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US based Zambian donates mealie meal to underprivileged Zambians


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Today, 24th April 2015, a group of ten (10) ambitious young Zambian ladies put into practice a movement they initiated called Feed Zambia Project which is being sponsored by Mr George N Mtonga II of Zukazz Group Corp, Atlanta, Georgia USA.

What is Feed Zambia Project

Feed Zambia Project is a simple concept we sell mothers pride at an affordable price and for every 100% bags of mealie meal ordered 10% bags of mealie meal will be donated to orphanages and other underprivileged Zambian citizens. In the long run, we intend on selling mealie meal bags to vulnerable single mothers at a much lower price.

Our goal is to help eradicate extreme poverty and hunger in Zambia.

Furthermore, from our on-going campaign called #SendBetty2School (which aims to raise awareness of girl child education and send 150 girls to school) we noticed that many of our children and young sisters tend perform poorly in their academics due to hunger. Most children go to school without any meal, they always strike a balance between paying attention in class and their empty stomach causing loss of focus. On this note as Feed Zambia Project, we believe that in as much as primary education is free in Zambia, government must devise a sustainable programme that will ensure that lunch is provided at school.

Zukazz Group Corp
Atlanta, Georgia USA


  1. Zambians can feed themselves, stop enabling laziness! Give people land and seed where they can grow their own corn and make their own corn meal or go even further and buy the community ichigayo, don’t spoon feed people!

    • Your attitude is worrying, either you’re just a privileged person with no sense of empathy for the plight of orphans and the under privileged or you just didn’t bother to read the story. No one is spoon feeding people here. From my understanding this is a profit making business being run as a means of empowering young women (the ones running it) and helping to eradicate hunger which is one of the factors limiting children’s access to education. It appears you are not commenting from Zambia so maybe you are not aware that mealie meal prices have been soaring lately. These people are offering affordable prices. Unless you are doing something phenomenal to empower your community I would suggest avoiding being so negative about your fellow Zambians who are trying to do some good.

  2. I dislike people that give aid for publicity’s sake. Don’t misunderstand me, aid is important, very very important but give quietly than parading before cameras! I call that hypocrisy. Well done though.

    • Iwe, noumonapo icipikica ca kwa Mtonga apa?

      You same people mulaponta ati you ran away from home for economic reasons. Mwaya mukupipa utukote! You don’t care about anybody, you don’t do anything for nobody.

      Ba milange fyo balecita, ati kulibonesha. What the heck the problem, kansi?

  3. i dont get the concept . 100% of mealie meal then give 10% . why not give the orphans everything ?????????????

  4. I have been sending money to Zambia for the last 25 yrs to help out the “family” i left behind, and nothing good has come out of it. The money i had been sending was used for alcohol, buying sex & “miracle prayers” from con-men pastors and other useless things. Now i have closed the tap!!!
    Guess what!? They keep calling me to send them money for food. In the 25 yrs i had been sending money for them, they did nothing but praise their imaginary god for helping them.
    Now i hear things are bad since i stopped throwing money at them. I bet they now wish they never wasted 10 % or probably more of it on useless prayers and conmen pastors!!

    • I feel you there brother. I have no problem sending money to my old mom but I have issues with all the extended family members who have been gathering around her like vultures. What gets me mad is the nephew who dropped out of school for no reason; got himself a love child and eventually married. He keeps asking for ‘capital’ to do business but the business is unsustainable and every ‘capital’ has to be injected into it. I told him no man how many times?

      While I value helping out I reckon we need to change the method. Maybe invest in skills training, tools and techniques as well infrastructure. I’m now ready to help a smart kid in the extended family who wants to go to college.

      By the way I also don’t get the concept here. LT can you explain these % again? Is it 10% profit…

    • Shalenipo my dear,
      Listen to Mr. Kent House. Do not advertise the charity you been dishing out all these 25 years. Just keep it on the down low. If you’re a religious man, your reward is in the hereafter. If you are not religious, even better! You are doing it for the sake of good and nothing more.

  5. Well done George and continue. That is just what God wants you guys to do, the right thing of feeding those poorer than you and me. God bless the arrangement and the organizers.

  6. Thank you very much brothers and sisters. Step by step we can address the problems in our country. Some of these things we just need to start and see where it goes; most importantly is that we tried and if it doesnt work we move on to the next strategy.

  7. …..give a man a fish…you feed him for a day….teach him how to fish….you feed him the rest of his life…goes a Chinese proverb…
    George and group would have done better if they sourced and donated two maize mills(ifigayo)…give them one tractor complete with ploughing accessories……arrange for bore holes and installed two water hand pumps…I’m sure by next week there will be no trace of any evidence that this group helped the vulnerable……apart from the very people yawning for some more….

  8. So the profit you will make from the 90% of bags is the one that will pay for the donations to charity……..??
    Selling at a lower price to vulnerable singles mothers ,won’t help them get out of the poverty cycle . What they need is something sustainable……..
    But otherwise this is a good Job you are doing

  9. This is nonsense just trying to boost your mealie meal business at the expense of the poor…yavuta business now trying to con people through these useless donations. Zambians can feed themselves and they are very hardworking people so stop using USA as a platform with your silly business ideas of trying to maximize your mealie meal smuggling business….muleumfwako. insoni……….bapunka………………………….eumfwako

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