25. President Nawakwi. Leave that great lady alone. Continue fighting PF and UPND. Nawakwi makes great observations; now every one and their political stooges want to copy. Anyway emulation is the best form of flattery.

    Viva President Nawakwi.

  26. What sunday chanda has said makes sense. Only if one doesn’t understand what he is talking about…
    The Zambian government has to be given space and see what they are working towards, during the campaigns they promised to work towards load shading, and that’s what they are doing and looking at HH’s statement it has no value. He lacks proper advisers those who would tell him what is right or what is wrong. He just “mumbles” saying what he doesn’t know. Yes he is an economist, but a dull one for that matter. And those who support what ever he says I pity them. Let them use the language with respect that’s what they lack most.

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