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Opposition demand suspension of Presidential aide Kaiser Zulu

Headlines Opposition demand suspension of Presidential aide Kaiser Zulu

File:President Edgar Chagwa Lungu receives congratulates  newly appointed  Special Assistant to the President for Political affairs  Kaiza Zulu during the Swearing-in-Ceremony at State House on January 26,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
File:President Edgar Chagwa Lungu receives congratulates newly appointed Special Assistant to the President for Political affairs Kaiza Zulu during the Swearing-in-Ceremony at State House on January 26,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Opposition political parties have called on President Edgar Lungu to suspend his Special Assistant for Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu to allow the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to thoroughly investigate him over allegations that he received $200, 000 from a Chinese national to facilitate an appointment.

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said allegations that Mr. Zulu received about K1.4 million from a Chinese national to facilitate an appointment with President Lungu should not be taken lightly.

Mr. Mwanza said the suspension of Mr Zulu will allow the ACC to freely investigate him.Mr. Mwanza told QFM News that it is very difficult for the ACC to investigate Mr. Zulu when he is still in office.

And People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti says it is only fair for President Lungu to immediately suspend Mr. Zulu following his receipt of a letter from ACC Director Rosewin Wandi informing him about the investigation.

Mr. Mulongoti said Mr. Zulu is a civil servant who should be suspended from work if implicated in any corrupt scandal pending investigation.He said the people calling for the suspension of Mr. Zulu are not saying he is guilty of the allegations, but that since there is communication from the ACC it is only fair that the Head of State suspends him so that he can be investigated.

And UPND Youth Spokesperson Gilbert Liswaniso said President Lungu should not be seen to be shielding any person linked to corrupt practices.Mr. Liswaniso said President Lungu should assess the people who are surrounding him and ensure that they do not engage in any corrupt activities.

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  1. The due process can only be done if president acts in accordance with law just as President Sata did when MPs deputy ministers were cited in the auditor general’s report for corruption for buying ambulances more than their value for their constituencies in Luapula. However wakwe ni wakwe ndi wa ku East, lungu will resist the call because he has no vision or power of his own he needs to consult Ruphia the man will a lot of criminal / crooked tricks

    • Yes, let this Bandit Zulu be discarded. He corruptly got $200,000 whilst teachers, students, farmers & many more have not been paid their salaries.

      These PF Bandits have emptied the national coffers’ even a car won’t run without fuel, unless embraced by technological advances to modernity.

      Soon the entire PF’s visionless without wisdom according to his claim, Lungu will fall together with the kwacha & economy.

      Bandit Mbala Kizo Zulu is a disgrace to democracy & politics. A Bandit is not a servant of the people, but a leeched dangerous criminal who only deserves JAIL.

      Jail this Zulu Bandit before it too late!

      The Skeleton Key

    • For sure the president must get rid of this Kaizar Zulu. How can someone accused of and being investigated by the ACC of receiving such a colossal sum as US$200,000 continue serving? There was a case of Dr Simon Miti who was appointed Ambassador to Sweden, and someone peddled lies to president Sata and the poor man’s appointment was revoked. He was only re appointed as PS at cabinet office more than a year later when the truth was established. Then there was the case of Ben Phiri who had his appointment revoked shortly after being sworn.Again, someone reported that he had refused the appointment when the man was in fact in Mansa. The ACC is a highly professional body and and they only zero in on suspects once they have a proper case with high chances of securing a conviction. Fire Kaizar

  2. I agree with the opposition on this one. One cannot remain in office while being investigated. I know the lousy president Sata ignored such calls when his ministers were being investigated but ECL should show true leadership by suspending the suspect. we don’t want a repeat of Kabimba going with cadres to ACC offices!! Sata’s leadership was the epitome of bad leadership ECL being a lawyer should show that he is different on this score!!!

    • This crook Kaizar Zulu should be removed from office forthwith to enable the law enforcement officers carry out their investigations freely. In fact there is are precedents to this case. Remember how the former Principal Private Secretary to late president Mwanawasa who continued serving under late President Sata, was fired on similar grounds. He reportedly corruptly received a few thousand dollars to facilitate an appointment with the president. President Lungu should not shield this Kaizar Zulu, he should be suspended till investigations are concluded. Don’t forget the case of Anna Mwewa the suspended Cabinet office PS who was said to have abused the authority of her office . Ba Kateka mufumyeni kaizar, lest he diminishes your chances of being voted for next year.

  3. No thanks….i will NEVER step my foot in South Africa NEVER NEVER AGAIN

    ” I would rather be beaten and suffer in my home country than be killed like a dog in South Africa” Moses Sibanda Zimbabwean immigrant to RSA….

  4. which opposition???? please dont exaggerate things and cause alarm . do we even the the Opposition in this country?? or, the Cartel has now become the Opposition ?? as far as we know FDD, UPND together with mike mulongoti have been initiated into the Cartel, they are now the mouth piece of the Cartel , i wouldnt take anything seriously thats coming from these Sold Political parties.

    • You have already forgotten “Great Leader” dream team set-up to prosecute “plunderers”?

      Now, the same “dream team” has become criminal “cartel”?
      What about “legacy”, “continuity” and “wisdom” of “Great Leader”?

      Or, yesterday “plunderers” have become “untouchables” because “anointed one” need expertise to carry-on with plundering?

      Somehow I feel that your party and its followers have been affected with either collective amnesia or collective case of ultimate plundering.

      Which one is it?

  5. You will know a person’s character by those he chooses to fraternize with.
    R.B, – Anyone not aware of this Man’s character?
    Therefore the conclusion is, expecting President Chagwa to be serious with eradicating corruption, would be similar to one expecting a Goat to fly. It will NEVER happen!!!

  6. This cockroach called kaizer zulu shoud be expelled temporarily from the position to allow fair investigation into his allegations!!!!!!becuase the acc cant investigate if he carries on holding that opposition!!!!!

    Lungu appointed wasteful and prodigal mice in these high and sensitive government positions!!!!!lungu himself is to blame becuase he does not asses the people to appoint he just appoints his friends who cant work professionally !!!!!!!this country is in destruction under the pf government due to the inconsistence of the people in government!!!!!

    Pf and the entire cabinet is just a hip of corrupt and maniac fools

  7. Cry my beloved country. These PF thugs will continue to skin alive our country in the name of being a ruling political party, when in fact their are just a group of organized criminals, stealing tax payers money and stack them abroad. They use their tribes to further their project ,when their so called tribesmen are dying of hunger related diseases at UTH resulting from wage freeze and luck of employment.

  8. Justice delayed is justice denied. The opposition’s concerns are genuine as they are just enquiring for a way out to facilitate investigations. Mr. Zulu has not been termed guilty until the law proves him so. Pave the way out EL.

  9. Forget it.
    Where can Zulu get the balls to demand for that astronomical bribe? He no doubt had the full blessings of his boss.

  10. Infintu Ni Lungu, I have always believed in that and I do not want to leave that, but in such a situation where the case about the ZULU man, then I expect my President to act accordingly lest we associate him with corruption. Let President LUNGU releave this man of his duties and be investigated fully. These are the people who make Zambia not progress. We have seen quite some political progress since Lungu came into power, but if he starts habouring such elements, then people will start doubting of his seriousness on stumping out corruption. He (the President) can still call him back if the law find him free of such act. The man is already denting the image of President Lungu’s leadership.

  11. This is where you expect individuals like Newton (or is it Oldton) Ngu’ni Chuni to obtain a warrant from Chongwe and have Zulu arrested. Unfortunately, he’s not interested on this one. Shame on the’ saviour of mother Zambia’. L

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