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Russian Foreign Minister Calls for Boosting of Trade with Zambia

Economy Russian Foreign Minister Calls for Boosting of Trade with Zambia

Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says it is important for Zambia and Russia to boost trade and investment which is currently not impressive. Mr. Lavrov says Russia considers Zambia an important partner and would therefore like to see more trade and economic cooperation strengthened between the two countries. Mr. Lavrov commended Foreign Minister of Zambia, Harry Kalaba for the working visit to Russia, describing it as historical and beneficial.

The Russian Foreign Minister says having celebrated 50 years of bilateral relations with Zambia, it was necessary for the two countries to venture into new areas of technical cooperation and review the old Agreements that were signed. Mr. Lavrov reiterated Russia’s continued support to offer many scholarships to students to study in Russia, which he said was more than any country in Southern Africa.

The Russian Foreign Minister was speaking this over the weekend in Moscow, Russia, during the working visit of the Minister of Foreign of Zambia, Harry Kalaba to that country.

And Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba says Zambia attaches great importance to her relations with Russia. Mr. Kalaba says Zambia would like to see more Russian companies invest in Zambia and take advantage of the vast market arising from Zambia’s neighbours, COMESA Region and SADC Region. He says Zambia has had a mono economy for a long time and the country was now diversifying to sectors such as agriculture, tourism, energy and water development. He said that the tourism potential for example was quite colossal and Zambia would also share knowledge with Russia that has vast experience in the tourism industry.

Mr. Kalaba has since returned home after successful meetings in Serbia and Russia, which were historic visits since Zambia and the above countries established diplomatic relations. A number of Memorandum of Understandings are said to be under review to boost the relations of the countries.

Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a meeting

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    • Indeed we need to boost trade! Russians are innovative and respect quality.

      That’s where we should concentrate, technology and research.

    • Why any Govt would be strengthening ties with Russia when everybody else in the civilised world is turning their backs on a facist ragime is beyond comprehension.
      I cant believe that our Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba would find nothing wrong in visiting Russia when all indications (even on google) are that Russia is speeding back to it’s dark nationalist past.
      Attacks on foreigners and blacks in particular are on the rise and it isnt long ago that we read about a Zambian being killed by extremists in Russia.
      While the civilised world distances itself from the enemy, our Minister finds time, energy and “a business case” to travel to Russia seeking stronger ties. This must be the exact opposite of civilisation or is it simply another globe trooting venture.

  1. Look at It in the broader context and see the position that Russia holds in the ”Brics or is it the Brinca”‘ Its about the “‘Asia International Development Bank and its huge resources driven by countries like China ,Russia and Japan amongst others with yields favourable to other forms

    For countries like Zambia it may be issues with lobbying for membership or discussion about contribution on capital to the AIDB in the partnerships that exists in the Brics countries

    You will need to increase your presence in all regions and blocks to ensure flexibility and maintain old friends to ensure comfort in significant progress long-term

    Working in isolation has huge costs on countries

  2. Its tough for traditional countries who lost touch with friends Countries that maintained relationship and never closed presence in Africa have been rewarded in trade flows and investments returns

    Certain countries fortunes can even be told from the appearance and activity at their embassies that things are not well They simply lost touch and now are filling the effects in lost trade and opportunities to invest and realise

    Certain Presidents and countries have actually gone into oblivion in world economics and are being impacted negatively as a result
    It will be in the best interest to retain presence and invest in Sub Sahara region
    Its a pity that once powerful lost touch now…

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    The Asian Development Bank has compiled a reform plan, the main pillar of which is to substantially speed up procedures for extending loans, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned.

    The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) aims to meet robust demand for infrastructure development in emerging economies by swiftly offering loans. The improved operational efficiency at the ADB, which supports infrastructure development in the Asia-Pacific region, also is aimed at quickly responding to this demand.

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  4. we need everyone, just smile at everyone who comes to you.. lets get HH in power and get our pride back as a nation….. we need a character and know how first…

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