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Foreigners are free to own land in Zambia – Ngimbu

General News Foreigners are free to own land in Zambia - Ngimbu

One of the fish ponds at Kalimba Farm where visitors exercise their angling skills

Lands and Natural resources minister Christabel Ngimbu has said foreigners are not restricted by any law to own land in Zambia.Ms Ngimbu said the government is working on revising the land policy so that more local people can access land.

The minister said in an interview that many Zambians want to own land but most of it is owned by foreigners who are reselling at high prices.

“The government is working on revising the land policy so that the locals can be empowered to also own land but foreigners under the current law are not prohibited from owning land,” she said.

Meanwhile, the ministry of Lands is studying reports where Livingstone and Ndola city councils reportedly demarcated ungazzetted land in the forest reserves.Lands minister Christabel Ngimbu said that the two reports were being studied to ascertain what happened and who was involved before action could be taken.

“I won’t rest until the culprits are brought to book. I don’t care whether the people involved are from the ministry or the council.Stern action would be taken as deterrent measures to avoid this illegality,” Ms Ngimbu said.

Livingstone City Council was reported to have demarcated ungazetted land, a forest reserve, while Ndola City council also demarcated and sold plots on a piece of land it was not authorised to subdivide.

Ms Ngimbu said it was sad that the councils have taken illegal sale of land as an income generating venture, when they were merely agents of the ministry and are not by law allowed to sale land.The formulation of the Land Policy which is in the process would curtail illegal land allocation countrywide.

Government undertook countrywide consultations which culminated into a Draft Land Policy in 2006 which would be revised.Interviews have been conducted to select the consultant to review the 2006 Draft Land Policy but the successful applicant was yet to be communicated to.The contract for the consultant has been sent to the ministry of Justice for clearance.

The objective of the consultant would be to review the draft policy and identify the gaps, identify critical land issues that should be addressed in the Land Policy.The consultant would also review land policies from selected countries highlighting provisions that have worked to foster economic growth, equity in land distribution and security of tenure.

Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA) Chairperson Eugene Kabilika believes the main reason for illegal allocation of land is lack of strong legal framework that is accepted by all key players in land administration.

ZLA is a network of Non-Governmental Organisations working for just land policies and laws that take into account the interests of the poor.The organisation promotes secured access, ownership and control over land through lobbying and advocacy, research and community participation.

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  1. An important issue that needed attention like yesterday. Land is the predicate of sovereignty. You cede it to the foreigners, kiss Zambia bye bye. They will buy it all up. They have money, we the Zambians don’t.

    • These *****s are selling Zambia for a cent. Cry for mother Zambia. You will remember these decisions you’re making. In the no distant future Zambians will start fighting foreigners for their land. Mark my words. Learn from Zimbabwe and now South Africa.

  2. I think 90% of laws, policies in Zambia are upside down. And no wonder almost everything in Zambia is in bizarre.

  3. How come ine tamuncekelako ka plot eponatampila ukwipusha?

    I am a black Zambian born & bred , daughter, sister, mother, aunt, cousin & on top of that granny!

    Both my parents, now old , siblings, child, grand kids plus a very big extended family are all in ZAMBIA!!

    Now, after being away from my “sweet” motherland for so long, I now hold a non-Zambian citizenship due to ‘circumstances’

    Having said that, every time i go back to Zambia to visit MY PEOPLE I’ve also looked for a place to settle down.

    BUT when i consulted a govt, official I was asked to first invest a QUARTER Million US $!! HOW COME?
    Mind you when l left Zambia i was young, broke, with little education. If not for a marrying a European I’d probably still be a Zambian Citizen. Do i also qualify to…

  4. Zambia shall cry like Kenya is crying. There is no way in the name of democracy you allowing these people coming from Somalia and other Moslem countries coming to buy land, indoctrinate poor Zambians and expect peace 5 years from now! Country was the only leader we have as a country! He could plan a clean up, surround compounds and flush out foreigns! Kenya is crying now with a problem which could have been avoided. Twapya, mushili, masala, chaisa and now chawama and makeni! Watch these areas, soon troubles shall start from there!

  5. Zambia should learn from Zimbabwe and South Africa. Just last month seeing that the land issue was emotive the South African Parliament passed legislation that no foreigner should own land because of problems they are experiencing in land administration. Now if SA Africa’s most progressing country can pass such Legislation what about us, Zambia?

  6. @ Cassidy: Kenya began by giving asylum to Somali refugees following their political turmoil in1991. We have assited them for long but some have colluded with rogue Immigration officials and gotten identity cards. With these cards, they have penetrated deep up to Nairobi City, opening prosperous businesses and even building flats. They are wealthy and have the ability to finance crime. Our beloved govt is busy sorting them out and following their financial deals even closing their bank accounts for further scrutiny. We now opt to close these camp and repatriate them to Somali. In short tighten your laws on foreigners or else you will end up becoming foreigners yourselves having given out your motherland for a token. Beware!

  7. Zambians must be careful with who they give land. Most of bare land owned by whites is not even developed then they sell it to fellow whites from Zimbabwe and nothing or very costly to Zambians.
    We should not even allow the dual citizenships others are supporting because it will turn Zambia in a market or site were you come make your money and then leave.

  8. on Minister, just like its not easy for Zambian to get land abroad , then don’t let our land be taken away in the name of claiming that there is no law. Look at South Africa and how the indigenous people are squatting in their own land because foreigners took it away. Its not easy to get the land back so don’t change rules to make it easy to sell foreigners. Let them have land through a Zambian registered company or by qualifying being Zambians.

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