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Zambia made a grave mistake by voting Lungu-Wynter Kabimba

General News Zambia made a grave mistake by voting Lungu-Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba speaking at the launch of the Rainbow  Party
Wynter Kabimba speaking at the launch of the Rainbow Party

Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba has charged that the worst is yet to befall the country because the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has no capacity to run the country.

Mr. Kabimba tells QFM News by telephone that people should expect the worst from the PF because the challenges the country is facing are nothing compared to what is coming as a result of poor planning by the PF.

He says voting for President Edgar Lungu during the January 20th Presidential by-election was a grave mistake the Zambian people made.

Mr. Kabimba states that it is clear in the minds of the Zambian people that the PF under President Lungu has no capacity to run the nation.

He says he hopes the Zambian people have learnt lessons for voting aimlessly.

Mr. Kabimba, who is also former PF Secretary General, says it is important that the Zambian people evaluate the alleged poor performance of the PF and remove the party from office in 2016.

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    • Kabimba Kabimba what solutions are you offering.? You see why I have a problem with HH, is because he does not offer solutions, I am certain I will have a problem with your too. Don’t say we cant tell pf what to do because they wont listen to advice…you would have done your part, so, offer solutions then.


    • We should pray so that Jesus can come and vote in the next elections, you will find that he will know which candidate is best for Zambia or maybe he is probably busy with other assignments in America where he lives.

    • Big Loser, HH’s last time around criticized ZESCO and offered solution, have a look. The fact that you cant see the difference between HH and Kabimba, it explains why you still support PF even after the founders Sata(rip), Scott( kicked out), Kibimba(rainbow party) are no more. All i see in PF now are opportunists.

    • Edgar Lungu’s Presidency is our God sent. It’s a prophetic choice classic Joshua in our time to unify and relaunch the country to higher heights. His is ti realize stability, development, justice:and fairplay.

      It’s only the few in covenant of sectarian causes that are unaware of the fact that this Jubilee leadership is actuslly messianic to our nation. God lifts the humble with their temperate spirit against arrogance and hatred. You can jump in Zambezi or just suicide, if it’s y it’s your wish, we have no regrets on ECL. NAFUTI NAFUTI.

    • Why should Kabimba and HH offer solutions to hopeless people who will not use there fomulas.HH is waiting for his time,he has tried to help,but each time he advices Lungu he is called names like bitter. We shall see were lungu will take this country by August next year it will be clear for all to see that PF has failed.

  1. Kabimba

    Its nice that you have seen the light. its never too late. We warned you that this was a grouping of baboons masquerading as a government.

    Amongst them… they can not even make two brain cells

    • Edgar will win again because all his competitors are known. HH lost four times, Nawakwi foolish joker and Kabimba an arrogant cartel member . Come 2016 he will just win . HH is now trotting and addressing non voters in London.

  2. Ba Winter Kabimba, you are History. Just Try Farming or write your memmoirs which will be very short. Town Clerk, SG for Patriotic Front for 2 Years, Minister of Justice for a few Months. The past Newspaper can publish the book though i doubt if many will buy it.

    • I will buy it and give it to the prisoners in a Zim prison. I hear they don’t have toilet paper.

  3. Bt comrade wynter we in kitwe voted for lungu and it has proved to b the wisest decision ever and guess what,we gon do it again nxt year

    • @Mwila you are right, if God wants EL to continue,we will vote
      for him again. This President is a blessing for us who fear God.
      It is our right and our vote. By the way 3 constituencies bye- elections
      next week will give us a picture for 2016 general elections.

      Mr Kabimba is crying but us are rejoicing. Fipelwa naba Yawee.

  4. We never made a mistake by voting for Edgar Lungu!!ECL is the best currently.after late Sata,ECL was a right choice!!even in 2016,if only people like u W.Kabimba and HH will stand as opposition,then ECL will still be the best choice!! I,my family and close friends cannot ever vote for tribal HH or yourself Kabimba-NEVER!!!!EVEN ON 14/04/2015 BY ELECTIONS,MAJORITY VOTERS SHALL VOTE FOR PF TO PROVE U CARTEL MEMBERS WRONG!!PF FOR LIFE!!!

  5. Look at who is ranting!!! Shame on you Winter oh sorry June, you cannot distance your self from what is going on. Please clear your name on the oil saga. We Zambians are resolved never to vote for you no matter how much money you made from your oil deals which you are now using in party mobilisation and campaigns. You are too arrogant to rule this country.

    • He can go jump off a bridge for all we care. He was part of the bunch that he is criticizing not too long ago. Its his underhand methods and insatiable appetite for power and fame that got him kicked out. Anyone who would listen to Kabimba has no direction.

  6. Its God who appointed him trough people of this nation. Pray hard maybe he can do the same to you……

    • Don’t say Zambians know they made a mistake by voting for Lungu. Its just in your confused mind where you keep dreaming so.Come 2016,there will be no rigging because it will be a landslide victory. You don’t even know how to articulate issues. You are so boring.

    • People keep giving money to con-men pastors/prophets. If you think they give it to god, there is no help for you. No one has his/her address. They pour it into buying private jets and other companies so they enjoy life more than you while you’re kept busy obeying their god from ancient Rome.
      Must be ‘mad’ thinking they can shut down the jesus story.

  7. Yamunyokola njala winter. Meanwhile Edgar is frying and roasting. 2016 ECL NAFUTI NAFUTI NAFUTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    SHUT UP ,Why didn’t u do anything when u were defense minister and SG .

  10. @Mobile Phone Gondwe;That is blasphemy.Do not bring the name of the Lord Jesus in such cheap debates.REPENT & MAKE HIM YOUR LORD & SAVIOR.

  11. The gravest mistakes Zambian’s can ever make is to vote for this muppet named Wynter Kabimba. This muppet is so arrogant and quarrelsome that he probably quarrels wkth himself.

  12. Ikalenifwe ba Kabimba. You are not a presidential material. HH, Nevers Mumba and Muliokela are far much better candidates than you bwana.

  13. Hahahaha, you created a monster and the monster has out-grown you! Kabimba is not electable and that is no secret. He cannot even be MP. I can assure youthat Rainbow Party will not have an MP in 2016!

    • Desper mwana,
      before Sep-2011 I would have agreed with you on the un-electable bit. But then we elected Sata. And as if that wasn’t bad enough we elected ka Lungu. Goes to show that we can even elect a cow without much aplomb.

  14. its a shame that dogs like winter can start insults as early after killing sata he thought he would be president

  15. ….just wondering, who is Wynter’s VP? Who is in the Rainbow leadership?….a man is judged by the company he keeps so they say….so abanankwe nibani? M’membe na Mutembo? Awe shuwa elo lwanya pweletete!

  16. Zambians are grateful to God for facilitating the eclipse of Kabimba from the PF structure. This man, as SG of PF, organised several acts of brutalities against many Zambians some of whom were pangalised to death, He used his Ministerial position to disrupt the Justice system in Zambia.

    How on Earth could a Minister of Justice advise a President to set up a farce ‘Tribunal’ to be headed by a dull Malawian Judge when Zambia is endowed with brilliant legal minds who could do better – that is if there was a genuine and credible case necessitating an investigation. Kabimba represented the heartless Cartel to protect the sinners who siphoned national financial assets. Besides, his Rainbow Party is merely a family venture confined to Mumbwa.

  17. So why didn’t Kabimba stand on PF ticket? Oh sorry, he was rejected wasn’t he?
    So then why didn’t he offer himself as Presidential candidate in January? Oh sorry he would have been rejected, wouldn’t? Ah okay, but why didn’t he make it to the top of PF and succeed Sata when he was in pole position ahead of Edgar? He was rejected by Sata and everybody else, wasn’t he? So what is wrong with PF? It is the same Wynter Kabimba when he was there isn’t it?

  18. Bo Kabimba just shut up man. If you know how Zambians cant vote for you , you cant open your mouth dear. Just rest well at your farm .

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  19. Ba Kabimba just at the onset of your rainbow party you start showing politics of hatred, Mr Lungu is not the one who removed you from office, it is your failure to do the right thing at the right time, bushe bupolitian kupena ?

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