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Zambian women stranded in Mali after divorce

General News Zambian women stranded in Mali after divorce

ZAMBIAN women who got married to Malians and living in that country have appealed to government to help them come back home after being divorced.

Foreign Affairs permanent secretary George Zulu told Hot FM news that government is currently investigation the matter and if there any issues it will engage the Malian government to resolve the problem.

“We are currently investigating the matter and if there is anything we will engage the Malian government for assistance,” Mr Zulu said.

He added that those seeking diplomatic services can go to the nearest embassy in Abuja, Nigeria where they can be assisted.

Zambian women living in Mali have been left stranded after being divorced by their Malian husbands. Their passports have also been confiscated by the former husbands leaving the women stranded on the streets; the foreign affairs ministry has been informed.

“We came here [Mali] in 1999 and I was happily married. Little did I know that my husband had left four wives in Bamako. I discovered that he was a married man later. I am stranded and struggling for survival. I want to return to Zambia,” said Emma Sakala.

Ms Sakala met her husband in Kitwe in 1998 and relocated to Bamako the following year.

“When we arrived here, it was all rosy but little did I know that he was a married man,” she said.

Ms Sakala said her husband grabbed her passport when they arrived in Bamako.

Another Zambian, Mary Chalwe, is also nostalgic about Zambia.

Ms Chalwe moved to Bamako with her husband in 2002.

“We divorced in 2005 and I am suffering. Why should I suffer when I have relatives in Zambia?” she asked. Ms Chalwe lost her passport in 2006.

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    • These women still believe that everything foreign is better than the local. Let them get back to Zambia and join tomato-selling graduates and a government run by cadres and drunkards.

    • Ati go to embassy in Nigeria… These PF, how can those 2 women travel without passports? Why not the Zambian embassy PF officials travel to Bamako instead?
      Just close down that Zambian government.

    • I haven’t commented for some time but George Zulu you’re an absolute I,diot.
      How does someone without a passport cross a border to Abuja ? Kekekekekeke. Wasisekesa we chipuba in that position. Sorry to call you this but its like a Minister of health asking people to go to a hospital when there is none. Yaaa you’re truly fo.olish alleluia

    • Cat power this bitterness, cartel and Stella SATA graduate tomato-selling culture has to stop for now. What will need to win the day is the Zambian spirit. Zambia is in a predicament from top to bottom and all these are just offshoots. Am in!!

    • Zambian women are the most stu.pid when it comes to foreign men. Mali is so poor and everyone knows Muslims marry multiple women, who in their right mind would move to Mali – A Zambian woman.

    • My American government would do everything possible to get me back at any cost. It just shows you were the government priorities are.

  1. Let’s deport all Malians, Senes and Nigerians as they are a threat to Zambia. I’m not being xenophobic just factual, Senes steal our emeralds and abuse our women, Nigerians involve our women in drug dealing and in all cases where Zambians are arrested abroad there are Nigerians behind those cases. Let’s not be complacent other West Africans like Ghanians are not so bad as they are often doing straight business here but the rest these useless Senes, Malians and Nigerians please let’s be rid of them.

  2. Lifetime commitment should not be taken so lightly. However, the women’s rush for material well-being to foreigners has brought all this disgrace. Let the govt assist them because East or West, home is best.

  3. Was the govt involved when you were praising the west Africans for being better men in bed than us Zed Men? Sha!! Suffer till will don’t hear of you silly women

  4. Hahahahaha!!!!! Always remember that not all that glitters is Gold. I’m very sure that these women must have cancelled by their relatives against marrying these foreign guys. Mwaona manje??

  5. We do not know under what circumstances these women got married with the Malian men for us to be so critical and assume it was for financial or material reasons. Stereo typing all west African not wanting them to be in Zambia or having to do nothing with them is not that far removed from the tribal tendencies that some the bloggers exhibit on this forum and elsewhere. When one has been exposed to more cultures and people from other countries you will get to realise that we are all one people and have the same aspirations in life. While there is high proportion of west African men who are involved in dubious dealing in Zambia and elsewhere many more are decent human beings trying to earn an honest leaving..so we should be too suspicious of Zambian women genuinely love and marry foreign men

  6. i was dismayed to hear that Zesco united had a good support base in Mali in there encounter with Fc kaloum kanshi its these stranded women bwafya

  7. Dear Mr Zulu,
    How do these women go to Nigeria from Mali if there passports have been taken away?

    Is it just Zambia that has passport controls or the whole world ?

  8. these women have learn’t their lessons. Let GRZ help them come home. Every sensible govt gets involved in the affairs of their citizens in trouble overseas. Australia is a good example with the Bali nine on death row. But PF is full of dull ministers and they want women with no passports travel to Nigeria. How do they travel to Nigerian embassy without passports and money? Zambian embassy staff in Nigeria should travel to Mali and see these women and help them. it is time we demonstrated our true Zambian spirit

  9. Zambian women never learn. Flash a 5 US Dollar in front of them, and they are all yours. Muletekanya bakashana, twasebana.

    But this is sad reading. The government should step in immediately to bring these and many others trapped in west Africa back home. How do you expect them to travel to Abuja surely?

    These women will want to bring their Malian/Nigerian/Senegalese children back to zed as well. Zambian women are too short sighted, and do not believe in having a Plan B. This is what happens when you are not patient, and too eager to be secured without assessing the costs.

    Anyway, why does zed have too many Nigerians/Malians/Senegalese?

  10. lets learn from Americans who can spend billions to save a life of an American. Ask those officers from Nigeria to go to mali becoz they have means of getting there. Hon kalaba show the world that the govt cares about citizens by bringing back our sisters

    • Why bring them back? Which zambian man is going to manage them after a senegal has passed through. There are no threads left.

  11. bana mayo multekanya of all people you fall for Malian? Zambian men are the best for you.Muli muchibe under PF,forget

  12. ..as usual more questions arise….in most countries there is a judicial process to administer divorce if the marriage was legitimate….and usually such process favour women…..for instant that Ms chalwe…she got divorced in 2005….10 hell years ago and she is only blowing the whistle now…something amiss here….she may have been given enough ‘share’ to travel to Zed but could not travel then because of embarrassment especially to those people she mocked back in Zed when she was leaving for Bamako,,,or those people who tried to advised her not to trust that marriage and stay home but she wouldn’t listen….. she has blown all what she was given and she is now crying for help…do you wander why the combination phrase of..’WOMEN AND CHILDREN’…. because they are the same..

  13. This is typical of most Zambians who believe in a quick buck. They will do anything to get just a little bit more money – graduates selling tomatoes, politicians stealing the national coffers, corrupt police, satanism, international drug trafficking, women marrying Malians etc. Zambians are a lost cause. With no morals and principles, in money they trust!

  14. Has any Zambian embassy ever helped a desperate ordinary citizen other than ministers? I very much admire the British, whenever there is a calamity anywhere in the world they will quickly find out if any British was involved and will step in to help.
    It is unfair to condemn these women now before they step on Zambian soil. They are Zambians and the GRZ must do everything possible to get them back home.

  15. This is not a new issue. The crisis has been going on for a very long time – decades may be. I remember, during the MMD government, when Zambia played in that country, some footballers organised a small collection for these ladies. They also promised that they would make representations to the Zambian government. Of course, as it has already been mentioned, the Zambian government only acts if it is government officials or their relatives who are affected. That said, what happened to support from relatives also? I think it is just a symptom of a society that does not care!

  16. if you are devorced why should your ex hold your passport?these women and good living,thats the out come.

  17. Many people in our govt are afraid of real work otherwise they would have already started doing something regarding this issue.

  18. These people made a personal decision which they should accept to live with, especially that their husbands have not consented or brought back lobola as evidenced to holding onto their passports. This should remind us that this is purely a personal matter by the parties involved. Please,lets respect marriage institutions. Please, leave the govt out of this and let families involved deal with it.

    • Why should it only be ok for Zambian men who marry foreign women to settle in Zambia, and not ok if Zambian women follow their foreign spouse to their home counries?

  19. There are Zambian women married to foreigners all over the world who are stranded because of “passports” not only in Mali. Some of them find it difficult to come back after divorce or death of a spouse because they no longer hold Zambian citizenships, it would be more easier if they had Dual-citizenships like in civilized countries.

  20. Any government worth it’s salt would not even ask; or publicise this issue; they would just act. Damn, what a people!! Our own blood is suffering there and a government is not willing to help?

  21. Firstly the government should act, secondly all the bitter women responding here please shut up. This is a diplomatic case that the government of the republic of Zambia has to deal with immediately. All costs incurred, these women and their families can pay the tax payers back.

    Viva Nawakwi.

  22. George Zulu.. Cipuba. (one of the useless officials Sata left behind) How you expect another gvt to help Zam citizens?

  23. Well those women are zambians ;what ever they did wrong they are still your sisters . Idont know how perfect you are, but no man is good but God alone.

  24. Big and foreign is BETTER. Simukwanisa ma Zambians. Chalwe na sakala wanted big, strong and foreign. Kikikiki.

  25. The honorable thing for the gvt to do is to urgently step In and bring them bck home. That’s the pride of every noble gvt. As for our zambian sisters remember always that it will never cease to be true that The devil know you know will always be better than the Angel you don’t know.Have pride in your own Amadoda

  26. Even a fool would claim to be Zambian. If by foolishness they stole Zambian passport, why not spend that money for NORtec? Diwe unamupelekako ku bwamba?

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