Controversial Zesco United coach George Lwandamina has mocked Nkana over the three-game altimatum given to coach Beston Chambeshi recently.

Speaking after Nkana held Zesco to a goalles draw in Wusakile on Sunday, Lwandamina suggested that the Chambeshi’s altimatum may have inspired the Kitwe club in the Week 5 tie of the FAZ Super League.

He admitted that the match played at Nkana Stadium was tough.

“No comment,it was a tough game. You know we have been beating this team (Nkana) and there are even altimatums so they had to put in everything,” Lwandamina said.

Nkana is reported to have given Chambeshi a three-game altimatum following the club’s poor start to the season.

“Anyway sorry to say that but that is what I read from you people (journalists), I never got it from Beston but I saw it in the paper so don’t cut me off from the media. I also read papers and this is what I am trying to say,” he ranted.

Since Chambeshi was handed the altimatum Nkana have won one game and recorded a draw ahead of this week’s away match at Choma Eagles.

And when asked if he was disappointed with the goalless draw at Nkana, Lwandamina responded:”I will never be disappointed.For what?”

Nkana have never beaten Zesco in the last ten years.

“In my preamble (pre-match interview) I said it was going to be a difficult game so if you think I am lying write what you want to write. I can’t accept the same question in a post match interview,” he told journalists.

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  1. Chambeshi shouldn’t be fired soon give him time. Nkana is just passing thru bad patch, things will be back to beta @ Scriviner Stadium. Firering him will not be a solution to solve.


  2. The remarks attributed to George Lwandamina saddens me. Considering the fact that Zambian coaches have not been spared the misfortune of being fired after two or three successive losses, I expect coaches to feel for each other in times of difficulties. Infact, Lwandamina knows how it feels to be given an ultimatum especially that he has experienced it a number of times. The fact that Zesco United is in good form now does not mean that it will be all rosy all the time. The easterners say “Malilo ni kulilana.”



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