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Chief Mukuni salutes Government over ZTB HQ relocation to Livingstone

Economy Chief Mukuni salutes Government over ZTB HQ relocation to Livingstone

Senior Chief Mukuni of Kazungula District in Southern Province (middle), his wife Victoria (left) and Livingstone Mayor Milford Maambo (right) during the official opening of the Hotel in Livingstone
Senior Chief Mukuni of Kazungula District in Southern Province
(middle), his wife Victoria (left) and Livingstone Mayor Milford
Maambo (right) during the official opening of the Hotel in Livingstone

THE relocation of the Ministry of Tourism and Arts as well as all tourism agencies to Livingstone will go a long way to revive tourism activities in the tourist capital, Senior Chief Munokalya Mukuni of Kazungula District in Southern Province has said.

Senior Chief Mukuni said he was one of the people who had been calling for the relocation of the Ministry of Tourism and Arts as well as tourism agencies to Livingstone and it was good news that the Government had finally responded in affirmative.

The traditional ruler expressed hope that the relocation would be done soon so that Livingstone start benefiting from various services.

“We have been calling Government to do the task. To us it is good news the Ministry of Tourism and Arts, Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB), Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) and National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) are all coming here.

“I am very glad to hear of that news from Her Honor, the Republican Vice President Inonge Wina. I remember asking Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata recently on the same and she confirmed that she will be relocating to Livingstone,” he said.

During a courtesy call to his palace on Monday, Ms Wina directed the
Ministry of Tourism and Arts to ensure that ZTB Head office was moved
from Lusaka to Livingstone to revamp tourism activities in the country’s Tourist Capital.

Ms Wina said the Government was instructing the Ministry of Tourism and Arts to ensure that ZTB was moved to Livingstone because it was in the tourist capital where action was taking place in the area of tourism.

She said NHCC and all other tourism related Government institutions should also relocate to Livingstone to revamp the tourist town and position it as a centre of tourism in the country.

“We are looking to you (Senior Chief Mukuni) to help us revamp Livingstone tourism because you are considered as a leader in the area of tourism in the country and in the region.

Your initiatives have proved that even individuals can promote tourism even in our villages. From our side as Government, we are instructing the Ministry of Tourism and Arts to ensure that ZTB is moved to Livingstone because this is where action is taking place in the area of tourism,” Ms Wina said.

She noted that Livingstone was at the receiving end of visitors who come through South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“The Victoria Falls is bigger on the Zambian side and but now it appears we are a younger sister to Zimbabwe when it comes to sharing Victoria Falls facility. In that sense, we need to promote Livingstone as a tourist centre,” she said.

Ms Wina said the Government was concerned regarding the current status of Livingstone as a tourist capital.

“We do realise that after moving the provincial capital from Livingstone to Choma, there are some elements of economic depression in Livingstone and this should be addressed as quickly as possible with the efforts of the people of Livingstone n with Government initiatives.

“Government policies will be required to bring development in this area,” Ms Wina said.

Ms Wina also directed the Ministers of Finance Alexander Chikwanda, Local Government and Housing John Phiri as well as Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe to facilitate

She said the Government of President Edgar Lungu was very anxious to see that the facility was opened and used by the people of Livingstone and all those from surrounding areas who wanted to trade from it.

Ms Wina said President Lungu told her categorically that the Livingstone City Council had to find ways of completing the market.

She said she was disappointed that works were still going on at the market when the structure was supposed to be completed.

“But there are other options to complete this market and one such option is to engage the private sector to ensure that this market is complete.

“I will instruct the Minister of Local Government and Housing, Minister of Finance, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry to see how this market can be completed on time. The people of Livingstone are entitled to the best services and we need to complete this market,” Ms Wina said.


    • Mrs. Mukuni, the queen…or whatever, appears to have been tickled by the VP’s news, the mayor, not so impressed. Oh it’s a file photo…

    • Lusaka is only now good as a Capital for STREET VENDORS ORGANISATION AND PARTY CARTEL MOVEMENTS, what a shame to the losers.

  1. I will be happy that at least we can save some little money from one cabinet minister who will not be required to go to KK airport to see Lungu off and back from trips outside Zambia and within Zambia since she will be in Livingstone. What GRZ needs is not just relocate people to Lstone. Plan for the town well to have world class infrastructure to attract more tourist and conferences. but then i am not surprised that the market is still not finished. Where has funding gone?

  2. This is a big mistake. The planned relacation of ZNTB HQ to Livingstone means the end of country-wide development of tourism facilities. Instead, everything will revolve around Livingstone. Given the selfishness of the mentioned key players PF has unknowingly reduced the Ministry of Tourism to a provincial ministry.

    • Maybe not, think of it as bait to lure tourists to Zambia so when they arrive you can market the rest of Zambia. Go to Canada, Australia, USA, Europe and Asia and ask them if they know Zambia’s other key tourism destinations. I can bet you that not maybe even 4% will know about them. On the other hand ask them about the Victoria Falls without even mentioning country and I can bet that you will yield a much larger % who are aware of it. The point here is using our “easy sell” the Victoria Falls (an internationally recognised world heritage site with huge historical value), develop it to a point of excellence (because its not, go to the Zim side to see why I say so) and use that as a blue print (or model) to develop and perfect many other potential areas in Zambia.

  3. We need a mind set relocation. Not shifting jean kapita to dambwa north. Do the job in Lusaka and all the provinces will be catered for. I was disappointed over the easter to find that the ka bridge to kalambo falls in northern province is broken and we just had to turn back after driving for masauzande kilometres . By the way, will the minister relocate with her spouse and then three weeks later she is transferred to another ministry?

  4. Mfuwe is the good place for tourism. L/stone has too many commercial sex workers and the syungu namutitima drys up in October therefore the place becomes boring. Most muzungus have falls where they come from and they are more interested in safari. Quiet environment, game drive. The list goes on.

  5. That will be a very bad decision on the part of government coz other tourism sites in Zambia will be completely neglected. Look at how beautiful Chishimba falls and Lumangwe are ( better than Vic falls) but there is no infrastructure. Just check the scenery of Lake Tanganyina when being viewed Kasaba bay. Manje relocating the all Ministry just becoz of Vic Falls and this ka wainyelawila of a Ka Chief??????

  6. They should also relocate Chamber of Mines to the Copperbelt where it used to be in Kalulushi. Chamber of Mines are in the pocket of the investors.

    • The Chamber of Mines is not a government organisation. It is an association i.e. interest group for mining companies.

  7. the most relevant chief in Zambia, thumbs up. never politiking, business and good sound sober leadership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! long live Mukuni.

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