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ZAM welcome President Lungu’s directive to retail Zambian-grown produce

Economy ZAM welcome President Lungu’s directive to retail Zambian-grown produce

THE Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) has welcomed President Lungu’s directive to supermarkets to retail Zambian-grown agricultural produce and other local products.

ZAM executive director Maybin Nsupila said in an interview yesterday that the directive is timely and will result in job creation for citizens.

Mr Nsupila said there is need to do more to ensure President Lungu’s directive is implemented.

“The investment protection agreement provides for the supermarkets to integrate the local suppliers but this does not usually happen,” Mr Nsupila said.

He also said there is need for the local people to know what is on demand and the quantity needed.

Mr Nsupila said the more foreign stocks are on the market, the more jobs are provided for foreigners thereby depriving the locals.

He challenged the supermarkets to work with local producers so that they can be integrated into the system.

“Some supermarkets demand that a local producer delivers their produce to all their outlets countrywide and this is not viable sometimes because it is too costly,” Mr Nsupila said.

He said local producers are producing good quality products which can sell well.
“I think there is need for all stakeholders to sit down and address all the issues so that this directive is viable,” he said.

On Thursday during the official opening of Mukuba mall in Kitwe, President Lungu directed all retail outlets to stock local products.

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  1. This is timely and long overdue. South Africans need to understand that apartheid was conquered at great cost both in terms of human and financial cost. What we need is a level headed south African community that acknowledges the fact that it needs the neighbours as much as they do. It is not a one way traffic we need each other. South Africa has benefited greatly from other African states as well as international organizations on pretext that it is sharing its business and economic gains with other African states. Some one one from South Africa commented that the first shoprite shop opened in Lusaka made more money on a single day than they had ever made from any newly opened shop. Leaders in Africa should adopt an equitable trade terms with SA.

  2. Fresh, locally owned and operated, organically grown year round should be everyone’s choice. Fresh fruits and vegetable should be highly encourage by having a farmers market on the weekend in a designated area. Farmers pay a small fee each time or rent the space for a day, week, month, and half a year to a year. The reason technology is important. If they know how to use a computer or have access, they can upload their products online. People can then purchase them and deliver to their homes. The offerings should be certified as organic with no fertilizers. You will be helping underprivileged people in a good way. Build good roads especially in rural areas for products to reach various destinations. This is boosting the agriculture sector. No more importing products from other countries.

  3. Instead of presidential directives, it would be best to put in place policies with a legal framework that would protect the local industries. For example, increase the tax on some goods that can be sourced locally so as to support local farmers.

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