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Boy and Man drown at an amusement park in Lusaka

General News Boy and Man drown at an amusement park in Lusaka


POLICE in Lusaka have retrieved bodies of a boy and man who drowned in a swimming pool at an amusement park in Lusaka.

The 17-year-old boy, identified as Aaron Manda of Kabanana township, is believed to have drowned in the swimming pool around 11:30 hours last Friday.

Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said in an interview yesterday that Aaron was a pupil at Highland School in Lusaka’s Kabanana township.

At the same time, police retrieved the body of Stanley Mumba, who was aged 21.
Mr Hamoonga said both bodies are in the University Teaching Hospital mortuary.
Meanwhile, police in Lusaka picked up a day-old baby girl in Garden township, which was dumped at Justin Kabwe School.

“The baby is currently admitted to UTH D-block. We currently do not have details of the baby or the person who dumped it,’’ Mr Hamoonga said.

Police suspect the baby was dumped between 18:00 hours and 20:00 hours on Saturday.

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  1. Too bad please introduce some swimming lessons for Zambians. The number of people drowning at home and abroad is increasing due to the lack of swimming skills. I want that baby can someone please give the details hoe I can adopt it.

    • The quality of journalism has really gone down in Zambia Man and boy drown, but you can’t even tell us where and under what circumstances. You need to probe deeper and establish some preliminary facts; which is why the word ALLEGEDLY exists.

  2. Too bad for the deaths. Where were the life guards at the amusement park swimming pool? Families should sue the amusement park. I think this is the same park where someone drowned sometime back

    • Kanshi paliko ka development ku Zambia, kwaliba na “Amusement Park” i thought Kabanana was a ghetto.

      Do they run any Roller Coaster rides?

      Nagufibala fyakusunka?? hahahahahahaha

    • Remember those famous sign posts?…”You swim at your own risk”. Too bad to venture into waters without any swimming skills.

  3. …they are very stupid. They could have died as a result of coldness. You cant go swimming with this weather. No timing!!!

  4. Its better to investigate them they could have been GAYS. IS the baby a boy of girl or u cant determine the sex if its a boy atleast we have only LOST ONE PF VOTE FROM THE TWO THAT DROWNED

  5. As Dr. Ngwee pointed out, this article can use some refining. It’s a bit vague and short on details.

    My suggestion is not train a few young lads as life-guards and post them on all sides of that swimming pool.

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