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Nevers Mumba congratulates PF

General News Nevers Mumba congratulates PF

Nevers Mumba casting his vote
Nevers Mumba casting his vote

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has congratulated the Patriotic Front and President Edgar Lungu for winning all the three parliament seats in the by-elections held yesterday.

In a congratulatory message availed to ZANIS in Lusaka this evening, MMD leader Nevers Mumba said the unquestionable victories in Masaiti, Senga Hill and Chawama constituencies by the PF were well deserved.

Dr Mumba also noted that the absence of violence during by elections should be commended and upheld in the country’s political arena.

The MMD leader has also congratulated all the participants in the three by-elections for contributing to the democratic process.

The PF, UNIP, UPND, Fourth Revolution Party and the National Revolution Party participated in the by-elections held in Chawama, Masaiti and Senga Hill which saw the ruling party scoop all the three parliamentary seats.

Lawrence Sichalwe now takes-over from President Edgar Lungu who was untill his election on January 20 the PF Member of Parliament for Chawama constituency in Lusaka while Kapembwa Simbao and Robert Katambo have been re-elected in the by-elections caused by the nullification of their elections by the Supreme court.


  1. Peaceful campaigns and elections potray maturity in democracy. Celebrations by the winners should equally potray the same maturity towards the losers. Job well done!

  2. Well deserved but share waste of resources when the corrupt becomes corrupted PF has eaten its own vomits.
    It is only a shallow minded person who can cerebrate this victory.
    Mr.Mumba must be ashamed of himself for allowing MMD to disappear from Zambian politics.
    If one analysis these result the performance of PF in regard to the number of votes is declining compared to 2011 as compared to UPND.
    Very soon fuel prices will be increased and the cost of all commodities is going up thats why we voted MMD out but currently the situation is worse than in MMD,so dear 2016 will be a tricky year.

    PF goverment says its not the role of goverment to provide education,employment and security so why maintaining this goverment in 2016?
    Fellow Zambians,let us open our brains and thick twice.

  3. How many political parties are you going to run under Pastor? Is this not the right time to leave politics to others sir?? You have just gone silent on the MMD’s participation in this election, you don’t even mention whether you are in alliance with the ‘Panga Family’ or not

  4. I am wondering the utterances by nevers are really of a leader from the opposition.He seems to have lost direction in every comment and step he takes as though he is purely searching for the job in pf camp.

  5. So it is true that it was PF-MMD VS UPND and the rest. Imagine solving a simultaneous equation using elimination method where x is MMD and y is PF. You first eliminate x and find the answer and when you factor in back x it is found to be zero. Nevers what happened to victory such that you have turned into a victim. Mwanawasa made you abandon your party for the position of Vice President, and now you have sold your party MMD for what? Even KK has maintained UNIP through the son. I wonder what will become of you in 2016 elections.

  6. Iwe Chi Nevers Mumba, why didn’t MMD participate in the elections? You have surely killed MMD. And please do not comment before Nawakwi. Nawakwi should comment first before you because she has a larger following than you!

  7. NEVERS MUMBA is the most useless politician so far in this country who doest no to read the political mood and he is a rejected politician even in his own province Northern by losing all the ward by-elections MMD participated a WARD in Mungwi MMD got 18 votes while FDD got 416 and PF 412 AM appealing to well meaning MMD Members to call for resignation of this Finnished pastor for MMD to survivor politically you can not look at this man to continue killing the MMD like this, please MMD Members wake up from your sleep chase this pastor to go back to his God calling time is now dont wait for 2016 it will be too late

  8. I think we have to hail the UPND for still hanging around against a ruling party after Sata left opposition politics, otherwise, Zambia would have long been declared a one party state. Let us support the opposition in whatever form, to keep checking the govt. At the moment, things in Zambia, in governance are not well! What with such kind of opposition leaders around us!

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