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Foreigners jeered at anti-xenophobia imbizo in Durban South Africa

General News Foreigners jeered at anti-xenophobia imbizo in Durban South Africa

Shouting "abahambe, badayisa ama'drugs," translated they must go, they sell drugs .Courtesy ENCA
Shouting “abahambe, badayisa ama’drugs,” translated they must go, they sell drugs .Courtesy ENCA

DURBAN – Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini arrived at Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Monday morning to address a waiting crowd on xenophobic violence, but members of the his official escort could be heard chanting that foreigners should leave South Africa.

And the crowd of several thousand mostly hostel dwellers, armed with sticks and knobkieries, jeered when delegates from other countries were introduced. There were no foreigners present at the imbizo.

King Zwelithini arrived flanked by KwaZulu-Natal Premier, Senzo Mchunu, and the Inkatha Freedom Party’s Mangosuthu Buthelezi.
Recent anti-foreigner rhetoric by the king has been blamed by many for the spate of xenophobic attacks in which at least seven people have died in the past three weeks. And while the king was expected to seek to quell anti-foreigner sentiment in his speech, members of his amabutho (regiment) could be heard chanting: “Abahambe abahambayo, sizosebenza (those who want to leave can go ahead, we are here to work).”

The amabutho are usually armed with sticks and dressed in traditional attire. On Monday, some were wearing Zulu warrior attire while others were clothed in civilian dress. Thulani Zulu (pictured), head of regiments from Ulundi, said the crowd had come out on Monday to defend King Zwelithini who he said had never said people should attack foreigners.

“Government should deal with the criminals who are carrying out the acts of violence against foreigners. If the King had said people should attack foreigners there would be serious bloodshed,” Zulu said.

Jabu Nzimande from Berea said that while they did not condone the beating and killing of foreigners, they were welcome to leave South Africa. “Government must speak the truth, they must take action against the drug lords who are foreigners,” Nzimande said. “We voted for freedom, but not to be ruled by foreigners. They are selling drugs and destroying our communities.”



  1. I followed the so called “Imbizo” yesterday by Zwelinthini and I was really disappointed with this King of the Zulu. From the world go he was set to defend his earlier statement. The original info he gave in Pongola was very clear about what he meant and hence the Xenophobia riots and attacks.
    It is important to remember history that the Zulu leadership were on the side of the Boers during apartheid and they did not believe that the Black South Africans could run their own affairs. During the constitutional build up in SA, Zwelithini was fighting for an independent Zulu Nation which Mandela brushed aside…..Wrong character this Zwelithini. He was even proud during his Imbizo that if he had commanded the people to attack, by now SA would be on fire..How? Is this not treason?

    • If there’s any foreigner selling drugs, they must fcuk off! I wouldn’t want anyone coming to destroy my countrymen’s lives with their drugs. Drug users are a menace to society, that’s why progressive Asian countries have a death sentence for any drug dealers!

    • This King Chi.ka.la Zwelithini must be arrested and be fed to the dogs. If not let ISIS or Bokoharam deal with him. Chi King cha mafi mafi. Ichilufumo styopeti.

    • King Chi.ka.la Zwelithini must be taken to the Hague, tried for crime against HUMANITY, and put in the same cell as Charles Taylor of Liberia.

    • “History is a clock that people use to tell their political and culture time of day.It is also a campus that people use to find themselves on a map of human geography.History tells a people where they have been, what they have been, where they are and what they are.Most importantly history tells a people where they still must go, what they still must be.The relationship of history to the people is the same as the relationship of a mother to her child” – John Henrik Clarke.
      Our brothers and sisters in south Africa have forgotten history.They would rather call their fellow African a foreigner and leave the whites without any such label;the same whites who not so long ago had his boots on their necks.
      I feel sad for all my people.We have forgotten who we truly are.we are a damaged pipo

    • I hate them too now. They are pathetic *****s. Surely, I will Apartheid never ended. These South African mongrels are shocking backwardly in fools paradise.

      Shame on South Africans. Shame, shame! Even a dog behaves better than these South African hoodlums’.

      The Skeleton Key

  2. I want to worn Zambians, this kind of arrangement is coming to Zambia very soon and very soon indeed. In our case it will be on tribal lines and what it will entail is every tribe to its own enclave. Some of us are quiet and just observing things and busy putting plans on the books. There will come a time when Tongas will have to work in the Tonga land and the Bembas back to their Bemba land. We shall all have to leave Lusaka for the SOLIS and the Lenjes. You may not have one thieving tribe travel all the way where they come from to start intimidating other tribes. If it means those members of tribes residing in other tribes’ land will have to be killed, then let it be so. We are asking politicians to immediately take deliberate action to correct the situation. Every tribe wants to…

  3. No thanks….i will NEVER step my foot in South Africa NEVER NEVER AGAIN

    ” I would rather be beaten and suffer in my home country than be killed like a dog in South Africa” Moses Sibanda Zimbabwean immigrant to RSA

  4. Africa as a whole sacrificed their lively hoods for these people to have a great future. Tax payers millions were spent on them and their children and they lived in luxury. Well well well Shaka Zulu’s offsprings now forget and attack the very people that gave them a chance to live. Won’t comment anymore on these retards known as South Africans.

  5. Close down all south african businesses in zambia and rest of africa – let them do business in SA: SCOT WAS RIGHT south africans are backwards.

    • Withdraw your money from their banks and bank it somewhere else. Even some of our products are alright its just this kind of status thing in your minds that fools you. When you are broke you eat all kind of stuff while saying kale nalilepo.

  6. When you see boys and men behaving like baboons, it usually does not shock your conscience. But looking at those women going ape in that picture is truly jarring.

    • The bantustan chief and apartheid lackey now wants to sign a ‘peace treaty” with the foreigners in the mfecane in this neo – Apartheid state. What rubbish. South Africans need to be careful. There is method in the madness of the chief. This will come back to haunt the country in more ways than one. African states must avoid being over dependent on SA.

  7. Behold it came to pass, when Guy Scott informed you that South Africans are backwards. Very uncivilized lot. He meant this.

  8. Shouldn’t they have been working?
    That’s why they are being displaced. Man your shops and work your jobs. Stop doing styopet dances. Get serious!

  9. If foreigners are trafficking/selling drugs, they should be killed! Drugs kill people and I see nothing wrong for a killer to be killed. But its not all foreigners that are selling drugs. South Africans should fish out those foreigners selling drugs and kill them. They should not generalize.

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