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Zambia Police clarify the number of deaths from the Kafue and Mazabuka accidents

Headlines Zambia Police clarify the number of deaths from the Kafue and Mazabuka...

FIVE people died on the spot while 16 others sustained injuries after the Toyota Hino truck Reg. No. AKB 1527 they were travelling in was hit into by a passenger train at a rail crossing in Kafue.

The accident happened on 6th April 2015 around 19:00 hours after the driver of the truck failed to give way to the train which had the right of way.

In a statement by Police spokesperson Charity Chanda released in Lusaka today, out of the injured, 13 sustained serious injuries while three were treated and discharged. There were however, no casualties on the train.

The driver of the truck fled the scene and a man hunt has been launched for him.

Meanwhile, an onlooker who wanted to take advantage of the situation by stealing from the scene of accident also sustained serious injuries after being beaten by members of the public.

The bodies of the deceased are lying in Kafue District hospital mortuary while those injured are admitted to the same hospital.

In a related development, the police has clarified that the official number of people who died in the Mazabuka accident which happened in the early hours of 6th April 2015 is 17 and not as reported in some sections of the media.

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  1. ZNBC kept on repeating 18 dead in Mazabuka on their news while the scrolling headlines said 17. Can’t these muppets do anything right, even counting the dead?

  2. still very sad. if Chriwa was not frustrated we could have had railway crossing boom gates on all our road crossing from the $120m Euro bond. but what has Atanga who does not know train security issues done? he has missused the money

    • Do you honestly think boom gates will stop a maniac or tired driver who drives over two foot humps at over 100km/h . Its a different approach needed from driver education, fatigue management, alcohol drug dependant driving and enforcement that will curb this crisis. You’re in =Ozzie you know what am talking about!!

  3. Is it the police clarifying or is the Lusaka Times? It appears like it is the Lusaka Times who rushed to report without proper investigations.

  4. You Cat power. Do you live in Aussie bush to discount the effectiveness of train boom gates? yes few do at times have ignored boom gates warning and have been killed. but the system has saved many lives. with long all grass along the Zambian highways, the driver may have not known that a train was about to cross the road. had there been a boom gate, he probably could have seen the boom gate lights and stopped. yes, driver education, fatigue management, alcohol & drug are issues to look it but don’t discount the effectiveness of the train boom gates, unless if you live in the OZ bush.

    • Man, you have started a serious debate. Did the train cross the road or the truck crossed the rail line?

  5. All the people who are dying are being sacrificed by the President who was supposed to have died this year. So he went to South Africa and consulted Sangoma who told him to sacrifice 100 people within the month of April 2015.

    Watch the space, more people will die this month in road carnage than any other month. Ignore my advise at your own peril.

    Prayers are needed to avert this, otherwise the president has sacrificed a lot of Zambian Lives to replace his eminent departure.

    For you people who are traveling this month, be careful and ensure that you pray before your journey.

    You believed the propaganda that the president spent the whole one week in South Africa in Hospital. The truth is that he also consulted Ng’anga who told him to sacrifice to avoid dying.
    I thank you.

    • You believe in human sacrifice. Even where you have no facts you accuse innocent people of what you do.

  6. Harry Rednapp once challenged the loudest shouting fan in the terraces by giving him a no 10 team jersey in the second half of a game and told the teammates that things were not going well at that point so he had decided to bring in a new signing from Bulgaria who once played in the world cup. ECL we LT bloggers want to part of the solution to the second part of SATA’s term for which you are president. We played in the AFCON when MALI did very well. We will bring along the Zambian girls that are divorced and stranded in Mali to come and cheer as we help you. MoFA, Kalala sort out the diaspora policy, am in!!

  7. People died and here are the police trying to clarify on the figures! Whether its one person or 50 who perished, the fact still remains that there was loss of life. What we need to be concerned about is improved safety on our roads. It is amazing that the government doesn’t pay attention to safety. Most of our major roads have no markings. If you drive from Lusaka to Ndola you will notice that our roads have no markings for very long stretches, which makes driving in the night extremely dangerous. Why are we like this in Zambia? Why do we lack seriousness in all the important things we do? Just check on the road contracts; they were all corruptly awarded, ending up with sub-standard finished works that are so dangerous to the unsuspecting motorist. We need to hold the govt accountable.

  8. @Pastor Richard: What evidence can you present to justify your allegations? No wonder the title pastor.

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