Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Chishimba Kambwili says no government department should be allowed to advertise in any public media on credit.

Mr. Kambwili who is also Chief Government Spokesperson says it has come to his attention that ZNBC, Daily Mail and Times of Zambia are owed a lot of money by government departments through adverts secured on credit.

He says his ministry has written to the Ministry of Finance to recover all monies owed to public media houses by government departments before releasing their funding allocations.

Mr. Kambwili has since warned Marketing Managers in Public Media to adhere to the Ministerial directive.

He said this in an interview with ZNBC news in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kambwili said phase one of the digital migration is progressing well and that Zambia will meet the June 17, deadline.

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  1. Zambia doesn’t have any Public media. They are all controlled by the government through the Minister of information meaning they are State Media. Public Media are like the BBC which is controlled by Parliament-not the ruling government. South Africa Broadcasting Corporation used to be the only so-called Public media in Africa but since it now has a minister who changed the laws and is now controlling SABC this has become a state media.


  2. To be seen to be working, in Zambia, you have to sound/look brutish!

    When will people advise, give direction, plan, vision together, think together, act together, without sending out sparks! …if they ever do?

    Kapokola…”we’ll lock you up!”
    President…”I drop on you like a ton of bricks!”
    Nurse…”Uzafa cabe!”
    Mini bus driver…”seluka iwe, coka apa!”
    Market woman….”Ulencinga!”
    Teacher….”Ten strikes of a cane!”
    Sakalanyongo….”Mzi gona msangua, ah!”
    Ashawo….”If you don’t do him right, don’t blame me!”

    Everyone seems to be upset about something and is in a hurry to dish it out to you, in their own coin. Never mind their livelihood depends on you.


  3. The language being used in Zambia is unfortunate. Why can’t public workers use gentle language. Nurses have no bedside manner. Kambwili always warns or threatens people. Politicians change your tone of language, you have spoilt the country!


  4. Don’t blame Kambwili’s tone. The language of pleading / soothing or self authorisation cannot apply in the recent world. Nobody is willing to follow the law unless authorised by force.



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