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Step father defiles daughter ( 12), commits suicide

Rural News Step father defiles daughter ( 12), commits suicide

A 39-year-old man of Nakatindi compound in Sesheke district of the Western province has committed suicide after defiling his 12-year-old step daughter.

Western province Police Commissioner Standwell Lungu identified the man as Mukole Malumo aged 39 -years of Matale village, Chief Sifuwe in Mulobezi district.
Mr Lungu disclosed the development in an interview with ZANIS in Sesheke today adding that Malumo took his life by hanging himself with his shirt while in police custody in the early hours of Monday,20th April 2015.

Mr Lungu explained that on Sunday the 18th of April, 2015 Mukole Malumo took advantage of his wife who had gone to the neighbours where she was watching television and defiled his step daughter.He said when his wife went back home at around 21:00 hours, she caught Malumo him red handed defiling the 12- year- old girl.

It was then that the wife decided to call their neighbours to come and see what her husband was doing and in this process Malumo fled.Mr Lungu said Malumo had been on the run for a day and through the help of the neighbourhood watch he was caught on the 20th of April and brought back home to discuss the matter.

When asked as to why he decided to have canal knowledge with a minor, Malumo disclosed to the members of the community that it was because his wife denied having sex with him and she had always been putting on skin tight clothes when sleeping.

Malumo pleaded to his wife and the community to solve the mater at their home but his wife and the community refused and took him to the police where he was detained for defilement.
The 12- year old minor disclosed that her step father has been sleeping with her for about 2 years now,she said he threatened to kill her if she disclosed to anyone.
The juvenile has since been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection.The body of the 39-year-old Malumo is lying in Yeta district hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem and burial.


    • @Jo
      So just because Buck Teeth commented in Lozi, then he’s Lozi? Your comment is in English, are you English yourself. If he commented in French, would he be French? Stop your tribal nonsense, ldiot!

  1. This is free advice to my fellow sisters, if you can avoid do not remarry if you have small girls, such cases happen everyday they are not reported. If a man can molest his own child what more a step. Women should learn to cope without a man to protect their daughters.
    I am proud that I have protected my girls for almost twenty years from “step fathers” by self control so any woman can sacrifice pleasure for their children.

    • That’s not right to think every man is a child molester. There are many men who don’t condone such behaviour and let’s not generalize issues. It’s als ok important to discuss such issues with your daughters so they know they should report if anyone touches them in an unappropriate manner. It could be anyo e and not only a step dad.

    • @Tinta, you are stereotyping, not all men are like that.It is like the lengend of the step mother, do you think all step mothers are ugly and cruel? That ***** probably slept around even with other women.He definitely was an addict!

  2. …some of these stories do not add up..all facilities at the police station especially the holding cells are made ‘suicide proof’..he may just have been fatally beaten..its just nobody cares or dare to investigate such incidences involving a monster of a human being…its somehow a blessing that he is no more..such people don’t deserve to be alive..he started pounding the kama girl when she was 10….Jesus Christ..2 years of anguish..I’m some-one who wouldn’t even hurt a fly…but if anyone did that to my daughter or kid sister..I would kill him with my bear hands….
    ..its heartening to even imagine that such a situation is out there somewhere happening right now..parents/guardians..find time to be with and talk to your girl children, she might just be another victim….

  3. So you had yo girls by AI.
    People who defile are sick. They also require help in addition to punishment.
    Also remember the traditional saying ‘mukazi anga sanke bwanji iwe pa amuna onse. Aka kusonta ninshi ndiwe’. This has led so many men to their deaths for crimes they didn’t commit.

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