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PF is broke, says Wynter Kabimba

Headlines PF is broke, says Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba has charged that the ruling PF is broke and its coffers are dry.

Mr Kabimba who is former PF Secretary General said the party is now broke because all financiers have stopped funding the party.

He said the financiers have cut funding to the PF because the party does not inspire confidence.

Mr Kabimba said he managed to mobilise financial resources for the PF when he served as Secretary General because a lot of organisations believed in the ideals and values of the PF then.

He was commenting on demands by PF youths in Lusaka led by former Chairman Benjamin Siwela for Mr Kabimba to account for the funds he allegedly mismanaged during his reign as Secretary General.

Mr Kabimba said the PF find ways of raising its resources than engaging in witch-hunt over the lack of funds in the party.

He revealed that the PF had a two tier bank signatory system with late President Michael Sata and himself being in tier A while party Treasurer Emmanuel Chenda and Matero MP Miles Sampa were signatories in tier B.

Mr Kabimba said the party youths asking about the financial status of the party should instead forward their queries to Mr Chenda and Mr Sampa.

‘One of the four signatories Michael Sata died, am no longer with the party but Mr Chenda and Mr Sampa are still there, they should ask them,’ he said.

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    • Not a Kabimba fan, buts its a fair comment from him. let Sampa and Chenda testify that Kabimba stole the PF money. At least he has mentioned specific names, let those people respond or lets shut-up on the issue. Those in PF who still have issues with Kabamba misappropriating their funds, let them go to Sampa and Chenda. No more media accusations without proof.

    • I am waiting for amended allegations against Nchito. The tribunal sits on Monday, but up to now, Nchito hasn’t been served the allegations

    • What is the relevance of Kambimba’s statement? And he should just say that “Mahtani and GBM are nolonger funding the PF” and that has left a dent in their funding sources”. Other than that, I do not see the relevance on screaming this to nation.



  1. He revealed that the PF had a two tier bank signatory system with late President Michael Sata and himself being in tier A while party Treasurer Emmanuel Chenda and Matero MP Miles Sampa were signatories in tier B.

  2. Leave Kabimba alone.you chased him and now you are broke and you start chasing after kabimba.Tell lungu and Mwila the SG to scout for money just like Sata and Kabimba made their own money for PF.PF is a finished party with criminals as there main strong members ,who can fund you?GBM a liposamo towel.

  3. Dear Winter, it is not PF who is allegedly broke but the Government of Zambia if this is true!!!! You really like twisting facts.

    You were in the PF Government and are on record having used your power as MINISTER AND CONNECTIONS TO STATE HOUSE to stop an investigation into your fuel transanctions.

    Please Winter, do not throw stones when you live in a Glass House. It will break sooner than later. Don’t say later that I did not warn you as now I am a free man!! Ezekiel 33: 1-9

    • If there is proof they can prosecute him naiwe. Why are you telling lies and quoting the bible at the same time. If Kabimba stole, what is PF waiting for to prosecute him? If they are after Nchito, why not Kabamba. Stop media accusations without proof. AND STOP QUOTING THE BIBLE amidst your lies.

  4. As they may ask Chenda and Sampa but that does not exclude since you were part and parcel of signatory process. If it is true that some funds are missing it may get to you. We do not know what may happen to you if Mutembo is finally removed as DPP. You may be prosecuted for a few offences.. Then that aside we are more worried about the state of the economy and the rumored financial mess in which our government is said to be rather than your Rainbow -PF conflicts!! The truth shall finally been known.

    • Today kabimba,tomorrow kabimba.You don’t have anyone to speak on your behalf? Answering questions from the PF youths sure ba presido. No wonder some senior PF members have stopped responding to the opposition because its a waste of time. The best to do is to perform and not to respond to any nonsense.

  5. Kabimba at Ba kabimba.
    President where
    Maybe in his own house and for his wife and children. That is if he has any children
    Shut up iwe Kabimba
    No one looks at you as presidential. Mafi yobe

  6. Even before sata died, kabimba was already out of their system.

    for those who know accounting, signatories only sign on cheques once all the pre-requisite documents are in place to justify spending. in other words, party members are the ones who took cheques to the signatories to sign.

    therefore, how money was spent can be explained by those who justified the need for signing.

    in fact sata and kabimba were signatories with a view to control expenditure.

    you zambians, with your terrible dullness, you are now excited and talking. please be intelligent for once. what kind of people are you?

    deal with your madness and grow up, get your country on the right foot, and stop the trash in your heads

  7. Mr Kabimba , as long as you are still in Zambia you can still be cornered and made to account for your past actitivites in PF as well as your ill gotten wealth in the oil distribution system. If I were you I’d stop crowing and live quietly instead of trying to annoy the everyone else. Have you heard of the phrase “sour grapes”.
    Remember that
    (a) you were a nominated MP because you failed to win a seat on your own.
    (b) you got fired as PF SG by the same man you now want Zambia to believe was your Godfather.
    (c) the country celebrated when you were fired.
    Take my advice, bwana, just keep quiet.

    • Nonsense analysis, no substance whatsoever. WK is responding to the accusations by PF that he depleted their coffers. And which country celebated; hired thugs and a few bloggers doesnt constitute a nation sir.

  8. Other than Dr Rajan Mahtani who else has stopped financing the PF? Kabimba you stole the money. Do not worry your time to appear in court will soon come. This time around there will be no body to enter a nolle prosequi for you. Kabimba start worrying, you might do some jail time.

  9. The Opposition who are jostling to take-over from PF in 2016 are crazy. The Zambian people must give Edgar Lungu at least one complete term, not a few months. What kind of a country would we be if the presidency changed hands again in 2016?

    • Refer to the constitution. What kind of people keeps such a constitution and then you have your answer.

    • @ 11.1 Misango yaba Chaimani

      Irrespective of the constitution and what it says, it will be the vote of the Zambian people that will determine whether or not president Lungu stays in office past 2016. I don’t see him losing to such a fractured opposition, so early in his presidency. Zambia’s Opposition are simply a bunch of tuntemba parties devoid of political clout; and are less likely to pose any meaningful threat to the ruling party.

  10. Its better to keep quiet than saying nonsense daily!!only a lunatic can believe these lies!!all businessmen in africa associate themselves with a ruling party!!!

  11. The coffers are dry because of the money you ,UKWA and chi Kwambwili took .Now you have turned round saying there is no money.What on earth are you talking about?

  12. …please read between lines…..what Kabimba is trying to say here in reference to tier A and B is that if their was any misappropriation of funds then let PF accuse/query both Kabimba and Sata….any withdraws kabimba made on tier A, Sata also approved/signed for it…….who in PF has the audacity …the balls to accuse Sata of misappropriating PF funds…..??
    ….Kabimba has been out of the system for a while now and PF had the books all along….if anything ‘fishy’ has been traced to Kabimba why knock on his door instead of the authority..??
    ….even in a home set-up especially few days before month-end/payday….you end up remembering and demanding for change from the K10 you had given your son to buy a book costing K8.50 two weeks ago…just because u are stone broke….

  13. What i know is that in African politics a ruling party is never broke because we rarely differentiate the party from government. I therefore doubt the assertion that PF is broke – wait until the are in opposition.

  14. Two things are not clear to me here. Is PF broke to run party affairs or is it the custodian of govt finances? Whichever the case, I wonder how a ‘blind’ driver can steer a bus full of passengers on course. Quick actions must be taken to avoid party collapse if noisy Kabimba’s words are anything to go by.

  15. Who is in tier A and B of Rainbow accounts?……I think since Guy Scott temporarily had the reins of power, PF has financially de-linked party finances from government and ECL appears to have continued in that principle. That is a good thing worthy of praise. Let us not forget that PF is the party in power and that in itself is a powerful motivation for people to pour funds into its coffers if they want to carry favor with government. But show me a party that is not broke….am sure UPND survives from HH’s pockets NOT its own coffers! Rainbow may be getting some funds from the members of the cartel and that may be the source of Kabimba’s cheek otherwise he is a waste of money in my humble opinion.

  16. Interesting. How much money was there and how much has gone missing? The bank knows who deposited and which Tier withdraw how much and when.
    Scenario 1: Sata and Kabimba withdraw the money and decided to have Kabimba fired and ask Kabimba to keep quite because the other man new his condition.
    Scenario 2: Miles and Emmanuel withdraw the money when was very sick and Kabimba was out of the system.
    Scenario 3: Sata and the new signatory withdraw the money.

  17. kabimba nishi wakwata show us,you rent a house,you stay in emasdale ,drink mosi,your friend mmembe has been sponsoring yor party,tell us what?

  18. If i were Kabimba,i could have reconciled with EL and continue supporting PF.The idea of the so called Rainfall Party will never succeed in Zambia no matter how many articles will be generated against PF…..Its very clear that even in 2016,PF will get it considering the many good projects they are doing.Once they improve in the Agriculture sector,then they are done.

  19. Membe and Post think they can finish PF thru petty articles every day.Impossible ! Zambians are able to read between lines.They are able to distinguish between hate and reality.PF still enjoys massive support even beyond 2016.

  20. TB Joshua yesterday revealed that Kabimba will die within 4 months. Prophecies made by the man of God has been true in the past and I request that the nation start praying for this lost soul. RIP Kabimba.

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