Nigerian government issues 48 hours ultimatum to stop xenophobic attacks ; threatens to shut down SA businesses


The South African government has been given 48 hours to stop xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals and their shops or else their companies abroad will be shut down.

An official with the newly elected All Progressive Congress (APC), Tolu Adesanya, confirmed to eNCA that they handed down a memorandum to the South African embassy in Lagos on Wednesday.

In the memorandum, the APC party officials and members of civil society groups have demanded that South Africa take swift action against attacks on foreign nationals.

Adesanya said that Nigeria will shut down South African businesses if their demands are not met by South Africa.

“We actually handed a letter to the South African embassy yesterday, making them aware that we are not happy with what is going on in South Africa. Should there be any more attacks, we are going to shut down South African businesses in Nigeria. That is MTN, Multi Choice, Shoprite etc,” said APC official Tolu Adesanya.

Meanwhile youths in Nigeria on Thursday April 16, led a peaceful protest march to the South African Embassy in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The youths were protesting against the ongoing massacre of foreigners, which includes Nigerians in the Durban region of the former apartheid nation.

The youths carried placards with words: #Stop the killing in South Africa, we are one United Africa#, #stopTheKillings#, #stopxenophobiasa#.

Speaking on behalf of the protesters, Olusesan Daini, the co-convener of the protest, said they are not happy with the killings in South Africa and that is why they are leading a peaceful protest.

“We are here to drop a letter through the South African Embassy in Nigeria to South Africa government showing our dissatisfaction in the way our brothers and sisters are being treated in South Africa. When we say our brothers and sisters we do not refer to Nigerians alone but we are talking about our race in general which is the black race.

“We equally want to use this opportunity to remind South Africans that we consider them to be part of us and they should stop the killings. It is so unfortunate if they consider us to be enemy of progress. We want you to communicate to the South African government that we are not pleased with the ways our people are being treated,” Daini said.

He added that, some Nigerians have really invested in South Africa, forcing them out of country will result in more protests. “The government should restore peace in South Africa. We want peace in South Africa and in Nigeria,” he said.

Source: eNCA


  1. That is the way to go. All SA businesses in Zambia will close within 24 hours if this rubbish is not stopped

    • Just Imagine President Zuma’s son is the one issuing xenophobic statements! Where did he gate this hate of african foreigners from? From his father’s living room of course.
      Foreigners do as they please in SA – Edward Zuma
      The South African government needs to stop running away from dealing with xenophobia, and it must also stop unnecessarily accommodating foreign nationals, says President Jacob Zuma’s son.
      Edward Zuma, who recently expressed his anti-foreigner sentiments, told News24 that he may be the president’s son but his opinions were independent to those of the president.
      “The South African Human Rights Commission can arrest me for my comments, it’s fine. I am not the citizen of President Jacob Zuma. I am a citizen of South Africa.”

    • The Nigerian tend to be practical. Even during the Yellow Fever saga they turned back a whole plane load of South Africans in retaliation to South Africa’s demand for evidence of Yellow Fever vaccination from Nigerians. Immediately the South African government behaved themselves towards Nigerians.

    • While South Africa feeds Southern africa what will people eat if the boycott ? Zimbabwe , malwai, Zambia 90% of food comes from South africa. Tell your leaders to invest in the economy.

    • Zambians you are so gullible. Why don’t you google “Nigeria Expells Immigrants”! Nigerians are very selfish. In 1983 Nigeria expelled over 2 million immigrants from Ghana, Niger, Cameroun, Liberia etc. And these are the buffoons you are praising?

      While at it why don’t you tell your Zambian government to close down all South African companies and shut your Airports to South African flights. I am sure the Nigerian friends are ready to come and rescue you!


  2. yes a good move but dont end at closing down their businesses only also include in your demands to close their embassy as well.

    • Great move from Africa’s most progressive economy. For Zambia to make such a decision, it would mean massive job losses, hunger, increased crime etc. So SA is able to get away with the current crimes because there are no real consequences from the Zambian government. Today, the murders have now shifted to Zambians living in that country. If possible, Zambians should just go back home where they can have some level of dignity. Life is more precious than a few pieces of silver.

    • @Zedian: I think you need to stop describing others as being gullible! Nigeria only expelled Ghanians in 1983 as a retaliation. Ghana chased Nigerians from their country in 1969. So don’t say what you don’t know please! Nigeria believe in giving you back in your own coins, principle of reciprocity! If Ghana didn’t do it to us in 1969 we won’t do it. She has done it to UK (Air Fight issues), SA (Yellow-fever card saga) before and SA hasn’t learnt.

    • No backbone and no rugby balls, then inferioty complex ba police go and block a PEACEFUL demonstration. there was rap group called naughty by nature as a country we seem to be cowards by nature. I coulndt believe our ambassadors “no Zambian was AFFECTED” comment meanwhile I am in Zambia and I am affected.

    • Actually we should be grateful that no Zambian is affected from this yet and perhaps the Xenos hold us in high esteem. We need to teach them how to love themselves and one another. Good time to send the almighty Super Ken to tell them off. “Love thy neighbour”

    • @Fr33dom, the reason Zambians seem unharmed is largely because they are like gas around the cohesive communities that live together like Zimbabweans, Congolese, Somalis, etc. a typical Zambian wants to stand alone. We still need to check closely before we reaffirm that none were harmed.

  3. Zuma govt is too slow to act against the SA masses. This is what happens when a govt thinks cadres have to be given a free hand supposedly for political gains. Power in the hands of cadres is very dangerous. Zuma has to be careful. This will backfire into his face.

  4. at marikana mines bullets and tear gases where fired but this time around not a single one.zuma should be taking sides.

  5. This is how a responsible Leadership reacts not what we seeing with Lungu and PF.Maybe he fears he may need aclacia or whatever disease treatment soon.We should have been the first to react but as a pipo we are just a reflection of our leaders even just boycotting SA goods and shops we have failed.

  6. The Nigerian government reacted after people power. Why don’t Zambian carry through their threats of boycotting South African business? What happened to the petition against DSTV? Why not boycott Shoprite and all products and produce from South Africa? BOYCOTT SOUTH AFRICA IN AFRICA!!!

    • as much as we want to blame other leaders for not voicing thier concerns, xenophobia should be condemned at all cost. South Africa complain about foreigners dealing in drugs and other crimes, how many south Africans are in foreign jails for drug pedling. They are also guilty but we dont paint them with one brush.

    • Well spoken man. Why cant we boycott South Africa in Africa? These guys think they are supper humans and yet they are so dull in their heads.

  7. Super !! This is what is expected not ifyakulakanya people to expess their disgust,…STill consulting ?? We shall end up consulting before fainting.

  8. If this is true then it’s a good counter move by Nigeria this is how you will get their empty tin Jacob Zuma attention by hitting them where it hurts…Most ignorant people from South Africa do not travel and do not know that their businesses are the biggest immigrates in Africa.
    Meanwhile in Zambia president Lazy is sleeping..He has no idea how to play chess…too weak and too lazy out of his depth

  9. Just Imagine President Zuma’s son is the one issuing xenophobic statements! Where did he gate this hate of african foreigners from? From his father’s living room of course.

  10. South Africa to be what it’s today,it’s Because of the other country in Africa like Zambia.We have people who are able to do the same business South African do.We have people who can put up such structures,like chop rite’ appearing to those who have money to put up chopping more across the country.I can assure you South Africa economy will be in messy.They are boosting to day because of the kind of business they do in other countries.South Africa national their very free in other countries,their doing business freely .

  11. a tooth for a tooth kind of problem solving is not good .being one people am sure there is a better way of solving this evil act because we depend on each other as brothers and sisters in Africa.people should not just fire treats but help the S.A government in coming up with ways that will stop the killing and satisfy everyone . i for one am pretty sure its not every south African that’s involved in the killings but a few selfish and heartless fellas who don’t appreciate . heads of state should visit S.A and help the S.A government come out of this situation.

    • South African’s feel they’re in democracy which translates to them as entitlement.They want a free house, free electricity, free water and at the same time feel the government should provide.The vast majority do not look further then their noses, they would not do any menial job, but rather beg or do crime.They have become a nation who only believe in violent industrial action.From the 2008 xenophobic attacks there has not been a single conviction to the best of my knowledge.SA government doesnt know how to use its might and power to the maximum.They need to deploy the military and utilise force.The general SA citizens learn by example.Set the example with those involved in the attacks and 80% of the problem is solved.The remaining 20% arevfor the leaders to lead by example.

  12. This is how a country with strong balls reacts to a critical situation, the way Nigeria is doing. Ours is always uncertain, undecided and clueless which way to go. The other president used to cry unashamedly and on TV and radio when commandos from SA and Rhodesia turned Zambia into a whipping boy. Now there’s an occasion that calls for tough action against South African savagery, Lungu is first consulting Mugabe which way to go when the only way to express our is to shut down and boycott South African products and services. This is only way to teach South Africa that it’s not invulnerable as they want every body to believe. The ass sucking attitude Zambian leaders have must stop and for a change begin to assert themselves as men with balls to tackle any problem on the continent.

  13. The problem is that a lot of South Africans do not have a paper to push them into employment that they are claiming foreigners have grabbed from them! It is not bad to have a foreigner develop your country if you yourself cannot make it or lack necessary qualification. South Africans should be thankful for whatever sacrifice other countries made during the apartheid rule in that country. It is not in right sense to burn a fellow human being for no apparent reason just because he/she has stepped on your soil! South Africans should remember that they are our fellow brothers and sisters who cannot detach themselves from the rest of Africa. Come back to your senses our brothers and sisters in South Africa!!!!

  14. Did Zambia not help South Africa defeat apartheid?
    Did Zambia not provide shelter and food for the freedom fighters of South Africa?
    Did Zambia not prove to be the most fertile ground for South African business?

    • The xenophobic generation has neither attachment to their fore fathers’ liberation struggles and who assisted nor feeling for Ubuntu which to them may be an imposition by politicians. Their thinking is being guided by the belly whose emptiness they would rather blame on others working hard to make a living

  15. Lets do all posible but neither loot nor shed blood in retaliation, ladies and gentlemen. Lets convine ourseives within the law. Only a f00l will interprete us as cowards. Restrain yourselves please.

  16. South Africans are lazy and have no papers for the jobs, they depend on whites for any development. They still believe white are Gods and they are still Colonized

  17. Interesting of all the hate here from Zambians, who were very friendly people in the past. The South African stores and business are owned by white South Africans and they were not involved in this riot, it was Zuma’s son and chief Botilazi that started it. No Zambian have been killed or businesses destroyed. remember two wrongs don’t make a right. you don’t see this in the UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA or NZ
    because revenge is a no winner, we all lose

  18. South Africa won’ loose anything, shut them all only thd rich business people will suffer not South African people, they have everything in abundance

    • RSA is the richest nation in africa while Nigeria is currently the biggest economy in africa. nigeria has far more challenges than RSA the only member of the G20 from the continent of Africa. Member of the BRICS. some of you dont understand all you want to do is talk talk and sleep.

  19. Whilst I abhor the behaviour of these South Africans, friendly governments should not use megaphone diplomacy. The problem is that the Nigerian government would be carrying out an illegality. South Africans living and working abroad are not responsible for the sins of their brothers and sisters. Besides, throwing out companies like Mopani would also hurt the host country. I am sure the Nigerian government is just making empty threats. It is better to implement targeted sanctions.

    • Don’t you dare take the Nigeria Government for a weak dog! Nigeria means exactly what they say. Boycotting the south african businesses in nigeria is not to intimidate those businesses but to make south african Govt. see the capability of the nigerian authority

  20. I would start by targeting politicians first. Unscrupulous politicians are nearly always behind such things. They say one thing in public and do the exact opposite in private. May be South Africa should be suspended from the African Union. As unimportant as that may seem, it would be a blow to a proud nation that claims to be a rainbow nation.

  21. The reason Zambia cannot respond the way Nigeria is responding is, we (Zambians) are in South Africa’s sphere of influence. As the french would say, ils nous ont par les testicules. “They have us by the you-know-what”

    The solution to this tragic turn of events is not uttering political catch-phrases. South African leaders and their counterparts across the continent should address the root cause of such a primitive mentality within their societies.

  22. Zambia should look at the potential benefits from this:- Structure policies so that Zed looks attractive for Companies willing to conquer africa to move from RSA and setup in Zed. We didn’t benefit much from the Zim Farmer saga. Imagine MTN or Shoprite Shifting HQ and Bank accounts into Zed because other african countries cant trust South africans riff-ruffs.
    Common guys Strategy!

  23. I have no doubt that President Lungu and his government are on the ball. Allow them time to resolve this diplomatically and they have already initiated moves. Let’s not add fuel to an already inflamed situation. No matter what you want to think always remember that we have many Zambians whose lives we can easily put at risk in South Africa by careless reactions. Tekeni bola panshi let Edgar handle this for us, after all he has more information than the rest of us, do not spoil his game plan. Do not follow Nigerians blindly even though they have a point.

  24. I have been quietly and patiently waiting for the Tribunal. Is today not 17th April?
    Doesn’t LT have an update mwebantu, or should we go to the obnoxious Zambian a Watchdog?

  25. I deeply condemn this barbaric act by some group of minority in S/Africa. You cannot attack foreigners because they are more employable than you, this is a call and pace setting for you to better yourself, it seems to be a show of laziness. If we blacks can be doing this to ourselves within Africa, what more will you say about the western countries that millions of Africans reside. I can only advice that tension should be reduced in S/African neighboring countries, Other African countries should boycott businesses with S/African govt and companies own for now, since the govt. is not showing enough commitment to curb this.

  26. Don’t you dare take the Nigeria Government for a weak dog! Nigeria means exactly what they say. Boycotting the south african businesses in nigeria is not to intimidate those businesses but to make south african Govt. see the capability of the nigerian authority

  27. Being indifferent in the face of injustice is as good as participating in it. The government of s.a is to be held responsible for this man’s inhumanity to man, therefore, other govt should wake up to their responsibilities: sanction s.a, evacuate your citizens, boycott s.a relationship, then most importantly shun corruption and develop your economy to minimise the rate of s.a migration.

  28. Zambia is not Nigeria first things first. you need to understand how such acts of violence are started and peddled before you start to comment. EL and PF are people full of sanity who follow the law at each and every opportunity. Nigeria’s threats are meaningless because the government in RSA is not sitting with arms folded but busy correcting the situation. if anything Nigeria should be the last to talk given the Boko Haram situation that they have failed to handle with their outdated military equipment. How many people have died at the hands of Boko haram?. Nigeria wants to behave like a ten year old boy who through benevolence comes across $2m and starts to think he is richer than the USA. The world needs RSA more than Nigeria dont be fooled. Viva EL beyond 2016.

  29. My fellow africans, look at this:
    Day 1. Ceceil John Rhodes statue is brought down.
    Day 2. Students (including those from the rest of Africa) voice their concern over the educational system.
    Day 3. The issue of iniquality is quickly gaining momentum. More statues are spray painted. Students break into staff rooms and cause havock. They spray paint portraits of colonial symbolism.
    Day 4. Xenophobia/ afrophobia attacks start.

    My thoughts are that these attacks were not started by King Zulu or Zuma’s son. Think of it. The issue of educational and racial iniquality only gained so much momentum fast because more people, including African students from the rest of africa were involved.

    My thoughts are; this is an attempt to seperate back South Africans from the rest of africans and…

  30. SA is uneducated don’t forget ts we Zambians who have made those useless lazy rats whom they are today!”” its time to act we made them hence we can surely destroy them! with pressure dear Zambians

  31. Southafrica together with there so called president and king are good for nothing based on the fact that they have forgotten what uganda and other african countries did for there liberation so if they dont want foreigners y dont u deport them other than showing us how uncivilised you guys are. we are planning to storm your embassy come this monday plus all your shops coz ur satanic in nature.

  32. How did this despicable and barbaric act start? What triggered it? With all said, is it going to be the last? Let’s not forget this action has rep eared itself twice in 7 years. These and many more questions need be answered. I shall attempt to appraise these critical issues including what It think the solution should be.
    I am making these submission on a background of a rich knowledge of the south African society. Some of the things I would say would strike South Africans or deal them a great blow. Be that as it may, let the truth be told especially in the current circumstance where the sanctity of human life is involved. May all soul departed , claimed at the wake of this senseless violence rest in peace and may God give the families of those departed untimely, the fortitude to bear…

  33. Since South African a slave in the hands of the white before Nigerians govt came to help them and free them from slavery. Now they are chewing more than what they can eat. Is time to tell them that we are still the Gaint of African. If it even result to War let it be, is time we tell them how to play the game.

    • Of course yes, it’s time we show them we’re one Nigerians and the most deliberate, intelligent, strong, lovely but more arrogant than they’re if ever they think they’re more powerful or strong hearten more than Nigerians are. Stupid and lazy S/Africans should be aware of what they’ve caused to the rest of the African continents who helps fought for their freedom so if they thinks they can eat their cakes and still have it, they cannot and that’s where we Nigerians will begins from even if the rest African countries involved are not with us only we Nigerians can carry out every drastic actions against S/Africa even if it result into war we’re more capable of wiping them out of the African soil since they’re xenophobia’s activists.

  34. after my king Mugabe signed an agreement with mr J Zuma when he just left there was fire on the mountain

  35. South African’s will not go out of this because they’ve dared this same act for the second or third time now if i may say and as such; we must have to show them something for them to know that Nigerians are more vibrant as warriors than they foolishly thinks they’re because I’ve already kidnapped a South African and his family of which me and my men will kill them as much as they’re doing to our fellow African brothers and sister in that devilish S/Africa soil…

  36. whats happening in south africa is mind can someone set a fellow human being on living in jourberg i saw them kill two guys and a woman.its crazy .the continent must punish south africa considering that zumas son and zulu king should be brought before the international court for crimes against is for the second time that xenophobia has raised its ugly head.the authorities cant contain their own people.police is useless in south africa.they fear people.please may we have the zimbabwean army here there will be order in 12hrs or even less.zimbabwe has disciplined educated people.please president mugabe we need your boys here urgently. fellow africans excluding south africa lets unite together and pray that the lord delivers quick whipping on south africa .


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