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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Government to procure 400 vehicles for the police

General News Government to procure 400 vehicles for the police

Inspector General of Police Stella LibonganiInspector General of Police Stella Libongani
Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani says government will soon procure more 400 vehicles for police stations country wide.

Ms.Libongani says the vehicles to be procured in phases are meant to address transport challenges faced by the police service in the country.

ZANIS reports that the Inspector General said the police service especially in rural areas like Masaiti, faced transport challenges, which made it hard for them to successfully carry out operations.

She commended the Police Service in Masaiti District for its dedication to duty despite facing numerous challenges.

The Inspector General was speaking when she paid a courtesy call on Masaiti District Commissioner in Masaiti today.

Ms.Libongani who was in Masaiti District to sensitise police officers on the need to reinforce peace keeping during the Tuesday April 14th by elections, called on officers to remain professional and impartial during the by election period.

Meanwhile, Masaiti District Commissioner Joseph Mwambana said there is rampant crime in far flung areas of Masaiti as Police Service in District cannot reach those areas due to lack of transport.

Mr.Mwambana stated that despite Masaiti being a vast district, it still relies on two police stations, which are miles away for many communities.

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  1. The Police, very careless with their vehicles. Too much of I don’t care altitude. The need to start being realistic with those current assets.

    • That means more transport for ZP (Zee Pipo) to transport their girlfriends…., goats and chickens to and from the farm to the market!

    • Please clarify whether we still need to “put fuel” when you need them to investigate a crime?

  2. Every year, Police get new vehicles & some of these vehicles are the best on the market (like the Land Cruisers). However, the rate at which they lose their vehicles is just too high. In some neighbouring countries, I’ve seen colonial Land rovers still running in their Police depts cos they have strong maintenance (even creative/innovative) divisions within the Police. There is definitely carelessness here. We need to upgrade the organizational structures of our Police & fuse in technocrats.

  3. That’s wrong announcement during campaign time and it has been picked up by the media.
    Govt want attention, drug, vehicle procurement should be don’t independently.

  4. Hopeful they are not second vehicles. Proceed on explaining when those vehicle will be delivery? And whom to contact in case you just offer lipservice.

  5. …just as much as ‘we’ need vehicles to enhance police operations…officers need other morale booster as well..’we’ equally need to do something to improve some of the so called police camps…..I was shocked to say the list when I visited the so called Singogo police camp right in the heart of City of Ndola ….which I believe is a good sample of most of the camps….one can easily be deceived by the newly Chinese built houses on the perimeter. .structures interior of the camp are a sorry sight….its like an appetising yellowish ripe guava fruit which upon opening only to be greeted with maggots. .the frequency at which our officers are issued with new uniforms must also be increased…faded uniforms are very embarrassing…

  6. Ba Biz naimwe, those responsible ministries and departments ARE the Government. Mutinvesa Nsoni, ngati mulibe vokamba nikunkala che zee. No one would wish you said something, si mwana wa nyoko.

  7. From the outlook, it appears well-intended but ill-timed, why at this by-election period if it is not part of campaign in my opinion?

  8. “Isho shaku tômbelamo fye bamukabene nabana babanabo”

    There must be restrictions on who, where and when the vehicles must be used!!!

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